35+ Reasons Why Pets Make Us Happy?

Are you thinking of getting yourself a pet dog or cat to give you company? Fantastic idea. Pets make wonderful companions and they can bring about a huge chase in your life quality, positively affecting your physical and emotional well-being. 

Amazing benefits of having a pet

Let us look at a few reasons why you must get that pet and how it will make you happy.

To keep you in shape

When you get a pet dog, one of your duties would be to take them for a stroll every morning and evening. This will give you the scope to go for a short walk which is very important to maintain good health. 

You also get the company of your pet, so you don’t end up being bored to go on walks, all by yourself. If you do this regularly, you will start noticing positive changes in your health very soon. 

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Tips to be in shape apart from having a pet

Unconditional love

The main reason to get a pet for yourself is to receive unconditional love and lots of attention. Whatever pet you keep, they will always be there for you. Cats and dogs are the most sensitive of all pets. They understand your emotions and will be there for you, always. 

They do not love you for any selfish desire, and they will keep loving you irrespective of your attitude towards them, and the love you receive from them is incomparable.

To make you more sociable

Pets will provide you with a lot more than simply companionship and love. Studies have revealed that pets act as a great agent to create new human-to-human connections and strengthen relationships. 

When you go out with your pet or somebody visits you to meet your pet animal, this gives you scope to communicate with more people and improve your interactions. You can talk about stuff you can both relate to and exchange useful information related to properly maintaining your pet.

You get a snuggle buddy

Are you deeply upset or worried about something? Do I feel extremely low? The solution to feeling better lies in your pet.

If you have a dog or a rabbit, take them with you, sit on your couch, out on the balcony, or under some open air on the terrace and snuggle for a few minutes. 

See how it worlds instantly. The mere presence of a little cat or a puppy is very comforting and will help you feel better.

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Reasons to hug your pet more frequently

A friend for your disabled kid

Many people have disabled kids at home- children suffering from issues like paralysis or autism. A pet could be an excellent way to keep them engaged and help them to get rid of loneliness. 

These kids need constant attention and company on your part, which you may not be able to provide with all the time. This problem can be solved if you bring home a pet for them- a cat or a dog, or simply put up an aquarium.

You get to do more shopping

If you are a person whose mood gets fixed instantly just by going out shopping, having pets at home can be an added advantage. Also, if you want to take extra care of your pet, you can buy some cool gadgets and toys for them.

Many tech-savvy gadgets help you to take care of your pet- they make sure you can keep an eye on them, no matter where you are. You can also make customized stuff for them.

You get yourself a little entertainer

Pets are the ultimate entertainers. Being in their company is sure to help you have some color in your regular mundane lives. Some cat wiggling or pet cuddling can make all your worries disappear in a puff. 

The funniest thing is that pets always respond to your words or actions. Try fake scolding your pet or say loving things to them and see how they react. You can see a cute and beautiful smile that will simply melt your heart.

Ways to entertain your pet dog

You become more responsible

Having a pet to look after is no different than taking care of a newborn baby. They need constant attention and care in the initial stage. When you get yourself a pet, they develop within you a sense of responsibility towards them. 

It can be considered as a trial of the process of parenting. Further, when you fulfill your duties and know that your pet is under proper care, it makes you feel happier and makes you a positive person.

A guide to the blind

Are any of your family members disabled- blind or deaf? Believe it or not, having a pet animal can be very helpful. Pet animals, especially dogs, have a great sense of awareness and heightened senses. 

They can always help these people by handing out stuff or protecting them from any possible hazards. Thus, you can be less worried about them when you are not present and depend on your pet to be their guardians. They will never let you down.

Your own alarm clock

If you live alone and don’t have someone to wake you up in the morning so that you can have a lovely and fresh start to the day, no worries. Get yourself a cuddle buddy- a cat, a dog, or a rabbit. 

They obviously won’t bring you your coffee, but their adorable cuddling and licking will make your morning better. Rather than being alone and feeling depressed about it, you can always use a little company from a lovely animal.

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How to wake up early with your pet

There’s always someone to welcome you

When you come home every day after a hectic schedule at work, it may be depressing to you to come to an empty house where there is no one to hear about your day, comfort you, or hug you. This problem can be solved if you keep a pet. 

We always see how dogs and cats are always excited to see their owners after a significant period of time, and their validation will make you feel wanted all the more.

Learning to look at simple things that make you happy

A pet can make you look at things around you differently. Caught in the mad rush of life, we often forget to focus on the small things that can make us happy. 

When you spend some time throwing around a ball with your pet dog, and it brings the ball back to you, every time with the prettiest smile on their face, you realize these are the precious little moments that matter in your life more than other larger things.

An added protection

As we all know, dogs are primarily preferred by people as pets because of their ability to protect the house and its members from external attacks.

