30+ how To Be Happy Instantly

The only way to think positively in life is always to be happy. For some people, it takes a lot of stuff to make them happy. But you will gradually understand that a very small thing can make you feel better.

ways to be happy instantly

If you are thinking about how you can be happy instantly, here are a few ways to do that.

Expressing yourself

As a human being, it is very natural that you crave companionship. Even if you are an introverted person, you will need someone once in a while to listen to stuff that has been bothering you and support you. 

Well, when you get the chance, speak your heart out. Release the tension and see how it provides you relief instantly. Or, you can write down your thoughts in a diary, if you want to express your inner emotions to others.

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Ways to express yourself

Keep a ‘mantra’

Choose a mantra for yourself. For example, consider this- every moment in our life is temporary, it lasts only for a while. Think about this every time you overthink a situation or you are overwhelmed by a particular emotion. 

If you’ve had a terrible breakup recently or you have lost a close relative or friend, just tell yourself- ‘This too shall pass.’ Your strength and willpower will help you overcome the sadness immediately, and you will also start feeling better.

Playing a sport

Do you like to play football or tennis? Well then, don’t just do it as a part of your fitness regime. Do it when you are feeling low. Sports are not only an excellent way to maintain your health and keep you active but will also help you revive from trauma or relieve you from stress. 

You can play with your friends so that you have company. This is bound to cheer you up when you are sad and inactive.

Sports that can make us happy

Going on a vacation

Are you sitting in your small cubicle at work, stressed about all the deadlines you have to meet? Well, take a break. Sit down and think of going for a trip on the weekend or a long vacation in the upcoming holidays. 

Plan it mentally. Think about where you would like to go. Consider asking your group of friends to join you. You’ll see- just the prospect of this trip planning will make you feel happy and divert your mind.

Developing a hobby

Were you an excellent painter in your school days? Or, maybe your old notebooks still have that poem you wrote in college. Do you miss sitting and playing your guitar for hours? Your busy schedule leaves you with no time for these hobbies. 

Well, if you are lonely or depressed, try getting back on. Work on what you love to do and put in all your effort. When you spend some time in this way, you’ll start smiling once again.

Feeling blessed

You are privileged in your way. You are in a much better place than many others. You are born into a good family, and your parents are supportive of what you do. You eat healthy food, have a comfortable bed, books to read, and music to listen to. 

Just pause once in a while, and think. This is enough to make you feel grateful and happy. Rather than thinking about what you don’t have, focus more on what you already have.

Planning on a friends reunion

Not only you, but every friend of yours is also doing something in his/her life and has an equally tight schedule as yours. They get exhausted at the end of the day and feel like reaching out to someone. 

When they can’t, that makes them depressed or lonely. You can do something about it. Just plan to get reunited with these friends every once in a while, and just see how happy it makes you simply to see them.

Watching laughter shows and TV series

If you are feeling low or depressed, you always have access to a lot of funny stuff on TV or the Internet’s web platforms. Browse through them and pick what you want to watch. 

The work of renowned comedians like Charlie Chaplin and Rowan Atkinson is splendidly effective in making us smile once again, so you can watch them. Besides, you can go for cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Bojack Horseman to lift your mood instantly and delight you.

Believe- It will be okay, someday

Life will be an ocean of problems and tough situations once you start taking it very seriously. Let things loose, and don’t overthink each and everything. Take advantage of the beautiful opportunities you have been provided with. 

Take some risks, try falling in love even after a heartbreak- don’t think life always goes easy on you. Just look around and see what makes you happy. Do what you feel like- don’t be afraid of what might come in your way.

Being nostalgic

Do you live far away from your family and friends because of your job? And now, you are missing them like nothing else but you can’t go and spend time with them. This makes you all the more lonely. Well then, there’s a way to be happy. 

Take out your family photo album or check your phone gallery for pictures with your friends and relatives- childhood photos. Flipping through these photos is bound to put a smile on your face. 

Reading books that fascinate you

If you are a bibliophile, then you are already a much happier person than most of the other people around you. You have your books to support you at times you feel lonely or worried. 

You just need to find that book you think will improve your mood. Pick it up and sit down to read for a couple of hours, maybe accompanied by a cup of coffee. Books make you wise and give you an extra edge over others.

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Doing some good work

Do something good every day- at least, try to. It could be the most simple thing- helping your kid with his school project, going to the hospital with a sick colleague, or helping a beggar. 

Or, if you are privileged enough, try doing more stuff like donating funds for the poor and hungry ones or maybe helping an underprivileged kid by paying for their education. When you become a part of another person’s happiness, it will consequently make you happy.

Good things to do every day

Ring up your best friend

Friends are always there to support you- especially when you need them to listen to you and comfort you. So, if you are upset about something or there is something that’s bothering you for a long time, call up your closest friends and talk to them. 

Tell them everything you want to and listen to what they say. You will get a solution to your problem and also, and chatting with them may improve your mood and cheer you up instantly.

Live the moment

If you are always stressed about what happened to you and what is going to happen, you will never be able to live in the moment you are now belonging to. Always remember, what you do today is reflected tomorrow. 

Therefore, enjoy yourself to the fullest because unfavorable situations will only bring you down. If a particular incident is not going to matter to you in the coming 10 years, then they are not relevant now too- keep this mindset.

Get some fresh air

Being stuffed within the four walls of a room, whether it is your home or your office, can be intolerable at times. It is important to take a break. Come out of a closed room, and go for a stroll on your lawn or your office premises. 

Breathe in the fresh air and clear your mind. For a few minutes, don’t think about your work or commitments. Think about the things that make you smile. Now get back to work. 

