107+ Words Of Wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was one of the greatest leaders of mankind. Who shall not recognize this great personality?

His contributions towards making India a free and sovereign nation are known to the world. He is regarded as Bapu amongst us Indians.

However, for him lies immense respect in our hearts. His preaching of non-violence is still admired by many philosophers worldwide with a great part of them being from European countries.

The words said by Gandhi are like engravings on stones. People have been using them to retaliate back the humanity and love that existed among people back then.

Gandhi’s Words Of Wisdom

-You are liable for the difference you want to see in this world.

-An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

-If your thoughts, words, and deeds are in harmony, then there shall be happiness surrounding you.

-Your virtue of forgiveness says a lot about the strength you behold.

-I believe in Christ but I do not believe in his Christians. The Christians do not resemble their Christ.

-No one has the authority to mess up the purity of my mind with their impure feet.

-A man is ought to do what he believes. Thus, his deeds are a product of his thoughts.

-Prayer holds a lot of power but a simple act that brings happiness to a heart is proved superior.

-Having faith and not practicing it is dishonesty.

-The task may be insignificant but you shall still do it.

-The future is the child of today.

-God is free of religion.

-Criticize the sin, change the sinner.

-You being a human does not add to humanity. Your sense of being humane does.

-You can control your consciousness. You have the power.

-While losing yourself in the service of others, you shall rediscover yourself.

-The real strong souls of mankind use non-violence.

-You change yourself, and the world will change its thoughts towards you. You need not wait for others to bring about a change. You shall go and initiate one.

-Never can someone break me without me wanting it.

-A coward can never propagate love. Love prevails in the heart of the brave.

-Live like it is your last opportunity and learn like you are to live forever.

-A service not brought with joy does well to neither the servant nor the served.

-To spread real peace, we need to make it a virtue to the children.

-The attempt to reach one’s goal is more glorious than the goal itself.

-Violence and dishonesty can never be the prerequisites of something good.

-Nature provides everything to satisfy one’s needs but not enough to quench greed.

-Once to tend to lose them, you realize their significance.

-It is better to do and bear with the results of your action than to not do anything at all.

-Few little drops of dirt can never pollute the entire ocean of humanity. 

-Losing self-respect has to be the greatest loss that one shall conceive.

-Purity is the origin of things, whereas honesty is the effect of all molarity.

-It may be within reach to pleased pure golds, but can anyone make his mother pretty?

-My belief is based on gospel truth and goodwill because the truth is my almighty, and goodwill is the meaning of independence.

-Nonviolence is the special power at the destruction of people. It is stronger than the strongest weapon of destruction created by the creativity of people.

-Dominance is of two types. The terror of punishment and another one by the role of kindness gains one. Power based on love and affection is always better than the one obtained by the fear of punishment.

-Satisfaction comes by when you believe, what you speak, and what you carry out are peaceful.

-The delicate ones can never let off. Forgiveness is the quality of the mighty ones.

-Independence is not valuable if it does not involve the privilege to make a flaw.

-One should not leave behind hope in mankind. Goodness is like an ocean if hardly any drops are muddy. The ocean doesn’t become dirty.

-Anything you do will be negligible, but it will be essential to do it.

-A person is just the creation of his perception. What he believes, he transmutes to it.

-Direct arguments are sometimes good evidence of advancement.

-My existence is my message for the entire world.

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-If we are here to instruct real harmony in this world, and if we are here to proceed with the real conflict against conflict, then we shall have to start with small children.

-No tradition can exist if it makes an effort to be incompatible.

-The principle of all divinity is one; only their perspectives are dissimilar.

-Worship is the best feeling of the morning and the calmness of the evening.

-You can stop me, abuse me, and even blow up my body, but you can never detain my mind.

-The best process to notice yourself is to lose yourselves in serving others.

-Transform yourself- you are in self-control

-When control and politeness are adjoined in power, the latter becomes irresistible.

