30+ how to make someone happy?

To make someone happy, you should be kind and caring. Listen to them and understand how they feel. Little things like smiling, giving compliments, or helping them out can make a big difference.

Spending time together, talking, or doing fun things can also make them happy. Surprising them with nice gifts or showing your love is important too. The most important thing is to show that you care about them and their feelings in a way that they like.

ways How to make someone happy

Let us look at the ways by which we can fix this and make them happy.

Buy flowers for them

Flowers are a great way to put a smile on other people’s faces, and everybody loves them. Be it your lover, a friend, your mother, the house help, your colleague, or your pet dog- you can give flowers to whoever you want to.

A bunch of red roses for your partner could never go wrong. If you have a friend who is very upset about something, buy them sunflowers. The warmth of the yellow color will help them feel better.

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Flowers that make us extra happy

Share your ups and downs virtually

Social media is an excellent way of expressing your thoughts to the rest of the world. Share your experiences- both good and bad. This way, they understand, you go through similar things in life as they do. Life is not a party for anyone.

Even when you feel lonely, you face heartbreaks, you lose a relative. When people read this stuff, they understand your care and sympathy for them, and this will surely help them get back on their feet.

Give a nice compliment

Yes. Always compliment a person when they put on nice attire. And better, also compliment them when they are just being themselves- even in their pajamas and slippers. Appreciate the natural beauty in a person.

Support them when they feel bad about how they look or how the dress doesn’t fit them. When you start looking at the innate beauty in a person and appreciate them whole-heartedly, it is bound to have an impact on them and make them smile.

Write supportive comments for people who post stuff

Is your friend a writer who has just started her new blog? Or, maybe your colleague has a website for his online business? Visit these sites and read what they post. Like them, post comments that show your support and appreciation and share it with your other friends so that more and more people can know about their work.

When somebody sees you praising their dedication and hard work, it will always make them happy and be confident about themselves.

Don’t make fun of someone who approaches you

If a random person comes up to you in a club or a library and asks you out, always be polite to them. Keep in mind, when they are approaching you, they are putting in a lot of their hope and genuine love in the effort.

If you don’t feel like going out with them, sit down patiently and discuss the matter with them. Always smile while talking. This way, he/she understands that you are a nice human being.

Support your house help

The people who work for you and help you with everything deserve special respect and attention. Always praise them and express your gratitude by a ‘Thank You. You have no idea how precious this can be to them.

Also, if they have a family, try helping them in every way you can- buy them things they need, give them extra money and gifts on special occasions, or fund their kid’s education. This could be a huge step on your part.

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Take care of a sick person

If someone who lives in your building is sick, lives alone, and has nobody to take care of them, try helping them out. Cook some food that they would love to eat while sick, buy medicines from the store and be with them if they need you.

This is a great way of being sympathetic and compassionate towards another person. When they start feeling better, visit them regularly, and ask if they need anything else. This will make them happy.


We generally like to talk about our open problems, but refuse to be a good listeners. Well, start doing it. Because, just like us, people need someone to hear them out. If your friend is distressed, sit with them and ask them to speak their heart out to you, and discuss everything that’s been bothering them.

If you are married and both of you work outside, sit together when you return home and talk about your day and share stuff. 

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Express your love

It takes a lot of effort to make a relationship work. You need to know what to do to see that precious smile of your partner. Give them time and support them in every situation. Say you love them.

Even if you fight with him/her, try solving things radically and apologize- no matter even if it isn’t your fault. Understand what they want from you, how they feel about you, and try doing your best to keep them happy. 

Behave well with people who deliver stuff to you

Never underestimate the position of p[eople who deliver your shopping and groceries to you at home. Remember that the reason you can sit peacefully at home and eat pizza, or have that favorite dress without having to step out of the house, is them.

Be polite, say thank you when they give you the parcel and ask them if they are thirsty and they need water. Consequently, they would be more than happy to be able to serve you.

Respect a man’s culture

If you see someone belonging to a foreign country do something that you don’t understand, never make fun of him/her. For example, Indians usually prefer to sit on the ground with a ‘thali’ and eat the food with bare hands.

If you are not an Indian and see someone doing that, go and sit with him/her and do what they are doing. This will express your acceptance of the culture, and this will make them feel at home.

Do the dishes after a party

Especially if it’s not even your party. Yes, everyone is usually pretty exhausted after the party and they either leave for home or just crash down. So, if you are attending a party hosted by your friend, help her clean up.

Take out the rubbish and do the dishes. This will be more satisfying when you do it secretly, without even informing the host. Imagine that smile when they go into the kitchen and see everything already organized and clean.

Gift a book

This is a great way especially if you have a friend who is a bibliophile. If you are already familiar with their preference, then you have an added advantage. And you can gift books even without any occasion, just when you feel or they are upset.

A good book has the power to fox a person’s mood instantly and they will surely be happy and surprised when they open the parcel and see that new book and smell the pages. 

Hug someone

Maybe your colleague didn’t perform very well this year, or your classmate got bad grades, or one of your friend’s mothers is sick. These incidents will eventually bring them down and make them feel depressed and sad.

Be there to support them wholeheartedly. And what helps more, give them a long ug. Hold them close for a long time until they feel better. Nothing can make us happier than feeling the sense of personal physical touch from a close person.

Doubt someone only when you are sure

Yes. We often make the huge mistake of judging other people and doubting them, maybe for no good reason. As a result, we misbehave with them and our ill-treatment may upset them. Therefore, when you consider a person to be doubtful, make sure you have the proper reasons to think so.

