55+ Bible Verses about Bullying: God’s Messages To The Bully

Bullying is an aggressive behavior that can physically, emotionally, and psychologically injure its victims.

Numerous scriptures in the Bible address the subject of bullying and offer direction and consolation to individuals who may be experiencing its effects. These verses provide guidance, inspiration, and hope to those who are the targets of bullying.

They also serve as a call to action for those who see bullying and have the power to intervene. Bible verses will give you a broader perspective on how to face bullying. 

What does the Bible Say about Bullying?

Leviticus 19:18- You must not seek retribution or carry grudges towards your children, but individuals must open your heart as themselves: I am still the Almighty.

Timothy 1:7- God has provided us with a mindset of authority, compassion, and identity, not anxiety.

Deuteronomy 31:6- Be bold and sturdy. Do not be terrified or intimidated by them because the Master your Lord is there with you. He will just not desert or abandon you.

John 3:15- That everybody who dislikes their brother is indeed a criminal, and you understand that no murderer possesses everlasting bliss.

John 2:9- Whoever professes to be in the illumination yet disdains his brother has always been in the dark.

Corinthians 14:33- Christ is a Creator of harmony, not turmoil. As in almost all the prophets’ shrines.

Corinthians 16:14- Let everything you see and be made with respect.

Corinthians 12:10- So, for the gospel of God, I am satisfied with defects, taunts, sufferings, repressions, and catastrophes. Because when I am vulnerable, I am mighty.

Timothy 2:22- So abandon young pleasures and seek integrity, confidence, compassion, and tranquility among those who rely on the Father with a loving soul.

Ephesians 4:29- Let no misleading language escape out of your tongues, but only what is beneficial for building up and suitable again for circumstance, because those who listen may well be blessed.

Jeremiah 29:11- Because I understand the intentions I have among you, says the Sovereign, plans for peace, not calamity, to bring you a foundation and future.

John 15:12- This is my verse in the bible: love others as I have treated you.

Joshua 1:8- This Volume of the Act shall not leave from your lips, rather, you must dwell upon it all day and night, and maybe you’ll be cautious about doing everything contained in it. Because only then will your path be profitable, and you will achieve great achievement.

Mark 12:31- The second commandment is, ‘You must love your country as yourselves.’ There is no greater requirement than any of these.

Matthew 10:28- And be not afraid of those who can murder the body but not the spirit. Fear him who has the power to kill either physically or spiritually in torment.

Matthew 5:11- Fortunate will you be when people falsely despise, harass, and spew all manner of wickedness with you against my purpose.

Matthew 5:22- But I warn you that anyone furious toward his brother will face trial; anyone who criticizes his brother will face the court; anybody who says, ‘Hey fool!’ shall confront the furnace of flames.

Matthew 5:44- But I tell you to embrace your foes and weep those who mistreat you.

Matthew 7:12- So, whatever you would like others to do about you, do to them anyway well, since this is the Word and the Gospels.

Micah 6:8- He has taught you what is acceptable, O man; then what does the King demand of you except to do right, love kindness, and live in harmony with your Deity?

Numbers 22:32- “Why have you slapped your mule three to four times?” questioned the Lord’s messenger to him. I have stepped out to challenge you since your approach is twisted in my eyes.

Philippians 2:3- Do very little out of jealousy or vanity, but instead count others more valuable than yourself.

Proverbs 10:12- Hatred incites trouble, while love conceals all transgressions.

Proverbs 12:18- There is someone whose reckless comments are like dagger lunges, but the skilled tongue soothes.

Proverbs 17:9- Whoever suppresses an infraction wants affection, but whoever repeats an issue divides friendships.

Proverbs 22:10- Drive away from a disbeliever, then strife, squabbling, and slander will disappear.

Proverbs 24:16- For the virtuous fall multiple times and rise multiple times, but the dishonest falter in times of affliction.

Psalm 118:13- I was heavily pushed that I fell, but the Lord rescued me.

Psalm 121:2- My assistance comes again from Almighty, who established the universe.

Psalm 18:3- I worship God, who is equal in dignity, and I am spared from my foes.

Psalm 5:6- You punish those who tell falsehoods; the Almighty loathes the murderous and dishonest man.

Psalm 82:4- Deliver the weak and needy from the clutches of the unscrupulous.

Revelation 20:12- Because I saw the big and tiny deceased assembled before the emperor, with scriptures open. Then another book, the novel life, was opened. And the deceased were sentenced according to what was recorded in the books, based on how much they had accomplished.

Revelation 21:4- He will completely erase each tear from their eyes, and there will be no more funeral, sorrow, weeping, or suffering, for the old things have died suddenly.

Revelation 21:8- But the timid, the disbelievers, the hateful, murderers, the shamelessly promiscuous, wizards, polytheists, and all fraudsters will have their lot in the fires of hell and brimstone, which is the ultimate punishment.

Revelation 22:12- See, I am coming shortly with my retribution to reward everyone else for how much he has done.

Romans 12:18- If at all feasible, and as far as it is within your power, live peacefully with everyone.

Romans 15:7- Again, for God’s glory, greet others as Jesus has embraced you.

Romans 2:1- As a result, you have no justification, O man, all of you who criticize. You condemn yourself by making judgments on someone since you, the judge, do the same acts.

Romans 8:31- So, what shall we say in response to these events? Who could be against us if God is in our corner?

Matthew 7:2- For you will be evaluated by the verdict you proclaim and weighed by the standard you employ.

Luke 6:35- Then your recompense from paradise will be enormous, and maybe you will genuinely be behaving as descendants of the Most Holy, for he is gracious to the uncompassionate and corrupt.

Isaiah 29:20- For the merciless will perish, the closet bigot will stop, and those who seek to do ill will be ripped off.

Matthew 5:10- God honors those who are tormented for doing the decent thing, for they will inherit the Promised land.

Luke 6:35- Respect your adversaries! Do something kind for them. Don’t expect to be reimbursed if you contribute to them. 

James 2:8- You are doing the proper thing if you truly follow the royal commandment taught in Scripture, “Respect your elders as yourself.”

Matthew 19:19- Respect your parents, and open your heart as you respect yourself.

Psalm 27:1- Whom should I dread if the Almighty is my guide and my redemption? Whom shall I despise because the Sovereign is the foundation of my daily existence?

Psalm 49:5- Why will I be afraid when dark days arrive and dishonest tricksters encircle me?

Hebrews 10:30- We know him as the one who proclaimed, “Retribution is thine; I will payback.” “The Almighty will chastise his servants,” he says again.

Luke 23:34- “Father, pardon sinners, for individuals don’t understand what they’re on about,” Jesus replied. They also used a lot to split up his clothing.


In conclusion, the Bible contains numerous scriptures that discuss the problem of bullying and the significance of showing love and respect to others. The Bible strongly emphasizes the value of love, compassion, and forgiveness—in both the teachings of Jesus and the prophets’ guidance.

It is essential to go to the Bible for direction and support, whether you are the bullied one or the bullied one. We can make a world devoid of bullying and filled with love, compassion, and understanding if we embrace the teachings of the Bible and put them into action in our daily lives.

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