Since they have heightened senses, this allows them to understand if there are any possibilities of upcoming trouble and act accordingly. 

Even if you are not present, you can be relieved to know that your stuff is in good hands. Newspapers and the media reported cases of pets protecting houses and saving little babies. 

Ways to stay away from theft even when you have a guard pet

They stick by you, thick and thin

Even though an animal won’t be able to communicate with you in your language, their actions speak louder than any language in the world.

Dogs and cats, especially, are very sensitive to human thoughts and understand everything you say or feel. 

So, during your tough times, you will always have someone to be with you, with no fear of being judged or mocked. They will sit by your side, as long as you want, and never let you feel isolated.

They deserve chances to have a better life

Oftentimes, we see poor stray dogs and cats living a pathetic life on the roads with no food, shelter, or care. It is your moral obligation to do something about it if you can. These animals are a part of the universe and they also deserve to be treated nicely and showered with love. 

Rather than buying an animal, rescue someone who needs your help and give it a better life. This will make you feel so better about yourself.

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A sleepover buddy

Yes. It has been proven scientifically that sleeping with a pet in bed can improve your quality of sleep and help you rest more peacefully. And it is adorable to find your pet lying around you when you wake up in the middle of the night. 

You would not have to sleep by yourself, and you can have a little chat and cuddle with the snuggle buddy. This way, your mind feels more relaxed and you do not feel alone.

How to sleep better with your pet

You can train them to do stuff

With time, as your pet gets more acquainted with you, you can teach them to do stuff for you. Some animals are so efficient in this way, that it takes very little time to teach them something. 

For example, you can teach them to answer the doorbell, take the newspaper or milk, or bring your phone or wallet to you. Thus, you have an extra helping hand to do things for you at home that another person would have done. 

Unquestionable loyalty

Pets are the ultimate symbol of loyalty. Human beings may be dishonest and unfaithful to others under unfavorable circumstances. But a pet would never, even if they wanted to. Many incidents show pets still waiting for their owners to return home, although they are dead. 

This shows how faithful and loyal animals are, and this makes us want them all the more. There is a lot to learn from them, and realize how they are able to express so much.

Little puppies are awfully adorable

And not just puppies, all the kids your pet may have. At some time, your pet animal will try to grow its generation by having kids. So then, you have more adorable members in your family. 

You can keep them if you want to, or lend them to a friend/relative who would take care of them. Just like human babies, their babies will be very adorable and would be a great treat to the little ones in your family.

Pets you can get for your little kid

A friend for your kid

This is all the more important if your kid lives alone and does not have a brother/sister to spend time with. Little kids should never feel isolated and they should always have a partner they can play and interact with. Bring home a pet for them. 

There are many benefits of doing this. Not only does your child have a playing partner, he/she also understands love and compassion, and will also learn to take care of the animal.

They can detect serious diseases

Yes. This is a proven fact. As we have already discussed, pet animals like dogs have heightened senses which help them detect things that we often miss out on.

Research studies suggest that they can detect the presence of cancer in a person and can alarm you before the matter becomes more terrible. 

So, having a pet has more than just benefits for your mental wellness, they are quite beneficial practically. So, there’s no thinking twice before taking a pet!

No fear of judgment

Many people gradually turn into introverts because they are constantly bugged by the fear of being judged wrongly and mistreated when they interact with other people. The fear is perfectly justified. Human beings have a tendency to criticize and judge others, even if unnecessarily. 

This will never happen to you if you have a pet as your companion. Their unconditional love for you is a result of their non-judgemental and genuine approach to you as an owner and a person.

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Reasons you should NEVER judge others

You are family to them

Animals are very protective of their family. Even if they do not have a language to express what they feel for you, always know that once they have lived with you for a while, you become a part of their family as much as they become to you. 

Their inexplicable love and attention for you come from the fact that they consider you important. And what can be more important than knowing that you are so much validated and prioritized? 

They are allowed into your personal space

Yes. Pets will never be smart enough to understand what personal space is. Once they are with you, they will be everywhere. They will be in the kitchen, the wardrobe, or even accompany you to the toilet. 

Well, unlike a person, you are never going to mind them invading your space whenever they wish to. It is adorable to have them by your side all the time, and everywhere, and you also can’t get angry at them for doing so!

Your source of unlimited happiness

Last, but not least, it must be kept in mind that the ultimate reason for getting a pet for yourself is that it will make you a much happier person and will never let you be troubled by the worries in your life. 

No matter however you feel, you will always put up a bright smile on your face every time you see your adorable pet. Their cuteness and simplicity are what make them so close and important to us. 


Thus, you have more than one reason to make a quick and easy decision whether you want a pet or not. Believe it or not, they are the best companions you could ever ask for. So, just choose your reason and go ahead and get yourself that cute pet. You will never be disappointed by what they can give you.

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