28+ Ways To Harness Happiness Through Positive Thinking

The idea of “Harness Happiness Through Positive Thinking” stresses how one’s thoughts have the ability to influence their feelings and experiences.

Focusing on the positive aspects of any circumstance, turning negative ideas into positive ones, and imagining a favourable outcome are all examples of positive thinking.

People can strengthen their resilience, lessen stress and anxiety, and enhance their general well-being by adopting a positive mindset.

Positive thinking can become a habit with regular practice, resulting in a happier and more fulfilled existence.

How to Harness Happiness and Live Your Best Life?

Scientific studies have definitively proved the advantages of positive thinking and here are a few ways we can use it to bring happiness into our lives.

Learning to be satisfied

Looking at the various things in life with a positive outlook and behaving positively is a seer of happiness.

This is because when you only look at the positive aspects, your satisfaction grows immensely and you are bound to be happier than others. 

This will make you more likable to the people with whom you communicate. This is probably the reason that an optimistic person has more friends.

The more you surround yourself with other people, the happier you are.

Learning to be forgiving

To maintain a healthy relationship, you need to practice forgiveness. Also, it directly impacts your mental well-being.

Several types of research have proven that your ability to forgive is connected to the improvement of your mental health. Also, forgiveness comes from learning positive thinking. 

When your emotions are more positive, you will be able to forgive a person’s mistakes easily.

Psychologists explain, to forgive means to replace the negative thinking that comes from being unforgiving with positive thinking based on love.

Learning to increase flexibility

When you learn to think positively, it sharpens your skills to cope with any situation and therefore, makes you more resilient.

Mental resilience is being able to pull around from negative incidents through a positive mentality to manage. 

Therefore, increasing your power of positive thinking will increase your flexibility to handle situations.

The more stable you become mentally, the more strong you become physically. Thus, you are less affected by problematic situations and you know how to accept things happily.

Learning to handle relationships better

People who exhibit positive thinking have successful and balanced marriages and relationships. 

While assessing this statement, researchers have found out that happiness is closely related to and precedes several successful results as well as to conduct that parallels success. 

There is evidence to show that positive thinking will affect a person’s well-being and consequently, improve his/her ability to be happy and therefore handle relationships better.

When you are optimistic and happy, you know how to make your relationship fulfilling.

Learning to reduce chances of depression

Having a positive outlook on your present and future outcomes will increase your chances to be happier and reduce the risks of depression.

If a person is suffering from a chronic disease, the chances of him developing depression is surprisingly high. 

A counselor or therapist can guide them on how to tackle depression and help them think positively.

Positive thinking and optimistic attitude are considered to be mediating factors in the relationship between better cure to unhealthy depression in patients. 

Learning to be more productive

Over the past few decades, the workplace environment and world finance have gone through some major changes.

Many of these changes have had some negative impacts on the workers and enterprises. You must learn to utilize positive thinking for better outcomes in the workplace. 

A positive mentality can highly impact your productivity at work and the way you perform.

This is because when the factors that motivate you are controlled externally, developing them can be largely affected by positive emotions. 

Learning to be less anxious

The majority of people around the globe suffer from a common mental health problem- anxiety.

A person suffering from anxiety can have a huge negative impact on his life. Anxiety is a huge obstruction in your way of being happy and this can only be rectified by treating the condition by learning how to replace your negative thinking completely.

Incorporating positive thinking can reduce your tendency to be anxious and stressed, and help you improve your mental health.

Learning to be more successful career-wise

Our careers have a huge impact on our happiness. A promotion makes us happy; we become upset when we lose our job or don’t perform well.

Now, to develop good leadership skills, there’s no other option than practicing positive thinking. 

Also, companies look for optimism in their employees, especially for senior positions. Therefore, just thinking positively could take your way up the career ladder and financial stability.

When you expect positively and maintain a positive attitude, your achievements become superior.

How to achieve success at work

Learning to increase the clarity of thought

Among the many advantages of positive thinking in a person’s life, an important one is increasing happiness through better clarity of thought and concentration.

