263+ Wellness Journal Prompts For Happier You

According to our perfect wellness, ability alone makes a person successful in life; effort has no bearing on achievement. Unfortunately, when we have a fixed mindset, we frequently quit when we can’t see a solution or an alternative course of action right away.

In contrast, fixed growth supported by overall well-being enables us to change our
perspective and believe that, with effort, we can improve, overcome, and go forward in all
spheres of our existence. An adaptable style of thinking may be developed with these

Journaling Prompts For Wellness

Since the years of puberty can be particularly difficult, journaling is an excellent practice to start in your teens. Instead of the fixed perspective, kids frequently acquire, introduce and encourage progress with the use of journal questions like the ones below.

-What recent self-care activities have you engaged in?

-Which memory stands out as your favorite?

-Currently, what do you feel most appreciative of?

-Which mental habits are you currently struggling with?

-Of what do you fear?

-How would you define success?

-What self-imposed limitations prevent you from achieving your ideal life?

-This week, what are you thankful for?

-What recent accomplishments can you point to that make you proud?

-For this year, what are your top priorities?

-What one change would you like to see in your morning routine?

-If you could change one thing about your nighttime routine, what would it be?

-How can you constantly remind yourself that you are sufficient?

-What do you consider to be your life’s purpose?

-What are you now stressed out about?

-What one action can you take right now to lessen stress in your life?

-If I could provide one piece of advice to my younger self, it would be…

-Describe the life event that will stick with you the most.

-Indicate what suffices for you.

-What about life do you love?

-Describe yourself in no more than ten words.

-Express your failure in writing. What are the takeaways from that?

-Create a list of all the things you want to refuse. How many of these are you doing right

-Create a list of all the things you want to accept. How many of these are you doing right

-How would putting my needs first improve my life?

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-Which three things I’m doing right now don’t help me anymore? How am I supposed to quit doing this?

-What can I do to make my day run more smoothly and comfortably?

-How do I squeeze in 10 minutes for myself while I’m really busy? What can I accomplish in that time?

-Compliment yourself for taking care of your personal needs in a letter.

-What is a good habit I can adopt and practice every day?

-Keep your perspective in mind. Serves you, or not? How can you make a shift if it isn’t
working for you?

-What self-awarding actions may you take today?

-What induces a state of calm and increased awareness in you?

-What are some effective distraction-reduction strategies?

-How can you tell if you’re on the verge of burnout?

-How do you go about asking for assistance or support when you need it?

-What Brings You Happiness

-What is a joke that never fails to make you laugh?

-What truly makes you happy?

-What in life brings you the most joy?

-What about yourself are you most proud of?

-I need to improve on as one area.

-For what do you need to extend forgiveness?

What behavior must you give up in order to live a more fulfilling life?

-When were you most proud?

-I’m most pleased with my.

-What gives you a sense of power?

-What might you do to increase the joy in your life every day?

-What can I do to love myself more?

-When do you feel the most assured?

-Compile a list of 30 things that bring you joy.

-How would you define unconditional love?

-Compose the sentences that would make you happier right now.

-What self-care practices really make me happy? How can I increase the amount of this in
my self-care regimen?

-When _____, I feel the happiest.

-What needs of mine am I forgoing in order to serve the needs of others?

-What calms me down?

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Wellness with Soph Journal Prompts

  1. Write about three things that made you happy today.
  2. Describe a moment when you felt really calm and relaxed.
  3. Record what you ate and any exercise you did today.
  4. Write about how you’re feeling and what’s on your mind.
  5. Set some easy health goals for the next week or month.
  6. Share a healthy recipe you like and why it’s good.
  7. Create a positive message to boost your confidence.
  8. Describe something that helps you relax when you’re stressed.
  9. Note any improvements in your health or mood.
  10. Write about a time when you did something kind or someone was kind to you.
  11. Talk about being outdoors and how it makes you feel.
  12. Write about a meal when you ate slowly and enjoyed it.
  13. Share your favorite way to stay healthy and why you like it.
  14. Celebrate any small achievements during your day.
  15. Review a book or movie about wellness that you recently enjoyed.

