20 Bad Habits to Avoid If You’re Teen

Teenage is a very vulnerable period in someone’s life. People pick up various habits during this age that might have an effect or an effect. It can be on their lifestyle, mental and physical health, academics, and their social behaviour.

People in this age have significantly less understanding of right and wrong and pick up habits, some of which can affect them lifelong.

20 Teenage Bad Habits To Avoid

  • Eating an excess of fast food

young people in their teens have a bad habit of consuming more fast food. This can lead to serious digestion problems and may be fatal for the heart in the long term.

Excess of this junk food can make a person fat or obese and increase the cholesterol level in the blood, leading to cardiac arrest. So it is important to avoid eating junk food in excess.

  • Binge-Watching

This habit is considered one of the most addictive lousy habits. People in their teens pick up this habit very quickly.

It is understood that you like some web series very much and eager to know the entire story or what’s next, but this might kill your peaceful sleep at night. So try to pause between episodes or watch an episode a day so that you might get some rest and not disrupt your sleeping cycle.

  • Lying more often

Lying is one of the nastiest habits to catch up with. It is a deplorable practice. One should never practice it, whether it is a white lie or hiding something serious.

This can push you into severe problems when you are an adult produces a lot of stress. This habit, if persistent, will harm your reputation. So it is better to avoid this habit in the long term.

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  • Spending money easily

Many teens have a habit of spending excess money a lot. This is something they must avoid now so that they won’t face any trouble in the long run.

If this habit remains with them, they can become very spendthrift in nature. Such teens in their adulthood might end up in uncleared debts and loans.

  • Not Staying hydrated for long hours.

Many teens have a habit of not staying hydrated for long periods of the day. They usually don’t care and sometimes forget to drink water. Even due to laziness, they get up to get a drink of water.

This habit can lead to serious health issues in the long term involving kidneys and gall bladder stones. So teens should pick up the habit of drinking sufficient water each day to avoid any future health issues.

  • Studying till midnight

Studying till midnight or late till early morning might have an adverse effect on the health of teens. They might get too tired and sleepy and won’t be able to do any work the next day.

Long-term effects of this might end up as insomnia. This will end up in stress-related issues in adulthood. Thus teens are especially advised not to study or work till midnight.

  • Skipping meals throughout the day

People in their teenage get so engrossed in their activities that they hardly care to complete their food or even care to have one.

This can result in an insufficiency of nutrition, making them feel tired and even ill. So it is crucial for teens never to miss their meals and have them on time.

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  • Eating beyond capacity

People in their teenage are pleased when they are served their favorite foods and delicacies. This makes them sometimes eat beyond their capacity, and this does not end well.

They may either suffer from indigestion or loose motion. This habit, if persistent, might lead to some severe stomach issues in the future. Thus it’s better if people in their teenage learn to control their love for food and eat within capacity.

  • Wasting Time in front of screens

There is a massive crowd of teens who spend a lot of time in front of mobile and televisions. They either chat with their friends after class or spend watching various television programs.

If persistent till adulthood, this habit will make them prone to sitting and wasting time and will affect their eyes. So teenagers should limit their time in front of screens so that they don’t have to suffer from optical problems earlier in their life.

  • Not being punctual

Not being on time or being delayed can create a lot of stress. Finding yourself behind everyone can adversely affect your confidence and take a setback on your mental and physical health.

In their adulthood, teens that are not punctual never cope with deadlines or can attend any event on time.  Thus staying Punctual is very important.

  • Not expressing gratitude

Most teens do not thank the people they have received help from, be it teachers or parents.

This an inferior practice, and teenagers should inculcate a habit of saying ” please” and “thanks”. This not only portrays their gratitude but also adds up more respect and self-esteem to their reputation.

  • Procrastinating 

Teenagers have a deplorable habit of leaving works till the last date of the deadline. Be it studies or Paying the bills, most teenagers wait for the last moment.

This habit is not healthy at all, and it might lead to massive stress later on in adulthood. Therefore It is essential to end this habit as soon as possible.

  • Comparing yourself with everyone around you

Teenagers have a terrible habit of randomly comparing themselves with their fellow mates. This not only makes the feel dissatisfied at the moment but also lowers confidence in the long run. Therefore you should stop comparing yourself with everyone. Instead, learn to accept yourself as who you are and start working on the strengths you got.

  • Taking meds without consulting Physician

Some teenagers have a habit of taking medicines whenever they feel uncomfortable or ill, without any physician’s consultation. It can be dangerous and sometimes life-threatening.

Thus teenagers need to have proper knowledge of drugs and medicine to prevent any such event. Therefore teenagers should avoid taking any medication without the consultation of a physician.

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  • Stress eating

There are some teenagers who practice a terrible habit of eating when they are overly stressed. The logic behind this is to divert their mind from disturbing the food on the table.

This is not a good habit as these young lads end up overeating which is not suitable for health. Hence, it is advised to stop this habit at the earliest and try to talk and cope with stress differently.

  • Biting nails

There is a majority of teenagers who bite their nails on several occasions. They do so when they are nervous, excited, or during deep thinking.

This habit will not help you with your thoughts or make you less anxious, but it will hurt your gut and lead to serious health issues. Thus it is strictly suggested to avoid eating nails no matter you find them tasty or not.

  • Smoking

This is a terrible habit and is a very irresponsible act towards health. We all know smoking causes cancers, tumors, various respiratory ailments and affects our body in many other severe ways.

Teenagers should never get addicted to tobacco or even smoke in the first place. Therefore it is very vital to avoid smoking and be well aware of its consequences.

  • Skipping exercise and workout

Teenagers tend to stick to a sedentary lifestyle. This instils them with laziness and a lack of awareness about the advantages of exercise.

This makes them obese in their adulthood and results in various postural and joint problems early in the next phase in their lives. Hence it is not advised to skip any exercise or workout.

  • Forgetting to brush teeth at night

Dental hygiene is essential, and most teens do not follow a complete dental routine. They usually brush once in the morning, but they neglect to do the same at night. Flossing and brushing are equally important and should be done two times every day.

Teenagers who avoid complete dental care tend to have weak and yellow teeth with poor oral hygiene in their adulthood. So it is vital to follow a proper oral hygiene routine.

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