137+ words of Encouragement from The Quran

We are sharing a collection of the best inspirational quotes of the Quran. These quotes are about the almighty lord Allah.

So, we are hoping this effort will bring everyone closer to him and his teachings.

Talking about Quran, It is the last revealed word of god and is the chief source of every Muslim’s faith, believes, and practice.

It deals with all subjects that are related to human beings, wisdom, worship, doctrine, transactions, law, and many more but its basic theme is the relationship or connection between God and his creatures.

As we read these beautiful quotes and understand them we shall not forget to apply them in our life, to make our lives better.

If we can follow these teachings we can also make this world a happy place for everyone.

Words of Encouragement from The Quran

-The Quran says us to hold firmly to the rope of Allah so that we do not become divided.

-The Quran says to people not to be deceived by their present lives.

-The Quran says that Allah does not burdens a soul beyond its bearing capacity.

-The Quran teaches people to be patient and believe in the promise of Allah that it’s true.

-The Quran says if you ask forgiveness of your Lord and repent to him, he indeed will be merciful and loving towards you.

-Allah says Call me upon I will respond to you, which means he wants his devotees to call upon him anytime they are in danger, confusion, or any state. He says that he would answer all their prayers.

-Allah for all your needs and he will definitely answer your Dua.

-The Quran says that Allah is with those who fear him and also those who are doers of good.

-Allah says that his mercy embraces all things which means that his mercy can embrace even the sins of a person.

-Allah says that Hewouldnotpunishthemiftheyseekforgiveness, which means if anyone repents and follows his teachings The Almighty Allah’s mercy will be on them. He would forgive them and there will be no punishment for them.

-The Quran says youTorememberAllah, and he will remember you, which means to give thanks to him and be grateful for his favors.

-Never underestimate the power of Supplication.

-The Quran mentions that he has made us blessed wherever we are, which means he has made us blessed and wherever we may be.

-He says that he has enjoined upon us the prayer and the prescribed purified alms for as long as you live.

-The Quran also mentions that everything whatever is the heavens and the earth all belongs to the lord Allah.

-Allah says that Whoever puts all his trust in him, will be enough for him, which means whoever trusts him with full faith he would provide him with all sources that he will never imagine.

-Allah says that whosoever puts their trust in him he will definitely suffice them.

-Allah says that, If a person is grateful, he will surely increase him(in favor), which means Allah says that if a person is grateful for everything, Allah will surely increase his favors on him but if the person is ungrateful he will also get a severe punishment.

-The Quran advises people to seek help in their patience and prayers.

-Quran says that if Allah found you lost he will guide you, which means that at any point of life if you feel lost at any point of time in your life, you just need to remember him and he will guide your way.

-In the Quran, it is mentioned that if they acted as the ink for words of the lord, the sea would have surely been consumed before the words of the lord were exhausted.

-It is possible that you dislike a thing that is good for you and like a thing that is bad for you.

-Allah definitely knows what’s good and what’s bad for you so leave all decisions in his hands and believe in his doings.

-The Quran says that human prefers the life of this world while the hereafter is a better and more lasting life.

-The Quran says that at the time of resurrection all people will come to him alone.

-The Quran says that people plan and Allah plans and Allah is the best planner. This means that people can plan all as they wish but nothing can compare to his plans.

-The Quran says that whoever does righteousness may it be a male or a female while believing in him will be granted a happy life.

-The Quran mentions us to hold firmly the rope of Allah and he will never let us go.

-The Quran says that prayers should prohibit immorality and wrongdoing.

-The Quran mentions that the good deed and bad deed are not the same, so we should try and return evil with good. Once you return evil with good you will be able to see that who was once your enemy has become your dearest friend.

The Quran also says that you have to realize that Allah is always watching you.

-The Quran says that Allah is with you wherever you may be and is watching all your deeds.

-The Quran also mentions that indeed the lord is the hearer of supplication.

-The Quran says that Allah is always there with his believers.

-The Quran gives the example of two seas and says that between them is a barrier which both of them do not transgress, which means that there is a barrier between the two seas that separates them.

-Allah means that each and every person has his own course and own destination that is separate from each other.

-The Quran says that Allah does not likes the proud.

-The Quran says that Allah said his believers not to fear because he is with them always and hears and sees everything. His believers are never alone

-The Quran says people to be patient and believe in the judgment of their lord. When the judgment of the lord comes it will surely be right before our eyes.

-The Quran says that Allah is ever Knowing and wise.

-The Quran teaches people to stay patient and says that indeed the patient ones will be given their rewards without an account.

-The Quran asks forgiveness and mercy from Allah because he is the best of those who showed mercy.

-The Quran says that indeed we all belong to Allah and one day we will indeed return back to him.

-The Quran says that the lord is very near and responsive towards you.

-The Quran also says that good deeds can surely erase your bad deeds.

-The Quran says that whoever is guided by Allah is guided for the benefit of himself.