Try finding out the truth. Otherwise, if you are wrong, you’ll just end up ruining the relationship and feeling miserable. Learn to trust others and adapt to their behavior.

Interact with your bosses and clients even outside work

Do not restrict yourself to exchanging pleasantries with your official clients and bosses. Do not just talk about official work and project deadlines; communicate in a much broader sphere. Discuss your personal experiences with them and listen to their side too.

Do not be afraid of crossing the borderline and ask them now and then if they are doing okay in their lives. Just make sure that the conversation doesn’t become too personal for them and respect their privacy too.

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Send a recipe to your friend

If your friend tells you about a food item he/she has been trying to cook for some time now, and if you happen to know it very well, share it with them. You can send them a copy of your cookbook, or you can cook the recipe yourself and audio or video record the process while doing it.

When you send it to that friend,  they are sure to be happy about receiving what they have been searching for. 

Surprise your parents

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to surprise your parents with a party or gifts. These people are the closest to you, and every day with them is special. Suppose you are coming home and you see a pair of shoes your sister would love or the chocolate cake your father loves to have.

Take it home and just see the bright smile on their faces, once you take out the gift and place it before them.

Help your parents with household chores

If you have just got back home for a vacation, spend time with them as well as help them out in doing stuff. Help your mother in cleaning, or give her a break from cooking and cook lunch or dinner yourself.

Don’t let your father go out grocery shopping and do it yourself. This is a great way to show your love and care for your parents and this way, their love and affection for you is also increased greatly.

Cleaning the public toilet seat when you are done

Does this sound ridiculous to you? Well, try considering it seriously. Many people are very concerned about their hygiene practices and expect the same from other people. When you are done using the toilet, clean it properly and use toilet paper.

If you see that the toilet papers are finished, then inform the housekeeping staff of the hotel or restaurant about it and ask them to refill it. This will be a matter of happiness to many people around you.

Having a candlelight dinner

When you understand that your partner has had a very long, hard day and is exhausted from his hectic schedule, cook his favorite food item and make arrangements for a candlelight dinner.

You don’t need to wait for that birthday or anniversary to have a nice dinner with your partner by lighting some candles and putting on some music. You can do it any day at home. Surprise him/her. Maybe this will work wonders to cheer up their mood.

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Assist a friend while shifting

If your friend has just moved to a new place, you can do some stuff to help him/her out. Send them some housewarming gifts- things they need urgently. You can send them furniture, bath essentials, or some groceries.

The idea is not to send something expensive but something that would be useful to them. You could bring them food cooked at your home. This way, they understand that you are there to support them and this makes them happy.

What to buy as a housewarming gift

Thank your friends and family- just like that

You don’t need a special occasion to say thank you to the people who have stuck around you through thick and thin. Think about what they did for you, maybe five years ago, and feel grateful for that again.

Thank them wholeheartedly and acknowledge their assistance. There is no greater happiness than gratitude. You still remember what they did for you and are thankful to them. This makes them consider you as a good person and will always support you.

Shop for your neighbors, if they need something

If you are going out to shop for some groceries or fruits, ask your neighbors or flatmates if they need anything too. In the modern situation when most of us are quarantined and can’t step out of the house if it is not urgent, you buying stuff for others will help them and help prevent crowding at shopping malls and grocery stores.

Your flatmates will find you helpful and will be happy to help you out when you need them.

Learn to forgive

If you are angry at a friend for not calling you on your birthday or you have got into a fight with your partner, don’t hold on to the grudge. Life is short to be angry with others forever. Take a break and then discuss it with them.

Try solving things peacefully and get back together. This shows you as an open-hearted person and they will realize their mistake and apologize to you. So you both end up being happy.

Fix a relationship

If a friend tells you that they broke up with their partner, try fixing the issue. Hear them out and support them. You must also hear from the other person to get a clear perspective of the problem. Then, think to yourself if it is a fixable issue.

Now, talk to them and try to make peace between them. There is no bigger pleasure than being able to fix the problem between two people and see them happy and together.

Take care of your friend’s pet when they are away

If your friend is going out on a vacation or will not be at home for a few days, voluntarily ask to look after their pets. Don’t let the animal be neglected and try to do everything possible to take care of them properly.

This will give you some time to spend with a lovable pet and also, your friend will be relieved to know that their pet is safe and protected at your place, no matter where they are.

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How to look after a pet

Help people with their stuff

If you are in the market or at the airport and you see someone struggling with their stuff, help them out. This is all the more relevant in the case of a very old man/woman or a pregnant lady.

They may need your help and when you see someone like this in distress, it is your moral duty to help them out. They will always be thankful to you and this gesture will make them feel happy about you.

Invite friends over

Take time out of your regular busy schedule and plan to invite your friends over to your house. You could maybe do a movie marathon, play video games, have pizza, and chat for long hours. Just sit back and relax and discuss stuff with them.

Spending time with your close friends will make you feel better and also make them pleased with your warmth and hospitality. Isn’t it a good way to freshen your mood instantly and share your happiness?

Babysit for someone

If any of your relatives or your neighbor has a little kid, offer to be their babysitter whenever you can. Take care of the kid while they rest or do other important work. This could be a nice way of showing your love and support to them.

Honestly, being a parent takes a lot of patience and courage, but still, everybody needs a break. Help out your friends if they have become parents very recently and do everything you can.

How to take care of a baby


To be happy yourself, you need to learn how to put a smile on others’ faces. Your happiness will be reflected in theirs. So, it is a great thought to share your good feelings with others and make them feel happy. As you can see, you can easily do plenty of stuff, even for free, that will make someone happy.

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