Thinking positively means promoting the recognition of creative activities, thoughts, and social connections. 

This is the way to develop a person’s individual resources. All of this will improve his ability to focus on what he is doing and the success will bring him happiness.

He will be able to make better decisions and think more clearly.

Learning to be a better leader

If you work in a sector that wants you to make difficult decisions under immense pressure, your ability to do this will be affected by the fact if you are an optimistic or pessimistic person. 

This arises from the fact that positive thinking increases a person’s ability to concentrate more on finding a solution and not the complexity of the problem.

With better mental clarity and determination, this becomes easier for them. Therefore, they are better suited to be leaders.

Learning to be grateful

An effective way to develop mental health and be happier is by practicing being grateful. You must learn to define the mediating factor between the development of gratitude and that of your mental health.

Many studies have established the role of positive thinking in it. Emotions act as a mediator to help you be grateful and less depressed. When you experience optimistic thinking, this will lead to being more grateful.

Mechanisms like positive reframing develop this relationship.

Learning to be more physically active

Positive thinking is not only helpful for better mental health, but it has its benefits related to our physical health and capabilities. If you are an athletic performer, optimistic thinking can improve it. 

Several scientific types of research have proved this. Athletes always have to be optimistic while performing so that they can work in a better state of mind and produce better results.

The positive development of psychology is very important for sports like swimming and football. 

How to be more active physically

Learning to increase self-esteem

You must always possess a positive outlook on yourself and your capabilities for better accomplishments.

This is very important to develop your self=esteem. High self-esteem and positive thinking are related directly to each other. 

This is more applicable in the case of children and the youth. When a person starts to think negatively about his ability, he loses his self-esteem and performs ineffectively.

It also works similarly, the other way round. Having a positive mindset develops your self-esteem highly.

Learning to reduce risks of incapacity during aging

As we age, it makes us frail- reduces our strength and endurance to diseases. To improve your life quality and health conditions, you need to learn how to prevent or delay the starting of this frailty. Studies publish that positive thinking can do this. 

We can control our bodies if we want and how it reacts to negative influences by thinking positively, having a positive outlook to life, and learning to face situations with a brave heart and strong nerves.

Learning to reduce risks of mental instability

If you want a solution to mental health issues, positive thinking and being optimistic is the only one that can be protective and remedial at the same time.

Several studies have reported that optimism can be highly beneficial to developmental well-being and proper stability. 

People going through bypass surgeries must be optimistic throughout the process. Otherwise, the complications can affect their mental health severely.

This would help you be less hostile and reduce your chances of getting too depressed.

Learning to reduce stress levels

Thinking positively makes you feel less stressed about things. Also, you are not mentally disturbed regarding the severity of the negative results stress might cause.

There are several negative impacts of excessive stress and pessimistic thinning, including high blood pressure, heart diseases, mental trauma, etc. 

Practicing the art of thinking positively and maintaining an optimistic attitude will lead to a major reduction in stress levels, and, consequently, help a person to heal wounds more quickly or tackle a condition efficiently.

How to control your stress

Learning to avoid substance abuse

Drug abuse had some long-term negative health impacts and detrimental effects on our mental well-being and relationships.

The youth is exposed to greater risks of experiencing negative impacts resulting from heavy substance abuse. 

The urge to indulge in these activities comes from a depressed mentality and one’s inability to keep a positive outlook on life.

Optimistic thinking and happiness can act as a protective shield against a person’s habit of developing drug abuse and secure his mental well-being.

Learning to see the meaning of life

If you want to live a healthy, stress-free, and fulfilling life, the main goal is to understand life’s meaning and find reasons to survive.

This is deeply connected to the development of your overall mental health. Positive thinking plays a very important role to help you experience this.

Research suggests positive thinking predicts understanding the meaning in life. When you learn to see the positive things in life, it makes you realize and understand what life truly is.

