40 Short Prayers For Happiness: To Stay Happy Everyday

Prayers For Happiness, When you wake up in the morning and begin a new and fresh day, you must always start with your prayers. They are an important and efficient way of expressing your gratitude for the beautiful life you have been given and the many opportunities and beloved people it brings along.

Prayers For Happiness: Productivity And Dedication

-Good Morning, God. It’s a new day, so a new beginning. I pray to you that all my problems are solved, and I have the ability to work productively and with true dedication so that I can prove myself worthy. My work makes me happy.

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Prayers For Happiness: Thanksgiving

-Good Morning, Dear God. Thank you for providing me with another great day of my life to be happy and active. I pray to you so that I can make a fresh start, leaving behind all my doubts and using the day to the fullest.

-Good Morning, God. While many other people suffer from poverty, unhappiness and hunger, I am thankful to you for keeping me privileged with the basic amenities of life and for looking after my happiness. Thank you for the food I have and the house I live in.

-Good Morning, Lord. I choose this fresh and beautiful morning to express my respect and gratitude towards you for everything you have done for me to ensure my happiness. I am nothing without you and my happiness and safety is a gift from you.

-Good Morning, Dear God. Thank you for allowing me to have a good night’s sleep. My mind is calm and happy, my body is rejuvenated and I am ready to begin my day with a fresh start. I pray for your blessings.

Prayers For Happiness: Grateful

-Good Morning, God. As I wake up and start a new day, I just think to myself how happy I am and how grateful I feel to you for everything. I can never thank you enough for all the things you have done for me.I have indeed,

-Good Morning, Dear Father. I am just so grateful to you for letting me see the beauty of this fresh morning through my eyes. It’s a miracle in itself, it makes me extremely happy and I pray that this keeps on happening to me forever.

Prayers For Happiness: Hope

-Good Morning, God. I see it is a bright day, with the sun shining upon us. I take it as your indication of happiness and hope, and I pray that I can use your blessing to get back on my feet.

Prayers For Happiness: Prosperous Life

-Good Morning, Lord. I am extremely grateful to you for blessing me with the gift of a happy and prosperous life and for everything else you have given me. I pray to you so that I can use them wisely and progress in life.

Prayers For Happiness: Never Loss Faith

-Good Morning, God. This beautiful morning brings to me the message that life is beautiful and meant to be lived happily, no matter what happens. I pray that I can get through the hardships of life with my skills but also never lose faith in You.

-Good Morning, Father. No matter what happens in my life, I have learned to always be happy as well as keep faith in you. I know whatever you do with having a positive edge to it for me. And I am extremely grateful for that.

Prayers For Happiness

Prayers For Happiness: To Protect

-Good Morning, Father. I always consider myself lucky that I am one of your children. You have always looked after me, protected me, and given me all I ever needed to be happy and satisfied. Thank you for always being there and never letting me down.

-Good Morning, Dear God. Thank you so much for blessing me with a nice and happy family who supports me unconditionally and always protects me. I pray to you to keep them safe and healthy so that I can be with them.

-Good Morning, Dear Lord. I pray to you to constantly remind me of your presence and superiority in my life. Show me that you are looking after me, keeping me happy and privileged, and protecting me from all dangers. I want to acknowledge your importance.

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Prayers For Happiness: Strength

-Good Morning, Lord. I pray to you today on a new and beautiful day that I learn to forget and forgive so that I can lead a happy and peaceful life. I must learn to neglect the past and live in the future. Give me the strength to do so.

-Good Morning, Dear Lord. It is true that I have faced failures several times in my life, and it has brought me down. I have felt at times that I have no more reasons left to be happy. But I pray to you that I have the required courage and strength to get over that.

Prayers For Happiness: Wellness And Safety

-Good Morning, Lord. I see this new day brings a lot of hope and new opportunities in my life. I have the most excellent friends who are my constant support system and my source of happiness as well. I pray to you for their wellness and safety.

Prayers For Happiness And Peace

-Good Morning Father, I pray to you for peace and happiness. Keep my mind at peace always so that I can focus better on my responsibilities and do everything with complete dedication. Let me grow into a better person.

Prayers For Happiness And a Willing Heart

-Good Morning, Lord. Before beginning my day’s activities, I pray to you to protect me from all the negativity and keep me safe from any form of physical/mental harm and let me give my best in what I do with a happy and willing heart.

Prayers For Happiness: Help Me Become An Optimistic Person

-Good Morning, God. I pray to you to get rid of all the anxieties and worries that keep troubling my mind and heart and ruin my happiness. Help me to become an optimistic person and learn to look at the brighter side of life.

Prayers For Happiness: To Guide

-Good Morning, God. I am going through a very troubling phase in my life. I just want to pray to you to guide me, watch over me and make sure I make the right decisions and follow the right path so that I end up regaining my happy times.

-Good Morning, Lord. I pray to you for forgiveness for the mistakes I have made in the past that have caused me unhappiness. I would like to utilize a second chance to sort out things and rectify my errors. Please guide me through the correct path.

Prayers For Happiness

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Prayers For Happiness: To Support And Motivation

-Good Morning, God. This new day gives me the chance to have a new and happy beginning, embark on a new journey, or start a new adventure. I am thrilled to do this and I always need your constant support and motivation.

Prayers For Happiness And Positivity

-Good Morning, Lord. I pray to you that I can accept all the happiness and positivity that life has to provide and as well as, get rid of all the negative elements so that I don’t become an irritating and pessimistic person.

-Good Morning, Lord. I pray to you to fill the lives of my family members and close ones with positivity and happiness as you do to mine. Let them always be happy and get whatever they want in their life.

-Good Morning, Dear God. All I pray to you is to make sure that I am always happy and smiling. No negativity must be able to touch me and let me learn the correct way to approach it.

Prayers For Happiness: Respect To All

-Good Morning, Dear God. Before I step out for the day, I pray to you to help me have a good and happy heart that has love and respect for everyone. Please make sure that I learn how to treat everyone properly.

Prayers For Happiness: Make Me Strong

-Good Morning, Father. I just pray to you to make me stronger with each day. May I always have the ability to accept a situation-happy or sad with open arms and behave accordingly and let me stay unaffected by the troubling situations.

Prayers For Happiness With Success

-Good Morning, Father. I pray to you to let me identify my passions and dreams, understand what makes me happy and work towards achieving them. Let me learn to face barriers that come in my way and overcome them to achieve success in life.

Prayers For Happiness

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