25 Ways to Free From Inhibition And Start Living Life

Firstly, you need to know what inhibition is and how it is stopping you from making the most out of your life. Inhibition is a feeling that makes you self-conscious and doubtful regarding yourself and prevents you from living your life to the fullest. You need to learn how to break free from this bondage and start living your life.

ways by which you can start living your life, by getting rid of your inhibition:

Stop believing in your inhibitory thoughts

Probably the most important point, and the stepping stone towards getting rid of your inhibitory thoughts, is to stop believing in them. Don’t consider them to be true under any circumstance.

Just because you were not able to do something doesn’t mean you will not be able to do it now. Just because someone tried to break you in the past doesn’t mean someone will break you again now. Be aware of these inhibitory thoughts, which will help you transcend them and get rid of them.

Try to reassure and soothe yourself

Every time you feel that your past instances and thoughts are standing as hurdles between you and you trying to do something, talk to yourself in a compassionate tone. Encourage and reassure yourself that whatever you are trying to do now will benefit you and happen smoothly. Your past will not hamper your proceedings again.

Learn to soothe yourself even if these inhibitory thoughts do arise. When you learn to do so, you enable yourself to break the cycle of inhibition.

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Don’t prohibit yourself from wanting something

It’s quite normal not to feel the need for something at the present moment. Maybe you had something which you buried deep inside of you owing to the circumstances back then. Don’t worry; it will again come back to you in unexpected ways.

When you start opening up again and listening to everything and everyone around you, miracles can happen. Your eyes will catch something interesting, and then your old wishes lying somewhere deep in your heart will ignite again.

Stop getting influenced by everyone

Yes, when you are willing to listen and open up, miracles can happen, but that does not mean you get influenced by everyone you listen to. Listening is good for you provided, you can judge what is good for you and what is not, but don’t let everyone’s every saying influence in some way or the other. You lose yourself trying to do so. 

One of the major points in combating inhibition is to become a better version of yourself, not to lose your identity.

Quit procrastination

This is a universal point to become a better person and get rid of all obstacles in your life. When you leave aside things for later, anxiety builds up in you, which contributes to your mind wandering and leads to inhibitory thoughts.

The pressure of doing work at the last moment stresses you out and decreases your ability to give your best. Stop procrastinating and do the right thing at the right time, which will keep you busy and your mind away from inhibitory thoughts.

Step outside of your comfort zone

When you are constantly suffering from inhibitory thoughts, it is very difficult to face your fears and overcome them. But this is the biggest step in overcoming inhibition. Once you can step outside the box and face the obstacles the lie ahead of you, everything after that becomes considerably easier.

Get involved in tasks that require facing your biggest fears and trigger your inhibition. Only then can you defeat those thoughts. Try to get involved in team-building tasks, which are quite helpful.

How to step out of your comfort zone

Start by taking small steps

Another very important thing that you must keep in mind is that rushing can never be helpful when trying to combat inhibition or anything such. Try taking baby steps. Do little things at once rather than doing a lot of things to overcome your fears.

Don’t do several things at once which will only make you feel uncomfortable and become a burden, rather than helping you out. After stepping out of your box, take each step slowly and one step at a time.

Dive in with all you have got

Once you step out of your comfort zone, take care that every step that needs to be followed is followed by you. Give your everything to break apart the cycle of inhibition but always remember to never rush with the process. Take small steps at a time and give your best in completing those steps.

Just go for it. Your main goal is to break free from inhibition, and so you have got to do everything to achieve freedom from it.

Learn to embrace failure

You, as a human being, will make mistakes in your life and face failures. Everyone goes through this stage many times in their life, but that does not make them any less of a human being, nor does it make the goal they want to reach harder for them.

The same happens while you are trying to break free from the cycle of inhibition. You will encounter failures, but you need to embrace them and learn from them, taking the positives from those mistakes.

Take breaks frequently from work

With inhibitory thoughts comes stress. Every time you try to break free from it, you might get stressed out by thinking, what if it happens again. This is why you need to keep your mind relaxed and stress-free initially.

Don’t let the excessive work pressure be a burden. Take frequent breaks to keep your sanity intact. As it is, the process of breaking away from inhibition requires you to step out of your comfort zone, which can be quite stressful.

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Trust your teacher or mentor

Maybe the last time you trusted your mentor, that person ditched you, and you had to encounter failure. This thought is going to be an obstacle in your path when you decide to trust someone again.

Don’t let such thoughts reign havoc on you. You have to have faith in your teacher or mentor, who is showing you the way towards success. Try to soothe yourself by understanding that not everyone is the same, and you need to trust this person for your benefit.