Journal Prompts for Wellness

-What gives you a sense of control?

-How can you prioritize your needs without feeling guilty?

-How do you put self-acceptance into practice?

-How do you establish boundaries so that you don’t absorb the tension and emotions of

-How do you promote your own interests?

-How do you let yourself be forgiven when you err?

-In a trying scenario, how do you keep your cool?

-How can you have faith in your ability to make important decisions?

-What kind of life do you envision for yourself?

-Three years from now, how do you want your life to be?

-How would you like to be remembered?

-How can you let go of something?

-Describe the kind of day you envision having.

-Currently, what do you need to heal the most?

-What are you owed an apology from?

-In the event that failure was impossible, what would you do?

-From dawn to dusk, how would your perfect day be structured?

-What activities would you like to have more time for?

-Which of your dreams stands out as the most vivid?

-A phrase I try to live by is…

-If you loved yourself wholeheartedly, what would you do? What would you do to yourself?

-How are you going to begin doing that now?

-Do I have a good morning? Which appearance does it have? Am I a creature of habit?

-A hurry in the morning?

-When __, I am at my best.

-Am I following my principles in whatever I do? How can I alter this situation such that it

-What do you do to enjoy your alone time?

-How do you accept who you really are, even if it doesn’t appear like what most people

-A letter from the future should be written to the present. Speak well about your current life to yourself.

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-Which profession would you choose if you could earn a livelihood at it?

-List some of the following things that encourage you?

-How have you obstructed your efforts to achieve your objectives?

-What have you done or can you do today to go one step closer to your goal?

-What is your finest achievement?

_______ is a book that has had an influence on me.

-What is inspiring you at the moment?

-What outlandish activity would you like to try?

-What have you discovered today?

-What would I like to achieve in the next three months, if anything?

-What is a subject you’d like to learn more about that will make you happier? How may you
-begin learning more about it?

-When doing anything new, how can I motivate myself?

-What are you capable of doing now that you didn’t think you could a year ago?

-What can you do to leave and grow up from your comfort zone?

-Who is your closest companion?

-Who would you prefer to treat more favorably?

-With whom do you like conversing the most?

-Who is your greatest role model?

-What qualities define a good friend?

-What attributes about you do you believe others find admirable?

-How can you benefit people who are closest to you?

-Who in life most inspires you?

-What personality feature do you find most endearing?

-Compile a list of the individuals in your life who constitute your support network.

-I wish people knew this about me…

-Describe a recent instance in which you helped a friend. How can you apply the same
strategy to yourself?

-How do you communicate your emotions to the individuals who are important to you?

-How can you increase the amount of time you spend with people?

-Where would you travel to if you could go anyplace in the world for vacation?

-What areas in my life require improvement?

-What sort of mood would you like to be in when you wake up?

-What value do you bring to the world?

-My preferred activity during the day is…

-I couldn’t picture surviving without…

-List any challenges you have with everyday self-care. How are you going to get past at least one of them?

-A location in my home that brings me joy.

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Wellness Journal with Prompts

-When is the ideal period of the day for me to engage in self-care?

-Due to ______, I am glad for money.

-List all the ways that money will enable you to lead as fulfilling a life as possible.

-What emotions do I have when I think of my expectations about money?

-What lessons regarding finances did your parents impart to you?

-What financial management issue do I have the most trouble with? How can I alter it,

-What kind of salary would you prefer? What kind of changes would this amount of money
make in your life?

-Consider a previous financial error? What kind of self-forgiveness is this?

-What physical trait do you like the most?

-What supplies do you have in your toolbox for self-care?

-I may show my body respect today by.

-My body would say these things if it could talk:

-When I…, I feel the most energized.

-Whenever…, I’m the happiest in my skin.

-My daily motto for self-care is…

-In what ways do I value taking care of myself?

-I place a lot of value on self-care because I want to feel.

-How does going to bed feel and look? Is there anything I can do differently to have a better night’s sleep?

-Think back to a period when I didn’t take care of myself, and list all the good things that
have happened in my life since then.

-What would I say to someone who views self-care as being self-centered?

