50+ Powerful Short Prayers For Peace

Our life often gives us situations where there is only conflict and confusion. When it feels like there are no ways to get out of this, our Lord will help us. He will give our mind and heart the peace it is looking for if we pray to him genuinely.

Prayers For Peace Of Mind And Heart

-Lord, I place the burden into your hands because it is too heavy for me to handle. I pray to you today because I believe these prayers will lead me to you so that I can hope to receive your assistance. Knowing that you will guide me gives me peace.– Amen

-O Good Father, I pray to you today to watch over me so that I can be humble while I bow down before you. You have enabled me with all powers. I ask you to give me the practical and intellectual strength to approach matters logically and solve them efficiently.– Amen

-O Father, no matter what I plan in my mind, I pray to you that you make your purposes fruitful in my life. Even if I’m wrong, you can never be wrong. Your purpose will be my aim, and it will bring me happiness and peace, just what I want.– Amen

A Prayers Of Peace In My Soul

-Dearest God, you know everything in this world. We are your children, and you are very much aware of everything that has been going on in our lives. I am too naive to understand your work, and I pray to you to shine yourself upon my soul and bless me.– Amen

-Dear Father, you are the Holy Creator of this world, and my knowledge is too limited to comprehend what you mean to do with us. I want you to reveal your true self to me so that I can follow you more closely and consider myself worthy of your love.– Amen

-Blessed Lord, without your divine understanding, we will never be able to get close to your revelations. This brings me discomfort, and so I pray to you to give us your grace and mercy so that we can understand you better, and this brings our troubled heart and soul peace.– Amen

-Good Father, there are days when I feel too adequate, and I think whatever I do is right. Stop me from doing that, and allow me to trust every matter into your mighty hands. I pray to you to weigh my soul, realize my intentions and work on it yourself.– Amen

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Prayers For Peace

Prayers For Peaceful Life

-O Good God, I can understand that this particular aspect of my life is beyond my understanding, and so it troubles me so much. I pray to you to give me endurance. Make me patient so that I don’t get irritated by these things, and let me keep trying continuously.– Amen

-Dear Heavenly Father, I am so thankful to you because you instructed me and showed me the way I should go to achieve salvation. Your presence gives me peace, and your counseling over my life makes me confident about myself. You are the best teacher I could have asked for.– Amen

-Almighty Lord, I hope that you are always the sole guide of my life, and I have to follow nobody else but you. Your Holy words can never be wrong, and they work like magic in every aspect of my life. I pray to your Spirit to be with me.– Amen

-Almighty Holy Father, I pray to you so that my actions are aligned to your holy Will. Help me to understand your purpose of sending me to your blessed Earth, and let me work towards fulfilling it. Never let me stray away from it. Remind me whenever I forget it.– Amen

Prayers For Peace, Patience, Wisdom

-O God, let you be the only source of patience and wisdom because no man on Earth will be able to give me the knowledge that you can. Man will never be able to comprehend things the way you do, and so in my days of distress, I seek you.– Amen

-O Good Lord, never let my mortal self be the guide of my inner ways. I would rather want to be guided by your Holy Spirit, that is always perfect and will be better than anything else. Allow me to be an obedient listener to you and your Holy words.– Amen

-Dear father, bless me so that I can be a sensible person who can trust everything you say or ask me to do. Let me hear your commandments and carry them out in my practical life. With your knowledge of me, I will always know what to do or say.– Amen

-Loving God, I find no one else to have the grace and glory of your Holy Self. So, I pray to you to bless me with an uplifted spirit that is full of courage and wisdom. Let my soul not be bothered by matters that do not matter in life.– Amen

-O Lord, I want to lead a life that is surrounded by you. Help me to lead my life like a truly righteous person the way you would have wanted me to. Set me far apart from the rest of the world, where there is no peace and only chaos.– Amen

-O Good God, you are beautiful and magnificent in every way. I pray to your Spirit that you let me fix my vision on the things that have depth and not just the superficial ones. Bless my senses so that they can feel everything in your presence and blissful grace.– Amen

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Prayers For Peace

Eternal Rest Prayer

-Father Beloved, help me to focus more on the eternal things in life. Keeping our minds and heart on temporary things takes away our peace and creates a burden on our thoughts. Help me to operate my life on a broader ground so that I can perceive what’s eternal.– Amen

-Good Lord, bless me so that I can always focus on you to get shelter. You are the source of our eternal joy and peace, and nothing is separated from your mighty Being. You never fade away from our lives, and you never change your approach or behavior to us.– Amen

Prayers For Inner Peace And Calm

-Beloved God, I state that your Will is all that is done in life. Whatever happened to me, I’ll consider it to be your wish for me. So, make all the good things happen to me. Take away all the things that harm my inner peace and make me anxious.– Amen

-Good Kind Father, keep me close to you so that I can rest peacefully with nothing to fear in my heart. Give me your divine knowledge, and let me walk in your presence and be an instrument to do your work. Bless me with all the good virtues there are.– Amen

-Good Lord, I pray to you today to watch over my desires and identify the ones that ruin my peace. Eradicate them from my life, and let me stay aligned with your love. My lifestyle mustn’t conflict with me, and I should be able to have control over the temptations.– Amen

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God, Guide Me For Peace

-O Lord, guide me well so that I can take in everything good and wise and reject everything from my life that is evil and unjust. I always believe that if I can lead a life full of truth and discipline, nothing can take away my peace from me ever.– Amen

-Loving Father, I admit that I can often be immature and unreasonable. I lack the sense of responsibility that you expect from me, and It breaks my heart to accept that I have failed you. Forgive me, O Lord, and help me to get back on the correct path again.– Amen

-Blessed Father, I ask for your discernment and consent in every decision I make. Be with me when I decide something and agree to it only when you think that it is correcting your righteous eyes. I will follow every word you say because I know that you are just.– Amen

-O Jesus, your ways will always be in a higher position than mine. I can never think the way you think, and so I trust you more than anybody else in my life. I pray to you that your thoughts are reflected in mine so that my thought processes are developed.– Amen

Thanking You For your Powerful Peace

-O Faithful Lord, you have answered my prayers and placed your peace within me. This is powerful, and it acts as a protective shield to my Spirit. I am so grateful to you for helping me out, and I express my love and respect to you by thanking you immensely.– Amen

-Dear Good God, I find you standing as a guard so that no evil power can ruin the peace that you have spread in it. My heart is calm, and I finally have clarity of mind. I know this is all your work, and I give glory to your name.– Amen

-O Father, I am so grateful to realize that my life is controlled by you, and you dominate how I think or act. I choose this peace given by you which rises over me and conquers my spirits. With you by my side, no negativity can slip into my soul.– Amen

Prayers For Peace

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