20 Reasons why is gratitude Good For Health

Gratitude is good than the act of being thankful and acknowledging others’ acts of kindness. It is a virtue to appreciate other qualities and to return kindness. You express gratitude to someone when you are indebted to that person for some unselfish act of kindness that person has displayed. The biggest source of inspiration for oneself is gratitude.

Positive emotions are instrumental in opening up new possibilities

When you have a positive emotional point of view, you avoid the dark side of things and try and look at the better side of everything has to offer in the course of life. A positive mentality automatically purifies the soul and helps you in making correct choices in life.

Life is a lot easier and stress-free when you have a positive outlook toward it. It boosts your mental health and provides the peace of mind you all crave for.

Gratitude Increase Positive emotions and cut off negative emotions

When you look at the better side of things, you get better and better with time. This, in turn, helps in eradicating the negative emotions in your mind. 

When negative emotions are eradicated from your mind, you find peace and solace in the course of life. You get the courage to fight the hardships of life. Research have shown that when you eliminate negative thoughts, you get a better physical and mental state.

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Gratitude guides you towards positive actions.

People who are often grateful for the little things in life are often less depressed. They are more jovial, merry, calm, and loving. They view life from a totally different perspective.

When somebody feels grateful for someone else’s actions, they, in turn, try to please others by performing good deeds. It is really blissful that your gratitude can have a very big impact on someone else’s actions. You should always be thankful for what you are today.

Gratitude leads you to better relationships in life

When you are thankful to others even for the little acts of kindness, you unknowingly build a strong eternal bond with the other person. Gratitude helps you in developing a very strong relationship with others.

Gratitude teaches you to be better humans. Gratitude helps in building bonds and trust between two or individuals. It makes you closer to a person. 

Gratitude lead to the betterment of relationships

Gratitude eliminates inner fears.

One of the greatest things about gratitude is that it makes you more courageous and helps you eradicate your inner fears. You often overthink a situation and fear something which is impossible.

Gratitude helps you in overcoming this fear. It helps you bring a concrete mindset and helps you fight the situation, no matter how hard it is. When you are happy and thankful even for the tragic things that happen to you, the concept of fear goes away.

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Gratitude is beneficial in stress regulation

Researchers hired some adults who were looking for employment and were under considerable stress and pressure. The participants were grouped into two. One group underwent gratitude journaling whereas, the other group underwent a “fake” gratitude practice.

At the end of the program, it was found that the participants who had undergone the real gratitude journaling program were much more expressive in the areas of the brain related to the resting state. 

How does gratitude make your life better?

Gratitude is the easiest and the rarest quality one can have in oneself. It makes you physically and mentally strong. It helps you eradicating your worst fears. It provides you with courage.

Gratitude helps you keep your head held high in the course of life. It enables you to speak the truth without the fear of oppression or compulsion. It provides you with peace of mind. It makes you better social beings and also makes the world a better place.

Peace of mind comes with gratitude

Gratitude provides you with sound peace of mind. It comes when you keep on doing selfless deeds of kindness without expecting anything in return. It gives you such solace and inner peace, that life becomes easier.

Peace of mind comes with a healthy lifestyle and a progressive mentality. It, in turn, boosts your spirits and calms you down. It also helps you in making correct decisions at the correct moment. This peace of mind is instilled by being grateful.

How does gratitude make you more peaceful?

Gratitude helps you in accepting what’s not perfect

Gratitude teaches you that nothing or a person in this world is perfect. Everyone has their blemishes and everything is flayed.

Gratitude helps in accepting the truth of life and living life the way it is. It makes you understand that life itself is a gift and you are lucky to have it. It teaches you to give your best in every undertaking and accept the outcome with a brave heart. It is indeed the best virtue one can possess.

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Gratitude boosts one’s self-esteem

When you cut off all the negative emotions from your mind and look at the better side of things, life changes drastically. It helps you regain the self-esteem you lost at some point in your life. 

Gratitude helps you to stop comparing yourselves to others. It helps you focus on your own mental and physical well-being. It makes the heart say from within, “I can do it”. 

Gratitude makes you more optimistic.

Gratitude helps you eliminate all the negative thoughts in your life. It makes you focus only on positivity. Hence, it makes you more optimistic.

It gives you a new perspective from which you view life. When you are more grateful for the little pleasures of life, you tend to become more optimistic. You become thankful for being given a chance rather than focusing on the result. It brings about a great sense of optimism. 

Gratitude helps you in focusing on what is going well

Gratitude helps you to forget your problems and only focus on the brighter side of things. It provides you with such a mentality that you simply overlook the hardships and focus on the things on track.

Gratitude helps you to believe in yourselves. It provides a sense of satisfaction which in turn gives you the strength to fight for the things that are not going well. Hence, gratitude provides you with the strength of fighting all odds.

Gratitude boost creative thinking

Gratitude helps you in re-establishing connections with people

When you are grateful for the simple pleasures of life, you grow a positive mentality. This helps in curbing depression. Depression often causes withdrawal from relationships. 

Hence, being grateful helps you in re-establishing old and broken relationships with others. You are happier and expect less from people. You accept them with all their flaws and the way they are.

You make them feel loved. People feel calmer and less depressed when they re-establish lost relationships.

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Gratitude makes you more spiritual and less materialistic

It’s anything but a matter of surprise that more thankful individuals, will, in general, be less materialistic. They like what they have instead of being fixated on getting a greater number of materialistic amenities. 

When you are grateful for everything that happens to you in due course of time, the sweet memories overshadow the hard ones. They get confined to one corner of the mind and you practically never recall them again. 

Gratitude helps in improving one’s health

Gratitude is a virtue that improves one’s mental as well as physical health. It helps you keep negative thoughts at bay which gives you mental and spiritual peace. It helps you stay calm and composed at work.

It gives you a chance to come back in life. It makes you realize your worth and what you are capable of. It also decreases your anger and helps you make correct decisions in life.

Gratitude makes you work hard to achieve your goals

When you set your goals and work hard diligently without thinking about the outcome, you eventually reach your goals. Gratitude gives you the strength to achieve your life goals. 

Gratitude lays the foundation for you to build your success. As long as you stay happy, calm, and composed, nothing in life can stop you from achieving your goals. With sheer determination and consistency, you can achieve anything. But without these, achieving anything is way more difficult.

How gratefulness helps you in achieving your goals

Gratefulness helps in bringing addictions to a halt

Stress leads to addictions, but the reverse is also true. The more you are addicted to something whether it be drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or any other form of addiction, once you are unable to have it, you slowly drown in depression. 

A study found that people who practiced gratitude journaling were more likely to give up on smoking because they now tend to look at things from a better perspective rather than being stressed out and smoking.

Gratitude increases productivity in the workplace

When you have negative thoughts engraved on your mind, you cannot focus on your work properly. Gratitude eliminates all negative thoughts.

It gives you positivity which makes you stay at work with all concentration and focus. This, in turn, provides you with job and work satisfaction as you are now able to complete the tasks at a faster pace and reach the goals more efficiently.


From the above points, it is clear that gratitude is a very important virtue of life. It makes life much better and peaceful. Not only does it improve mental health but also physical health.

It provides you with mental peace. When you are grateful for the little pleasures of life, it has a huge impact on society.

Benefits of gratitude

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