How to Be Happy Alone: 21 Best Ways

Happiness is something that completely changes your life and makes you have a different and positive approach in whatever you do. It is important to be your friend and be happy even when no one is around you.

When you feel slipping into the claws of loneliness, you need to keep in mind that you should be your companion and should find joy by yourself.

ways to be happy alone even amidst everything else:

Understand loneliness and being alone are not the same thing

Although loneliness and being alone may be similar to a great extent, there is a slight difference that keeps these two apart.

Alone time is specifically necessary as you grow up as it lets you have a deeper insight into everything and make you understand yourself more. It doesn’t refer to any negative emotion. It just means that you like spending time with yourself alone.

Loneliness, on the other hand, refers to the feeling of being empty or left out even when you are in a crowd of people or longing for the company when you are alone.

Cut down on social media

This doesn’t mean that social media is a bad thing inherently, but if scrolling down your phone or looking at the picture, achievements of your peers make you feel left or stressed, then you should cut down on it.

It will not only make you stop asking for societal validation but also make you confident enough to speak up for yourself without thinking about its repercussions. It may be a difficult task, but limit your time slowly and see the difference as to how content or happy you will be with yourself.

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Take some time out for your wandering thoughts 

You might feel messy and a bit all over the place at times, and it is completely natural. You might have some thoughts which may be completely useless but let yourself think.

See where your mind is leading you to. You may hit a jackpot idea or come across such an idea that might be very helpful for you.

You will feel a sense of satisfaction and happiness because you are letting your thoughts flow freely without any hindrance, and this will make you feel lighter and more productive at the moment.

Involve in some exercise 

Exercises not only make you a part of a healthy lifestyle but also releases endorphins which make you feel happier.

You should try doing yoga or any sort of exercise which you choose to do as it helps you in letting go of all the stress and the anxiety from your body and makes you feel better too.

If you involve in doing something your body or yourself, you will feel that you have ample things to do even when you are alone. This will give you a feeling that you will be happy even when you are staying by yourself.

Search for the advantages of being alone

It might be difficult for you at first, but look out for the advantages of being alone; it will help you look at the brighter side of things. Look at the amount of space you have for yourself to do anything and everything, and there will be no one to bother you.

Spread out all your belongings and enjoy the way you are comfortable by yourself. Have a dance party for yourself where you put out your raw, unfiltered self, and there is no one to judge you. It will make you feel responsible and also happy for your freedom and independence.

Try acknowledging the things you are grateful for

You might not notice, but you often take for granted some of the things around you, and it might be the reason why you are still breathing at the moment. You can closely observe everything around you and make a list of things for which you are still existent.

What matters is that it instills the feeling of gratefulness within you. It makes you feel like an important human being and how you are responsible for making your life by yourself, and even unknowingly, you have so much support always. It makes you cut down on the feeling of loneliness and makes you feel happy.

ways to make time for exercise in a busy

Give yourself your favorite meal 

You may feel left out when you do not have a dinner companion, but there is nothing to feel down about it. You could give yourself your favorite meals and think that you might not be able to have these if you hadn’t lived by yourself.

It will also help you save unknowingly o cut down on your expenditure, and help you in saving money or buying something for yourself. You will notice how you are taking care of yourself even without knowing your ways. You will slowly notice how many positive changes occur within you.

Go for solo dates 

You may find it weird because we often associate date with a couple .it is impossible to have a date by yourself alone. It is indeed possible. You, too, need to spend time with yourself and take due care just like another person because you are your greatest priority.

Going out for solo dates will make you realize that there are so many things that you can do by yourself even when there is nobody with you and how spending time with yourself can never get boring because you are growing each day through it.

Stop comparing yourself with others

In this rat race, you may feel that you need to outdo everyone in everything, but this is not the case.

You need to compete with yourself alone and become better each day. It is not about how much your colleagues or your friends have achieved as everyone has their own time to do everything and rushing won’t help much.

Comparing yourself will just aggravate your loneliness and make you lesser than everyone around you. It instills within you a negative feeling of being incapable which is not at all true.

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Take breaks from digital devices 

Digital devices can be a blessing to you if used correctly. Sometimes it becomes hectic when you use digital devices throughout the day. It makes you more stressed as you are under only the influence of only societal validation, and this drains your energy quite a bit.

It is essential to limit your time while using a phone or laptop as it not only negatively impacts your health but also impacts your thinking pattern, making you feel less valid regarding yourself and feeling the need for a companion.

Take yourself for solo outings

Outings can be by yourself also, and it just shows that you are your greatest friend. It just makes you realize that you can even explore yourself much more when you are going out alone. You enjoy discovering all the unknown places and come to know new things about them.