Learning to improve the outcome of serious health complications

Positive thinking has a great role in curing our illness. It can also reduce the risks of being affected by cardiovascular diseases and experiencing death.

If a person is suffering from a severe health problem, possessing a positive attitude can help you achieve improvements in results gradually. 

These interventions that increase your positive emotion significantly can have a huge impact in case of serious health problems like HIV or cancer. People who have better medical results are surely very optimistic.

Learning to regulate emotions better

To have a healthy and fulfilling life, you must consider regulating your emotions properly to be a very important factor.

As already discussed, positive thinking will help you to cope with situations better and develop your problem-solving skills. 

This is highly beneficial for the development of your emotional health and mental well-being.

When you know how to focus solely on the positive aspects of your life, your ability to respond to situations better is enhanced, especially during times of stress.

Learning to increase mental flexibility

There are many advantages to being a mentally flexible human being. It has a huge impact on how you learn new things, how your memory is formed, or how you correct your errors. 

The differences in the brain capacities of different persons can be measured through neuroimaging.

Research based on this has explained that sharp people usually have a more flexible brain. This has been studied to be a result of positive thinking and an optimistic attitude.

Learning to reduce the chances of heart diseases

The majority of deaths around the globe happen due to suffering from cardiovascular diseases, which arise from higher stress levels and regular unhappiness.

Stress hormones released in the body while a person is upset or worried can be detrimental to the cardiovascular system. 

Therefore, the only solution to avoid these health complications is to develop dispositional and optimistic experiences.

Adapting to always expecting positive things from life and accepting everything with an optimistic attitude can reduce the risks of death.

How to have a healthy heart

Learning to develop overall mental well-being

The secret to always being happy lies in having superb and healthy mental health. As we can see from the points discussed above, positive thinking, in many ways, can positively affect our mental health and help in its overall development. 

You need to have an idea of how much of it is required to balance your mental health.

People must have a higher ratio of optimistic to pessimistic thoughts so that they can be characterized to have flourishing emotional well-being.

Learning to improve sleep

Many people suffer from a mental condition that can ruin their health-insomnia. It can cause several other health problems like obesity, heart disease, or anxiety.

Professionals suggest such patients use CBT(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to improve their ability to think positively, which will benefits in curing their insomnia issue. 

Mental health issues can be fixed by this process which changes the unnecessary negative thinking and attitude that causes s person to experience a lack of having proper sleep.

Learning to believe happiness is a choice

Thinking that happiness will come to us spontaneously is surely an incorrect misconception.

We often blame ourselves for not being happy enough, but all we need to do is to change our perspective on thinking. 

When you think of an optimistic person, you will find happiness well within your reach.

You cause your happiness, and how you look at a situation determines your positivity. Believe that you can control your happiness and you’ll find a solution.

How to believe in happiness

Learning to control your life

Similar to happiness, you need to believe in the way you live your life. You must have faith in yourself while doing work and take full control of the situation yourself.

This way, you use your positive thinking to be more active and determined while doing it, which will guarantee your success in the task. 

Know that there is always a solution to a specific problem and you have to take the action yourself to understand the situation better.

Learning to share the happiness you have

To increase the happiness in your life, you must know how to share the positivity and happiness you already have.

Spreading your energy and sharing your experiences with the people who are close to you will help you create memories and increase your quality of life and you become a lot happier. 

This is a two-way thing; the positive thinking you share with others benefits both you and them, as it gives you food for thought.

How to share your happiness with others

Learning to reinforce positivity

Just like you go to the gym or work out to keep your body in good shape, you have to exercise your happiness to keep it intact regularly.

You have to make sure the positive thinking you have developed in yourself is regularly reinforced so that you can always have a healthy mental condition. 

Be clear about the things in your life that make you happy. Understand them, keep a mental note of the things and stay close to them.


Happiness is a state of mind. It is a very important aspect of life. And as we can say, one of the most efficient ways of manifesting it in our lives is through proper utilization of the power of positive thinking.

You can select the things you would prefer to practice so that you become a more optimistic human being.

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