-What can I do to improve my mood today?

-How do you replenish?

-What are the top five things that encourage or inspire you?

-When you were younger, what career did you wish to pursue? Did you follow up on that?

-Do you carve out time every day for yourself? If yes, how? If not, how can you begin to do

-What piece of advice would you offer yourself at the age of 15 if you could travel back in

-What is your favorite holiday or custom? Why?

-What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years?

-How do your current objectives compare to those you had five years ago, and how do they differ?

-What would you do the next day if you were never forced to worry about money?

-Share three things or individuals in your life for whom you are thankful.

-How can you be more imaginative in your daily activities?

-What are some ways to get outside your comfort zone?

-Who are three well-known figures you admire? Why?

-What do you most anticipate in the future?

-Which movie is your favorite? Why?

-Do you vary from or resemble your parents or guardians? What manners?

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-Hello, former me.

-What are the top three characteristics you look for in a friend?

-Do you think others around you are judging you?

-To what extent do you utilize social media? What impact does it have on you?

-Which one of your life’s aspects would you like to see the most improvement in?

-How on earth were you able to achieve that?

-Which job did you have as a rookie? What you’re doing now compared to this?

-Exactly when did you last take a break from your job? On your days off, what do you prefer to do?

-In situations, do you prioritize yourself or others?

-What lessons may be drawn from mistakes?

-Which quotation do you find the most inspiring?

-Are you confident in your capacity for spontaneity? Would you make any changes to that
about who you are?

-How do you feel when a major decision must be made?

-Are you more of an introvert or extravert? How does that affect how you live your life?

-What are your best qualities? Discuss at least three topics!

-Describe the ideal morning for you.

-What have you ever done that has scared you the most? What was the outcome?

-What would you say about yourself?

-Which of the following makes you laugh?

-What is a skill you now possess that you were unable to execute five years ago?

-How was the school for you? Why?

-What activities do you enjoy doing to unwind?

-What is a long-term objective that you have?

-When do you hope to accomplish your key long-term objective?

-What can you do right away to make sure you do?

-Do you fret over money? What is the result of your everyday life over it?

-Name three persons you look up to in your life. Why?

-What do you remember from when you were a child?

-Which life goals are most important to you?

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Wellness Writing Prompts

-Describe yourself in no fewer than ten words.

-Tell yourself something you want to remember to tell yourself in five years.

-On what are you putting off working? Can you organize how to accomplish it?

-Which three qualities in a mate do you respect most highly?

-What would be the ideal evening?

-Which hobbies are you most fond of?

-What is anything you regret skipping out on? Can you still complete it?

-When you need someone to talk to, who do you go to?

-What brings you comfort?

-Express your current emotions in writing.

-Which aspect of your character do you find the most endearing?

-Which class in school did you like the most?

-Are your emotions expressed honestly? How do you explain them to the people you care

-What song has the most appeal to you?

-Are you a control freak or a follower of the herd?

-What did you do that you now regret? What effects has it had on who you are today?
Hello, future me.

-What do you wish you could say to a loved one who has passed away?

-Which feelings are you most sensitive to?

-Which three scents are you most fond of? Exactly what do they conjure up in your mind?
In a crisis, how do you react?

-What are your coping mechanisms for sadness?

-Which travel destination is your favorite?

-Describe the ideal date night you’ve had (either alone or with friends or family).

-Your favorite summertime pastimes; something you’ve accomplished that you never

-believed you could;

-What aspects of your day-to-day existence are stressful or depressing? Are those events
anything you can alter?

-Do you enlist support or assistance when you require it?

-What is a common misunderstanding about you that you find people constantly have?

-What was your favorite pastime when you were younger?

-When you’re bored, what do you do?

-Describe a new skill you acquired this week.

-How would you describe your unique selling point?

-Which skill do you consider to be your strongest?

-What words are you most in need of hearing right now?


In conclusion, wellness journal prompts help us take better care of ourselves and understand our feelings. They remind us to be mindful and make positive choices. By using these prompts regularly, we can improve our physical and mental health and get to know ourselves better. This leads to a happier and healthier life.

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