Taking yourself out for solo outings shows that hanging out with yourself isn’t bad at all. It just makes you feel more responsible alone with a hint of independence and freedom. It lets you have a real insight into many of the things which you could not have done if you were not alone.

Spend your time with nature 

Nature makes you feel grateful and also makes you feel connected with the environment. If you spend some time with nature, you will realize that you are noticing the little details in everything, and this feels like such a blessing to you.

Spending time with nature also gives you a sense of being kind and how you are entitled and dependent on nature for every single moment. It makes you feel beautiful not only about yourself but everything around you in general.

ways to avoid comparing yourselves with others

Volunteer for the needy and poor 

When you are alone, you ought to devote time for yourself as well as things which interest you. If you ever feel bored, then visit an NGO or organization and spend some time with the disabled. It will not only make them feel happy but also make you feel good about yourself.

When you are spending your time volunteering for them, you will feel a rush of happiness within you which comes from helping them. It not only increases your feeling of humanity but also makes them believe in humanity.

Take a break from everything

You might feel too much burdened with work and overwhelmed with different emotions and feelings, so take a break and stop yourselves at the time being. You should certainly self-reflect on yourself at times but also know your limit for everything.

Self-reflection, to a certain extent, brings forward your harsh critic who just breaks away your self-confidence and lets go of all the courage that you had gathered previously. So to maintain a balance, you need to stop your toxic thoughts when you are feeling this way.

Explore some creative or interesting outlet

There is something that you have kept on your bucket list but were not able to fulfill in some way or the other. One such thing may be to discover some new outlets in which you find your passion. It can be a thing which is just as a hobby to you.

This will make you realize that different options are open for you, so you should never give up if you fail in something else. You will also realize that these all are merging since you are staying alone and can work on yourself.

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Change your schedule drastically 

You might often get bored or tired of living through the same routine every single day. It not only makes your life monotonous but also makes you feel that that life is futile and all of these emotions are there since you are living alone.

Changing your schedule will enable you to look for alternatives. You may discover a new way which you never knew. You may come across an old friend who lives in your neighborhood town, but you never knew to date.

These will spice up your life and make you realize that it living alone makes you do excite which you couldn’t have done otherwise.

Nurture the close relationships 

As you gain your confidence in living alone, you might feel asocial, or you won’t feel the need to be socializing at all.

It is completely fine with this, but you also need to keep in mind that some relationships take out your best self and those people care for you.

Living alone doesn’t refer to being detached from everyone. It just makes you ready enough to deal with any adversities on your own.

So at times, you even need to call your best to ask about their whereabouts and your family because those are the people who genuinely care for you.

Look after your health 

Living alone might make you feel all the more independent and all, but you too need to look after your health as you are the only one there looking after you.

So if you fall sick, you won’t have a helping hand. It is very important to measure your steps and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Health is your utmost priority, and you need to look after it as much as possible. You, too, need to look after your mental health to get away with the feelings of solitude and loneliness by reminding yourself of the positive side of things.

ways to look after close relationships

Develop your coping mechanisms 

Life has its course, and there is no point in ignoring that it too gets tough at times. At those times, you require your coping mechanism to get out of it and move on with your life as it still has a lot to be lived. You need to develop your coping process.

It is a skill that you will develop from time to time, and you shouldn’t follow any other’s coping mechanisms as they differ extremely from person to person. You should have your coping mechanisms which work out for you and will help you in due course and keep you happy.

Try practicing forgiveness 

Forgiveness is a very big word, and only a few people can do it even when they are hurt. They later turn out to be one of the greatest humans in this world. It is difficult to forgive some who has done you wrong, but if you keep revisiting your past, it does you no good.

It is better to forgive them and move on with your life as you are capable of greater things in life. There are situations where you do not even get closure, but you need to forgive them for yourself and your peace. It will make you feel kind and happy about yourself, which is needed the most.

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Plan for your future 

When you are living alone, you may feel preoccupied with all the work and the excitement, but you also need to keep in mind that you, too, need to make your plans to start your career to reach your goal.

Plans will make you feel that you are capable of doing anything in this world, and it is never worth giving up. Time, patience, and hard work do the magic, and your habit of being happy alone is just like a cheery on the top as you will be ready for everything that might come your way.

ways to develop your coping skills


Being happy alone might sound creepy or weird to you at first, but as you go through the whole process, you will realize that it teaches you a lot of things. It makes you learn every lesson by yourself, and you get ample time to know yourself, understand yourself.

You explore the sides of yours which you never knew that existed. From the above points, you got a clear view as to what are the most general ways to be happy.

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