Don’t be afraid of humiliations

Don’t expect everyone to be nice to you all the time. There will be people who are cruel and will humiliate you for every decision you make and every step you take. You must keep in mind that you are putting your best foot forward.

Breaking free from the hold of inhibition is not at all easy, but you are brave enough to try it at least. The people who mock you are nothing but cowards. All they can do is watch you and humiliate you.

How to give your best in anything

Never go astray from the true morals you hold

Everyone has their own set of values and morals, which they have cultivated throughout their lives. People abide by these values and dignities. Similarly, you, too, have your values and ethics. Don’t let these fade away.

When trying to free yourself from inhibition, it is essential to be yourself and follow what you have faith in, rather than trying to be someone who you are not. When you are not yourself, things feel unnatural and don’t fall into their places.

Talk with strangers more often

Just imagine you are waiting for your order at the takeaway point, and there is nothing but silence. Things are getting so awkward because there is someone next to you, and you don’t know how to react. Instead, just go ahead and start a conversation.

Ask that person his/her name and how was his/her day. Once you start conversing, you will not run out of topics; plus, you might have just made a new friend. Talking to strangers will help you drop your inhibitions in public.

Be your mentor at times

Not every time will you get someone to help you out with your kinds of stuff. Most of the time in your life, you will be alone, and you will have to combat all the hurdles by yourself. So, why not try and start mentoring yourself?

All you have to do is imagine that you have been able to overcome inhibition, and you are trying to help someone follow your path to make the most of his/her life as well. It will surely benefit you.

Know that you are not alone

The previous point mentions that you will be alone in many instances of your life where you have to combat negativities by yourself but, that does not mean you are the only one facing issues like inhibition. 

Don’t feel forlorn and broken. You might have to face this on your own but, always keep in mind that many others are in the same chapter of life as you are in, and you all can break free from this hold one day.

Inculcate optimism

A bad incident in the past can often make you pessimistic. You stop believing that things will turn out to be fruitful. Pick yourself up, tie all pessimism in a trash bag, and throw it in the dustbin. It is time for you to believe, and it is very important if you are to break free from inhibition.

It is high time you start afresh, and who knows, you can do much better than what you thought you could back in the day.

Volunteer to be at the forefront of things

It is always advised that you do the hard things in the first place. It is applicable in every field of life. Once you do the hard things, the rest can happen much smoothly and with much less effort.

When you are asked to speak in front of a large crowd, why not volunteer to go first? Yes, it will make you a bit nervous, but it will show others that you are courageous. You will want to do it again because of the adrenaline rush.

How to inculcate optimism

Focus on possibilities rather than limitations

People often limit their potential because they are not willing to give all that it takes to be somewhere where they want to be. They focus on the obstacles that might limit and restrain them rather than paying attention to the possibilities that lie ahead.

You must think about what your aim is and strive towards that, rather than giving excuses. Do something which defines you. Give your everything at it and show people that you did what they thought was impossible for you.

Don’t care about what society thinks

The only competition that you have right now is against yourself, against the person you see when you look at the mirror. You don’t have to bother what others are doing in their lives and try being like them. Instead, try to focus on what you have always wanted to be and shape your future in that way.

Don’t try to replicate someone else’s story. Try to write a story about yourself that will be a hit in the market.

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Focus on what’s in your hand

Many people tend to get worried about the things which are not in their hands, which are beyond their control. When you constantly worry about the things not in your control, you set unrealistic expectations and halt your progress.

It is very important to pay attention to those things only which can be controlled by you as it is the only way to keep on progressing. Thinking about the things not in your control will ultimately result in the loss of your time and energy.

Put away your phone and be present

People tend to spend a large amount of time on social media. They will scroll Instagram to just see a picture of coffee someone has posted rather than having their coffee and enjoying the moment. You don’t have to share every moment of your life with everyone, but you should live every moment to the fullest by yourself.

The moment you cut yourself off from technology and embrace what is around you, i.e., your present, your whole outlook on life changes.

Give your best in every situation

Every day you will face a new challenge or a new set of challenges. You will come across obstacles that you will have to overcome to move ahead in your life. Make the most of every situation in hand and give your best.

Embrace your life’s challenges. Every time you face an obstacle, just keep in mind the possibilities it has on the other side. Try to figure out the positives in every circumstance which will inspire you and help you to move ahead in life.


From the above points, it can be concluded that inhibitory thoughts can be suppressed when you follow these steps accordingly and make the most out of your life. Don’t allow negativity to grasp your heart, and be optimistic in every situation without worrying about the outcome. Focus on what you can control rather than what you cannot.

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