-The Quran mentions that Sufficient for us is Allah and also that he is the best dispose of affairs.

-The Quran also says people to speak kindly to everyone because words can hurt more than beatings.

-The Quran also says that when you are ill he will be the one to cure you.

-The Quran says that Allah will test you in fear, hunger, loss of wealth, life, and fruit but glad tiding would be given to the patient ones.

-The Quran also advises everyone to do what is beautiful because Allah loves those who do whatever is beautiful.

-The Quran says to worship none but Allah and also mentions people to be dutiful and good to their parents. It mentions people to be kinder to orphans and poor and says people to speak well with every person.

-It also says that listen to it carefully when the Quran is recited because if you listen to it and pay attention you can receive mercy.

-The Quran that the death from which people flee and try to be saved will meet them one day. It means that every living person or living being on this earth has to die someday.

-The Quran teaches its readers to speak justice.

-The Quran also says that if Allah is the one helping you nobody can harm you but if he is the one who forsakes you there is no one that can help you either.

-The Quran also says that Allah never changes the condition of a person who does not strive to change himself. Allah only changes the life of the people who strive to change themselves.

-It also says that do not lose hope in the mercy of Allah. None lose hope in the mercy of Allah except for the people who are ungrateful to him.

-The Quran is mentioned as a book about which there is no doubt that it is a guidance for those who are conscious of Allah.

You should neither lose hope nor become sad. ( Quran 3: 139)

The bravest heart is said to be the one that stays closest to the almighty God Allah even if or when you are in pain.

Allah says that when you call upon him, he will respond to you  ( Quran 40:60)

Allah loves those people who put their trust in him. (Quran 3: 159)

Once you make the prayers your habit, success is going to become your lifestyle.

Allah found when you were lost and guided you. He also found you when you were poor and made you self-reliant and self-sufficient. (Quran 93:7-8)

Supplication (Dua) has tremendous power to turn your dreams into reality.

You should only speak when the words you are about to utter are more beautiful than the silence you have right now.

Allah nevr burdens a soul beyond the point or capacity you can bear. (Quran 2: 286)

 Allah can turn impossible things into possible things.

– The only relationship between Allah and you is your obedience towards him. ( Umar Ibn Al Khattab) 

-Allah says that indeed he is near.

-If a person fears Allah, Allah will always find a way to help him to get the person out of any problem or difficulty.

-Allah will provide for the person from the resources the person never would have imagined. (Quran 65:2-3)

-Make sure you don’t let this present life of yours deceive you.

-You will always find the mercy of Allah when you turn towards him, and he is going to heal every aching part of your soul and heart.

-He will bring you clarity to your view, guide you towards the right direction and make your soul firm.

-Allah can bring the change to the darkest and hopeless situations turning into the best moments of your life.

-You planned as well as Allah planned and Allah is the best planner of all. (Quran 3:54)

-If an evil suggestion comes to you from Satan, you shall immediately seek refuge in Allah. He is true, all-hearing, and all-knowing. (Quran, 41:36)

-Always speak good words to the people (Quran 2:83)

-The birds are controlled in the atmosphere of the sky but nothing holds them up there except the almighty Allah. This is what you can see is the sign for the people who are believers.  (Quran 16:79)

-You have to realize that Allah is watching  ( Al-Alaq-14)

-You need to be patient as the promise of Allah being the truth. (Quran 30:60) 

-Allah is with people who fear him and also with those who are doers of the good work. (Quran 16: 128) 

Short Word Of Wisdom For Quran

  • 1 Seek knowledge with humility.
  • 2 Kindness and compassion matter.
  • 3 Patience through challenges strengthens.
  • 4 Gratitude multiplies blessings.
  • 5 Be just and treat all fairly.
  • 6 Words hold great power.
  • 7 Repel wrong with good.
  • 8 Forgiveness brings peace.
  • 9 Trust in God’s plan.
  • 10 Actions reflect your faith.


The Quran’s wisdom is full of good lessons. It talks about being kind, patient, fair, and thankful. Forgiving and trusting in God’s plan brings peace. Its teachings help us be better and closer to God, showing how to live well and find purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions About Word of Wisdom for the Quran:

What dietary guidelines are mentioned in the Quran?

The Quran specifies food restrictions and allowances. Muslims, for example, are permitted to eat halal (permissible) foods such as particular types of meat, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Pork and its derivatives, as well as alcohol, are expressly forbidden.

Are there any guidelines about modesty and clothing in the Quran?

Yes, the Quran stresses modesty in dress and behavior. It urges both men and women to dress modestly and avoid wearing anything immodest or exposing. These teachings inspired the concept of hijab (covering) for women.

Is fasting mentioned in the Quran?

Yes, fasting during Ramadan is specifically specified in the Quran. During this month, Muslims are supposed to fast from dawn to sunset as an act of prayer and self-discipline. Fasting rules are described in several scriptures, notably Surah Al-Baqarah (2:183-187).

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