120+ Words of Encouragement from Lord Shiva

You might have heard people saying about God’s life and deeds. But there’s the actual existence of speaking of God.

It undoubtedly impacts the life of the people. Therefore here side you can acknowledge with different sayings of Lord Shiva. It will help one to enjoy the credentials in life. 

You need to understand all and implement it in your life. It will help the person to change their behavior and thoughts towards life. 

Positive words which that get To Learn from Shiva 

-Even death cannot make fear to the person who has lived wisely. 

-Seeking validation will keep people trapped. 

-Strong people always stick to their morals. 

-No matter what, trials and tribulations would come up. But weak people make time to realize of long sunken life. 

-It is the greed of the people to expect more and more good from the person. This thing makes it into evil. 

-One’s reality with more prospective viewed with various prisms of context. 

-Delusions create the most compelling belief of people. 

-Hate doesn’t get as opposite for love. But it’s apathy. 

-Nothing gets everything, and everything gets with nothing. 

-Creation and destruction come as ends of the exact moment. 

-Everything between creation and destruction gets as the journey of life. 

-A person’s ethics and character doesn’t get as a test for good times. 

-It gets only the lousy time which will state the person with the showing of steadfast to his drama. 

-A person get possible for making their own life. But one needs to allow the universe to help you. 

-There get only one thing in the life of a person. It comes at this moment. This gets as the only thing which one can have a surety. Everything else would get as a theory with people. 

-Any philosophy, no matter how perfect, will work for only a finite period. 

-What is the best thing about the worse time in your life? It’s seeing the true colors of everyone. 

-You are free to make the decision that you wish. But you are not free from the consequences of that decision. 

-Never think that you are weak if you cry. Every tear gets replaced with wisdom and strength for people. 

-It takes three more seconds to say, “I love you.” three hours for the explanation of lifetime for proven. 

-I am not asking you to change the plan which you have made for me. I m just asking you to forgive me for patience and confidence. It will accept the plan which you will give an excuse for me. 

-What do I know more about you? What do you expect to know more than me? It’s a conversation going on between Shiva and Parvati. 

-The universe offers the people with today. Here you need to enjoy and learn the good and bad to build a better tomorrow. 

-I know that I am not always perfect. I might forget to pray sometimes. I have questioned many times to my faith. I would also lose my temper sometimes. But thank you, Lord, for giving me, unconditional love. Thanks for giving me another day to start over again. 

-Calmness gets as the cradle for power. 

-You will not get any enemies outside if you don’t have enemies inside. Lover yourself as you get an essential part of Lord Shiva. 

-Sometimes, simple faith with people can lead to the heresy of peace. 

-Quiet for mind for listening to the soul 

-If you have a passion for getting success, then obstacles won’t stop you. 

-what meant to get in your life will always find its way. 

-Don’t hurt others with that pain that will hurt yourself. 

-Treat others as you want to get the treat from others. 

-What you hate in yourself will do to no men.

Positive words inspired from the terms of Lord Shiva to make your life successfully 

-Live in harmony in which people get related. 

-Do as per your will, but only as long as you don’t start to harm others to follow it. 

-Religion gets for the people who have fear in their brain to go to hell. Spirituality comes with a person who has already made their existence over there. 

-Don’t have a fear of God. Have fear from the Karma. God will surely forgive you, but Karma will not. 

-One can easily find the worse people in life. Give them as much respect as you can. In return for this, you will surely get bad things. 

-Make your passion the purpose of life. After this, the miracle will surely give you good experiences. 

-I am lost this morning in boulevards of life. Could you help me to bring back on the right path? O Lord, please help. 

-If you resist the change in yourself, then it means you resist your life. 

-The only way is inside 

-Choose love to become fearless. 

-Sometimes, it’s better to close down all the doors. It will make one realize what inner powers you have. 

-You will indeed heal. It’s just that it needs the time. 

-Real gets rare in real 

-The comeback always gets more muscular as compared to the setback. 

-The only sensible way to live in this world gets to live without tears. 

-Say to yourself with a great attitude, “I don’t mind.” 

-In the end, you all will become the stories caught in the book. 

-Every day comes with a second chance. 

-Accept even the worse situation if you have abilities to solve it down. 

-Now that, nothing remains the same. 

-Try to look at things that you have instead of what you don’t have. 

-I am always trying to give my best. That is more than enough for me. 

-The best way to get respect comes as treat others with great respect. 

-I have decided to choose myself. 

-Smile or cry. Which option do you choose? Choose the smile. It’s because no one cares how you feel. 

-People go out of life, but how they live you always stays with you. 

-The eyes tell more sorrow as compared to the mouth. 

-Sometimes, the little things in life prove for more than enough things. 

-Keep going no matter what obstacle come. 

-I am not a person with having a short temper. I am the person who gives an immediate reaction to all bullshit people around me. 

Positive thoughts attached with the life of Lord Shiva for giving motivation 

I am stronger, but I am a bit tired. 

-Don’t tell me if I am changed. I am always like this. 

-Don’t try to overthink. Just do the things which make you happy.

-Life always gets better than night. 

-To anyone feeling unloved today, don’t worry, I love you. 

-Try to have kind nature, especially on your bad days. 

-Time will not make you forget things. It will help you to grow and understand things well. 

-Try to seek respect, not attention. 

-A king only bows down to his queen. 

-You will never know the things. I will never show it to you. 

-I want to fall in love with souls, not with faces. 

-Don’t worry, have patience. The best will come soon. 

-Always prefer to help someone, and you might only come as a person who does it. 

-It’s nice to ask someone,” how did your day spend?” 

-Let all go without stopping them. see what stays with you. 

-Keep going ahead. Its because tears cant fall forever. 

-Behind every strong person, one can find the broken child. He has to learn to stand up and take up all his shits. 

-Remember that sometimes not getting what you desire comes as a beautiful stroke of your luck. 

-The more you let go the things, the more you can rise higher. 

-Everyone will leave you at the end. Some choose it as a choice while someone has been forced to do it. 

-Nobody gets much busy. It’s just a matter of selecting the priorities. 

-Always keep your happiness as a priority. 

-Have the habit of forgetting others when they sin on you. It will let the heavenly father forgive you. 

-You need to get more robust now. Things will surely get better later. 

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