20+ Monthly Goals that Will Help Us Grow

Making a habit of setting up goals monthly gives us a sense of self-esteem and boosts our confidence. Setting our deadlines for jobs and not giving attention to peer pressure in life helps in our inner growth. It makes us patient and more passionate in whatever we do.

What are the benefits of setting monthly goals?

  • Setting monthly goals will help us to complete our jobs systematically.
  • It will help us to make a habit of following a definite schedule and will keep us in shape.
  • Setting monthly goals will give us a clear view and understanding of our expectations in life.
  • It will give us transparency in decision-making.
  • Monthly goals will help us to stay focused in our jobs as we will do it on our own time and promotes a sense of self-mastery in whatever we do.

Here are Monthly goals to set in this year

Reading a book

Making a habit of reading a book monthly can enhance our memory retaining power. Reading books improve our vocabulary.

 Books help us in broadening our perspectives and opinions on various subjects. Reading self-help books such as Think Like a Monk, Atomic Habits, and many more are key to improving our way of thinking and broadening our imagination.

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Volunteering at a local charity

We should take some time out monthly to volunteer at orphanages and old age homes.

We should render service, especially to underprivileged people who have nobody to rely on except volunteers like us.

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Learning a new skill

We can all start learning a new skill that we never did this year. We can learn knitting, swimming, different languages, and blogging.

Learning a new skill boosts our confidence and helps in our inner growth. Whenever we feel bored, we can always go back to the things we want to do the most and never feel bored.

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Monthly fitness goals

We can set up a monthly fitness goal for 2022. We can divide our workouts into cardio, legs, full body, and abs for every month.

Working out monthly by following a proper schedule will help us in boosting our body energy and will make us feel energized to do various activities instead of feeling low and sluggish all the time.

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Monthly financial goals

Making monthly financial goals in 2022 can help us to save money. Keeping a tab on regular expenditures and monthly savings will make us realize that we might be wasting a lot of money on unnecessary things.

To make spending money wisely a goal, we should set a savings and expenditure goal every month to keep our money income in check.

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Following a healthy diet

A balanced diet is very important in our lives. We must eat proteins, vitamins, and minerals in a proper and balanced amount every day to live a healthy life.

Making a monthly goal of following a balanced diet will help us in losing weight easily after every workout and will make us feel energized.

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Work-related monthly goals

We can enable several work-related monthly goals this year to enhance our workforce proficiency.

We can make a list of skills like mentoring skills, marketing skills, leadership skills, improving our resume, improving our LinkedIn profiles, and work on them slowly each month for our professional progression.

Monthly student goals

Students who want to keep their study life and social life on track can easily set monthly goals this year and see the changes in their lifestyle.

Students can make a list of skills they want to work on each day monthly, like practicing note-taking skills, finding their learning styles, and working on them eventually.

Couples monthly goals

Couples can have a lot of goals that they can decide on monthly this year for maintaining a healthy relationship with their partners.

They can set a goal on cooking alternative days a month, spending more time together, doing various activities with their partners every month like gardening, furnishing the house, watching movies together, and spending quality time together.

Better sleeping goals

Most of us have a bad habit of staying up late at night and then waking up in the morning feeling extremely tired and weary.

To cope with this, we can set our monthly goals like sleeping an hour early every day and making ourselves feel better. After a few months, we will be able to notice changes in ourselves.

Waking up early goals

This has a lot of benefits. It makes us feel energized, and we have a lot of time in hand to finish our chores.

We can set a monthly goal of waking up 1 hour earlier than the day before. After waking up, we can go out for a walk or a stroll around the park and feel fresh.

Finding an alternate source of income

We may feel that the money that we are earning is not enough. 

For that, we can make a goal to improve the skills that we already have or develop new skills which are easily available to us via youtube. We can use them to update our resumes and get part-time jobs as a side hustle.

Prioritizing our mental health

We can have a monthly goal of prioritizing our mental health. It is very important in everybody’s life.

Prioritizing one’s mental health by going to therapy sessions or doing the things out of the daily work schedule helps to maintain a healthy relationship between our mind and body.

Organizing our surroundings

Organizing our room, wardrobe, study table can be a goal we wish to achieve every month this year.

Cleaning and organizing our surroundings each month will help us clean our minds from the useless tension of cleaning them and setting them up someday. We will realize that we can concentrate on our work more this way.

Getting rid of any toxic or unhealthy habit

This can be a tricky thing to do but not impossible to achieve as well. Some of us may have a toxic habit of being a chain smoker, an alcoholic, a junk food eater.

If we set a goal of working on our bad habits daily for months this year, we will be able to get rid of them.

Limiting our screentime 

Limiting our screen time will have a huge positive impact on our lives. If we set a goal of using particular screentime on our laptops and cell phones monthly and follow it religiously, we will be able to notice changes in our lifestyle.

We will be able to sleep better, and also we will have fewer head and backaches.

Spending time with your close ones

This should be everybody’s goal. Spending quality time with one’s family every month should be made a priority.

It’s only when we give importance to our family and close ones we make sure that we are there for them and we care for them. They should never be felt neglected.

Going for a monthly health checkup

This is the most vital goal to accomplish every month, which a lot of people neglect. Going on monthly checkups makes sure that we are not suffering from any unwanted diseases which may cause severe health problems in the future.

It is very important to prioritize our health and always keep it in good shape.

Frequently asked questions on monthly goals

Why do we need to set goals in life?

Setting goals in life is extremely important because some goals are fulfilled, and some are not. To have a purpose in life, we must set our goals.

What are the benefits of setting goals?

Setting a goal will help us in self-improvement. It will help us in achieving our life goals systematically and efficiently.

How can we set a goal to improve our performance?

Setting a goal can improve our daily performance because once we set our life goals, we tend to work on them systematically.

Why is goal setting so important for students?

These days especially in this pandemic situation, students are becoming more and more reluctant and are procrastinating a lot due to everything happening in online mode. That’s why studying and doing things organized and goal setting are very important for all students.

What happens if we are not able to fulfill our goals in life?

A well-organized and rational planning is always required to achieve any goal in your life. Even after that, some of them do not get fulfilled; but we should always be proud of ourselves by thinking that at least we tried instead of procrastinating about it.

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