120+ Words Of Wisdom from Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist, Brida, Veronica decides to die, the pilgrimage, etc. are the masterpieces given to us by the renounced Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho.

His notable works have won several awards and hearts of different generations. 

His first book was ‘The Pilgrimage’ at the age of 38. However, ‘The Alchemist’, his second venture made him famous worldwide. After this, there was no looking back. 

Among all his books, ‘The Pilgrimage’, ‘Hippie’, ‘The Valkyries’ and ‘Aleph’ are autobiographical. Whereas, the rest falls under the category of friction. 

Words of Wisdom From pauelo Coelho

-You need to get up and start taking the risk. The experience gained by it is superior to everything.

-Everyone is capable, at any point in their life, to carry out what they once dreamt of. 

-Love never holds back a person from pursuing their inner potential. If he distracts himself from that track, it is probably because it was not true love. 

-To be able to witness a rainbow, there has to be the strength to bear with the rain.

-Tears are emotions that are to be penned down. 

-Nevermind if you had to show courage to say ‘goodbye’. Life is there to find you a new ‘hello’. 

-It takes plenty of effort to free ourselves from memory.

-More than waiting and forgetting, taking bold decisions sometimes can be more painful.

-Gradually making a dream come true is what makes life interesting. 

-When you desire something from the bottom of the heart, the universe comes together to make that happen for you. 

-You can never unheard the voice of your heart. Hence, have faith and work according to it. 

-All those blessings disregarded, will turn into a curse. 

-There are plenty to direct another as of how they shall lead their lives. However, a very few to bother about their owns. 

-The saying that at a certain point, our life gets out of our control and stands answerable to the hands of fate is nothing but a lie. 

-Nothing perhaps is wrong forever. Even the clock not working is right twice an instance of the day. 

-Life can teach you a lesson at any instant of your life. All you are ought to do is be attentive. 

-The moment to start making ourselves better, our surrounding becomes better too. 

-Your mistakes become a decision when you start repeating them. 

-The secret of life is to fall once and get up once again.

-Your explanations will go in vain because people only hear what they want to. Hence, save energy. 

-No matter how tough a storm, it shall also pass.

-When you find your path, walk towards it. Have faith in yourself and forget all fears. You should have the audacity to make mistakes, accept them and work accordingly.

-Disappointment, defeat, and despair are what God uses to indicate the right path.

-Few things in life are to be experienced and not explained just like love. 

-Enthusiasm generates the positive energy essential for the proper functioning of a being. 

-When a crisis occurs, life emerges as its most brilliant. 

-You shall never lie to yourself to achieve the heights of success. 

-There is only a single thing that makes your future goal terrible to complete. The fear of failure.

-When we make an effort to develop better than we are, everything which surrounds us also becomes better too.

-Be courageous, take chance. Nothing can exchange experience.

-When you demand something, all the creations collaborate in helping you to attain it.

-Existence was forever a matter of being excited for the perfect moment to take action.

-nothing in this world is incorrect. Even a pause watch is correct twice a day.

-Never explain. Your companions don’t need it. And enemies will carry on to hate.

-Some humans want to transform every single thing and, at the matching time want everything to stay the same.

-when you are energized about what you execute. You perceive a positive vibe around you, it’s so simple.

-When we love, we always make every effort to turn out to become better than we are. When we attempt to become one step ahead than we are, everything all over us becomes better too.

-The world is transformed by your creativity. Not by your judgments.

-We have to take chances. Then only we can acknowledge the mystery of life completely when we want the unpredictable to occur.

-Every individual is having the ability to perform what they expect to do at any time in their life.

-You wipe out not by falling into the river, but by remaining immersed in it.

-So, I love you for the reason that the entire universe collaborates to help me to spot you.

-Believe can be alive without devotion but prayer cannot exist without belief.

-Every blessing disregarded, turns into imprecation.

-If you won’t notice a rainbow you have to master to see the wet weather.

-Holding back is painful. Neglecting is painful. But not understanding what to execute is an unacceptable kind of sadness.

-The top-secret of life, even, you come down six-time and to stand up the seventh time.

-One day you will awake and then there won’t be any more moments to do things which you desired to do. So, it’s superior to do it as soon as it is possible.

-The more brutal hurricane, the quicker it passes away.

-Tears are the original words that need to note down.

-Attractiveness is the biggest seducer for man.

-The effortless things are also the most marvelous, and only the intelligent can see them.

-If you want to be prosperous, you must always obey one rule- never falsehood to yourself.

-Everyone has that talented perspective. The moment they start expressing their talented

Perspective, they can easily start to transform the world.

-If you are powerful enough to say adios. This universe will award you with a brand-new hello.

-Love is a prison. When it takes shapes, we only notice its light, not its shadow.

-If suffering must come. Then may it arrive immediately. Because I have a life to exist, and I want to live it in the best way possible.

-Don’t squander your spell with presumptions. Humans only listen to what they want to hear.

-Recall your fantasies and compete for them. You must understand what you demand from life.

-It needs enormous efforts to rescue yourself from previous memories.

-You can become a visionless person by noticing every day as a parallel one. Each day is a unique one, every single day comes with a wonder of its own, it is just a matter of paying awareness to those miracles.

-Everybody appears to have an understandable idea of how other individuals can lead in their future lives, but nothing about their own life.

-At a definite point in our survival, we lose track of what circumstances are occurring to us, and our lives become balanced with the help of faith and devotion. That’s the world’s biggest falsehood.

-The more in tunefulness with yourself you are, the more cheerful you will be, the more dedicated you will be. Faith is not to take you away from reality- it attaches you to real life.

-Recollect that wherever your feelings are, there only you will perceive a treasure trove.

-Talent is a general gift, but it clutches a lot of braveness to make use of it. Don’t be nervous to be the best.

-You are always in a session of training. The issue is, sometimes you pause and you think that you understood the entire world. This is wrong, this world is always in motion. You can’t hold out at a point where you stop putting effort.

-When I don’t have anything to lose track of, I had each thing. When I pause being who I am, I establish myself.

-If you begin by promising what you don’t even possess yet. You will misplace your wish to work towards it.

-No matter what he undertakes, every individual on this planet plays a mean in the history of the world and usually, he doesn’t know it.

-never give up. When you are feeling drowsy, just step out with your legs- however, move on.

-I was never told that love always takes everyone to heaven. Your life can also transform into night terrors. But that saying, it is worth to take chances.

-if you ever thought that escapades are threatening, attempt a normal routine. It is fatal.

-Explain to your mind that the terror of suffering is poorer than the suffering itself. And no heart has ever suffered when it proceeds in the look of a dream.

-Don’t give up in front of your terrors. If you did, you won’t be capable to talk with your heart’s feelings.

Paulo Coelho Words Of Wisdom

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