50+ Uplifting Prayers For Confidence And Self Esteem

People who are under-confident about themselves can never lead a fulfilling life and achieve prosperity. If we want to be confident, we need to work on ourselves. Also, we must say our prayers to the Almighty Lord to give us his blessings and shape our confidence with his own hands.

Prayers Help To Increase Confidence And Self Esteem

Thanksgiving To God

– Good God, I approach your Holy Spirit with confidence. I do no doubt that you will always help me, and I will always receive whatever I ask from you. I also trust your discretion that you will choose the good things and hear my prayers only when they are just. Amen

Oh God, Help Me

– Great Lord, whenever I lack confidence, I look up to you. I assure myself that your Mighty Being has created me for something big. I pray to help me do everything that you have meant for me to do. Allow me to be confident in my faith and fear nothing. Amen

Faithful And Loving To Me

– Dear Good Father, I pray to your Spirit so that it walks by my side at all times. I ask you to remain faithful and loving to me, especially in the hard times when I think of myself as incapable or inadequate for something. I give myself to you, Lord. Amen

Almighty Father, whenever in confusion, I ask my heart to trust you, and I constantly remind myself that with you looking over me as the ever-watchful Lord, I have nothing to fear. I can read on any ground with confidence and no fear of failure. Allow me to live boldly. Amen

Give Me Strength

– O Dear God, in several instances, I have had reasons to doubt my capabilities, I have questioned my strength, and I have kept myself from things that I had to do. Strengthen me, Father, so that I no longer think of myself like this, and I do everything with vigor. Amen

Blessing Prayers

Dear Beloved Father, you have blessed me with many talents, and you have made my heart resilient. Bless me so that I can understand the gifts I have received from you and make good use of them in my life so that I can bring glory to your Holy name. Amen

– Holy Lord, I don’t think I deserve the mercies that you unconditionally and endlessly bless me with. Look after my actions so that I can live up to your expectations and be the person that you always wanted me to be. I can never finish counting your blessings on me. Amen

Make Me More Confident

– Blessed God, you have given me a purpose to lead this life. Help me so that I can realize that and work towards fulfilling it. Be with me as I try to fulfill my dreams and pursue my passions. Make me more confident than I ever thought I could be. Amen

Grateful To God

– Good Father, I wish to be a more confident person so that I can proudly proclaim your work in my life. Give me the courage needed to testify your grace and love upon us. You have loved me more than anybody else ever has, and I am grateful to you. Amen

Bless With Grace And Content

– O Lord, I pray to you for my soul. Bless it with your grace and content so that I can always say confidently that I am satisfied with what you have blessed me with, and I find no reason to keep pushing for more—all praise to your name, Father. Amen

Straightforward In Life

– Father Beloved, allow me to realize that I was sent into this world by you for a reason and that I am an important part of this universe. Bless me so that I never suffer because I think myself inferior to everyone else. Help me to be straightforward in life. Amen

Prayer For Restoration

O Dear God, everything I have in life and the person I am- all has been given by you, and as I go into depth to see these things, I find everything to be magnificent and fascinating. Allow me to live in confidence and help me to restore my faith. Amen

Motivate Me

– O Almighty Father, I would like to think of myself as a precious gem carved beautifully in your blessed hands. I pray to you to show me my value so that I can always put myself first as a priority. Nothing should be able to demotivate me from being confident. Amen

Guide Me And Protect Me

– Blessed Father, I can understand very well that this lack of confidence is your test of my personality. I ask you to help me to pass this test and protect your glory. Guide me with your brought light upon my mind and heart that shows me which way to go. Amen

– Beloved Lord, I pray that you cleanse my mind of all its doubts and uproot these feelings of self-inadequacy that have spread their roots deep within me. Protect me from being wrongly influenced by other people and look after my family. Keep all of us united in your graceful compassion. Amen

– O Lord, be my protector at all times; allow me to have the kind of trust in you that never gives me the scope to question your faithfulness towards us. You are ever so merciful, and there are no chances of you failing in something you do to protect us. Amen

Make Me Strong For All Struggles

– Beloved God, no matter how difficult a task comes before me as a challenge in life, I pray to you to mold me in a way that I approach it with no fear in my heart. Let me be confident in the face of all struggles and never give up. Amen

Assure Me

– O Almighty Lord, please redeem me of my insecurities that keep on haunting me and lead me to question my abilities to provide for myself and my family. I pray to you to assure me that I am quite able and I can lead a stable life with my family. Amen

Give Me Peace

Dear God, I ask you to give me peace. Calm down my body and mind, soothe my heart of its troubles. I have always had confidence in you that you will help me to find a way to sort out my problem. I call upon that faith in you today. Amen

Oh God, Teach Me

– O Father, teach me to be daunting in the face of distress. I must be able to show myself as a confident and loving person to everyone around me, even if I am terribly stressed inside. Teach me to fight my battle on my own without involving others in it. Amen

– Blessed Good God, you have always won every battle against evil powers. Allow me to learn from you and go into battle with my weaknesses, always knowing that you are there to define me. In your Holy name, I will always be successful in everything, and nothing can defeat me. Amen

Oh Lord, Thank You

– Good Lord, whenever I have sought you in life, I have found you. You have always been available, and you stayed close by on troubling days when everyone else left me alone. I thank you graciously for your support and motivation, which is rare to be found somewhere else. Amen

– Dear Good God, I pray to you that wherever I go, I am constantly followed by all the goodness exuded from your Holy Spirit. It is my strength, and it inspires me to work for the things I wouldn’t have tried generally. Thank you for being there, no matter what. Amen

– O Dear God, watch over every step I take. There will be darkness and challenging situations, but I trust them with you. I am confident that your grace will protect me and direct me on how to win the battle. Be my bright shining light where every malice fades away. Amen

God’s Presence

Lord Beloved, with you leading me at every moment, I am never afraid to move forward. I confidently embrace every day and try to look at the positive things it has to give me. I look for your presence in everything I do/say, and it makes me feel peaceful. Amen

– O Good Father, I pray to you to plant your unconditional affection and protection within my soul so that I never forget it. It will help me in my fight against the terrific storms in my life. With your godly presence in me, I have nothing to be worried about. Amen

Forgive Me

– Dear Father, before I do anything, I turn to you for guidance. I ask you to forgive me for the times I have not followed your Word and have consequently been misled in life. Take me back to your shelter and watch over me as I dedicate myself to you. Amen

– Heavenly Lord, I pray that self-doubt should never be able to control my emotions and refrain me from living according to our commandments. Energize me so that I can do the good things in my life that you want me to so that I can be rewarded by your Spirit. Amen

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