-When you are on the perfect track, you don’t need to be annoyed. When you are incorrect, you have no right to be annoyed.

-Irritated and narrow-mindedness are the enemies of the proper point of view.

-Dominance does not come from spiritual capacity. It comes from an unbeatable will.

-Our rival is anxiety. We all think it’s hatred, but the fact is, it is anxiety.

-You don’t realize who is influential to you until and unless you lose them.

-You never know what outcomes can come from your action, but if you do not do anything, there will be no results.

-You can’t transform how others consider you or what they speak about you. All you can do is modify how you respond to them.

-Nobody can offend you without your seal of approval.

-It is your well-being that is your wealth; gold and silver are just pieces of metal.

-A coward is helpless to spread devotion: it is the right of the brave ones.

-There is no belief above the truth.

-To perform something, it’s better to do it with love or else don’t do it at all.

-Contentment exists in the deeds, not in the achievement.

-Favor without modesty is self-regard and egotism.

-Look for no greater prosperity but humble happiness; not higher success but deeper happiness.

-The first principle of peaceful action is that of non-cooperation with everything which mortifies.

-What you speak is what is most significant to you. Deeds express priorities.

-It is not difficult to stand in the audience but it takes daring to stand alone.

-Our special power as an individual is not to remake the world but to transform ourselves.

-The actual ornament of the lady is her personality

-To lose self-control is to lose the competition.

-My principles are brightest in the center of condensed darkness

-The variation between what we established and what we are capable of doing would be enough to unravel most of the issues.

-The only autocrat which we should acquire in this creation is the silent voice from within ourselves.

-The accurate measure of any culture can be derived by seeing how it considers its weak followers.

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-Belief is not something to hold. It’s a state to evolve into.

-Harmony is not the nonappearance of fights, but the skill to manage with it.

-A country’s culture exists in its people’s hearts and emotions.

-One should be modest but also a very serious explorer after reality.

-There are a few days in the year when we cannot do anything. The days have gone by and the day is coming ahead.

-Every person who wills can catch the inner voice. It is inside everyone.

-Express only if it advances the peace.

-We have also seen many children successfully overcoming the effects of an evil legacy. This is due to transparency being an essential attribute of the soul.

-The social voice can never outstretch the distance, which is overcome by the still, gentle voice of integrity.

-Do not judge everybody. Be your magistrate and you will be really happy. If you will try to judge others, you are most expected to burn your hand.

-There is an advanced court than the court of justice, a court of ethics.

-The man who discovered the law of love was a far better inventor than any of our present scientists.


Gandhi’s wise words, simple yet powerful, stay relevant. He taught about peace, truth, and inner strength. His ideas of change starting from within inspire us to be better. Gandhi’s lessons lead to peace, fairness, and understanding among people. His legacy guides us to make the world a better place.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Words of Wisdom from Mahatma Gandhi:

What is the significance of Mahatma Gandhi’s Words of Wisdom?

Gandhi’s wisdom reflects his beliefs in nonviolence, simplicity, and ethical ideals. These insights inspire global efforts for peace, justice, and equality using nonviolent approaches.

What is the essence of Gandhi’s philosophy in a few words?

Gandhi’s philosophy is based on the values of compassion, self-control, truth, and nonviolence (ahimsa). He supported establishing equality and justice for all while bringing about social, political, and economic change by peaceful means.

What did Gandhi mean by “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”?

This quotation highlights Gandhi’s dedication to nonviolence. He held that pursuing retribution or retaliating violently only serves to further the cycle of suffering and devastation, ultimately resulting in the loss of empathy and comprehension.

What is the principle of “Sarvodaya” in Gandhi’s teachings?

The word “Sarvodaya” means “the welfare of all.” Gandhi’s Sarvodaya concept promotes the welfare and uplift of all members of society, especially the weak and downtrodden. He supported using nonviolent methods to address poverty and inequality.

Mahatma Gandhi Words Of Wisdom

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