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Controlling your life yourself

You need to learn to take charge of your own life. If you are not okay with the job you are doing or the course you are pursuing right now, then change it. Follow your heart, your passions. 

Stop hurrying your decisions and think before doing anything. Don’t jump to conclusions but rather come to it step-by-step correctly. What you need to remember is that what matters most at the end is your being happy with how your life is.

How to find your passion

Spending quality time with the family

Yes. There are probably very few other ways like this by which you can fix your mood and be fully content instantly. Family is the most important thing in our lives. Try spending more and more time with your parents, your loved ones, or your kids. 

Unlike other people, our family members love us unconditionally and will never judge us for anything. It is important for them to understand that you care for them as much as they do.

Embrace change

You probably have heard this- Change is the only constant thing in life. If changes upset you, practice accepting them. Eventually, you will see change is good, it makes you see things differently. For example, try changing the route you take to your office or home. 

Take a different one. You may come across something that instantly makes you happy, or you could just bump into an old friend. Who knows what could uplift your mood and make you smile? 

Inhaling a beautiful fragrance

Does this sound stupid to you? No, it isn’t. We usually underestimate the power of a nice perfume or the smell of fresh flowers in making us feel happier. Whenever you feel low, try smelling a bunch of roses and see how you feel better instantly. 

Or, before going to bed, spray some room freshener in your room. Inhale the scent and you’ll see it calms you down instantly, relieves you of stress, and consequently, makes you happy and relaxed.

Trying something innovative

Maybe your friend asked you to join him/her for a salsa class, or you’ve been trying to learn how to play the guitar or piano. You want to learn how to speak French or take drawing classes. Well, stop thinking and just do it. Do something that you’ve never tried out before. 

Be spontaneous while trying it. When you start working on these things and eventually progress, your self-confidence is boosted and you start feeling positive and better about yourself.

How to be innovative in the workplace

Being grateful

In the course of our lives, we come across a lot of people who have helped us in some way or the other. They have helped us in our tough situations and have stuck with us, thick and thin. It’s time to be grateful to them and express our acknowledgment. 

This will not only make us good human beings and express our moral sense, but also make other people happy when praised, and eventually, that will make us happy.

Take a break from social media

Social media is very engaging, no doubt. It has the ability to keep you hooked all day long. But, it is very necessary to unplug yourself from it, now and then. The life your virtual friends see is not your real one. 

Life is not always a gala party. But you just keep pretending it anyway. Stop doing that and accept that you are flawed- just like anybody else. Embrace that and focus on improving yourself, not your Instagram account.

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Do some cleaning

This works more effectively if you are a cleanliness freak. Wherever you are upset, you can just look around and see if your study table or the bookshelf or the wardrobe is messy, and you can go ahead and rearrange your stuff. 

Also, you can make changes to the way you arrange everything so that the space around you looks different. This helps you get rid of the monotony, keeps you engaged, and makes you more organized and consequently happy.

Watching a beautiful sunset

Nature always comes to our rescue when we are not feeling well. When you spend some time connected to nature, you instantly feel relaxed and refreshed. Sit and watch a beautiful sunset in the evening while you sip on some coffee to read a book. 

You can also have your family join you so that you have company. Relish these moments and appreciate the fascinating view of natural beauty. Let the serenity calm you and relieve you of stress. 

Taking a long walk

This will make you happy in a unique way. Walking is not just good for your health, but it has wonderful benefits for your state of mind. Especially try walking in your garden or a meadow barefoot. Feel the soft grass beneath your feet brush against your feet. 

This will completely divert you from the worrying thoughts you’ve had all day long. Simply looking at a garden of fresh flowers while walking will also uplift your mood equally well.

Giving a compliment

Compliment your wife when she looks pretty in a floral dress or when your kid paints a beautiful picture. Congratulate your colleague on his promotion or your competitor in a race to win the first prize. 

Just remember, your compliment must be completely genuine and you must appreciate the person from the bottom of your heart. Everyone loves to be praised. When you see the other person beaming at what you say, this will bring a smile to your face.

Thinking about your partner

If you are away from your loved ones and are sad because you can’t spend time with them or see them, just think about them. Let that one memory or incident cross your mind which makes you fall all the more in love with them. 

Think about something special they did for you on a special occasion or some romantic words they spoke. This will undoubtedly make you happy instantly, and there will be a large smile on your face.

Singing a song

Music is undoubtedly the best therapy for sadness. And to enjoy music, you do not need to be a professional singer. You just need to know how to appreciate music and what it can do for you. 

Do not be concerned by the fact that other people might judge you or make fun of your poor singing skills. Who cares? Sing aloud while you are in the shower or when you are taking a break from work in the office. 


This is an effective way of calming your mind. It is probably the best method to be happy within seconds and think with better clarity. Just sit down at one place, close your eyes and concentrate. Take deep breaths- inhale and exhale very slowly. 

Let your mind relax. Think about all the good things your mind can come up with. Most importantly, you can do this anywhere you want to. It’s important to give your mind the peace it deserves.


Last but not least, the most important thing to be happy is to smile. It is the simplest thing you can do for yourself. It is completely free therapy and is the easiest way to get rid of all that extra stress and tension. 

Whenever you feel extremely worried about something or your mood is at a worse place, just smile- flaunt that beautiful smile of yours. See how beautiful you look when you are smiling and you are happy!


As you can see, these are a few things that appear to be very small and insignificant but can truly work wonders to make you feel happy in an instant. For a good life with good health as well as proper mental peace, the ultimate goal is to be happy- always happy and eager for everything that is coming ahead.

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