21+ Ways To Express Your Gratitude To The Almighty God

We must remember to express our gratitude to the Almighty for everything He has done for us and for always being with us. Believe it or not, our life is largely influenced by divine power. You must learn to acknowledge this to be humble and grateful. 

Here are Ways To Express Your Gratitude To The Almighty God

Let us look at a few ways that you can say thanks to God.


The very first thing to do is to always remember God. He should be a part of our mental process all the time. Our thoughts and actions, decisions, and activities must include Him. If you do not think of Him or talk about Him, you will never be able to express gratitude to Him. 

Remembrance means you choose to act or think like God would make you do. Learning the scriptures and motivational quotes said by Him will also help.

Ways to practice the remembrance of God

Acknowledging His blessings

Often, we forget to accept the important role God plays in our lives and the different ways he blesses us. This is totally unacceptable if you want to be grateful to Him. Firstly, learn to recognize what He has done for you, count your blessings, and make a list of the things you have. 

Note down every specific thing you are grateful for. Every family member, every friend, your country, your privileges, your talents- everything. Then, thank Him for everything.

Prayers to offer

Prayer is the most effective way to show gratitude to God. When you pray, you are appreciating the Divine God. It is said that God doesn’t expect costly offerings or anything- all he wants from us is simply sincere prayer, showing gratitude to Him from our hearts for everything he has given us.

Praying expresses your reliance on a superior power- a greater source of strength and knowledge. And, you can do this every day, whenever and however you want.

Ways to pray in the Spirit:

Having a gratitude journal

This is also an excellent way. Maintaining a gratitude journal every day is convenient and effective. It is not merely a list of the things you are blessed with but it helps you to keep track of everything He has done for you, day-to-day. 

Many spiritual preachers advise people to keep such records so that they can recognize the work of God in every little aspect of their life. This is a blessing itself and shows your gratitude to God.

Writing notes

You need to learn to express your gratitude, no matter if it is God or a person in your life. When you pen down your inner feelings and thoughts, it releases the large burden in your heart. So, practice writing down notes saying Thank You! to people or God. 

This is entirely a personal practice. Go through these notes now and then, and notice that there are plenty of things to be grateful for, and life has a larger meaning.

Things to remember while writing a Thank You note

Pray before you eat

Food, clothing, and shelter are some of our basic amenities. Thousands of people across the globe are constantly struggling to afford these daily. So, if you are someone who can afford these valuables, do not take pride in yourself.

This is a great blessing from the Lord Himself. So, every day, when you have your lunch or dinner, spare a few minutes to say a short prayer, expressing your thankfulness to Him for providing you with everything needed for existence.


It is a huge blessing for which we are grateful to God. But again, it is also an efficient way to express your gratitude to God. According to Elder Hales, the concept of repentance is constructed on the foundation of gratitude. 

It is a very important element while achieving salvation. Being mortal beings, we are flawed and we are bound to make mistakes. The correct way is to accept them and apologize to God so that we do not suffer.

correct approach to repentance

Obeying His directions

God has provided us with everything we need to survive. Most importantly, He has blessed us with the gift of life. In return, He only expects us to follow His path and obey His commandments. 

Following God’s path will help us to always be on the right path and He will bless us and give us a prosperous life. There is no other easy way to show to God that you are grateful to Him and that you respect Him.

Serving other people

A little bit of God is present in every living being in this Universe. So, when you serve another person or being, and provide help in some way, you are serving the Almighty. This way, you are helping someone as well as saying Thanks to God. 

It is a very simple process. You receive what you give. You just need to practice sacrifice and the will to serve someone. And, the favor is reciprocated by others to build healthy communication.

efficient ways to serve a person

Offering something to Him

Materialistic offerings are a secondary way to show gratitude to God. They are not very important, as long as you are doing the primary gratitude practices regularly. But, if you think giving something to the Lord, no matter how little it is, will calm your mind and make you feel more satisfied and grateful towards the Almighty, go ahead and do it. It can be physical or financial- you can invest your money, time, or energy to do His work.

Being grateful to others

Just like when you serve someone, you are serving God, when you are grateful to someone for what they have done for you, you are expressing your gratitude to God in a way. It is very easy to acknowledge a favor done by someone. 

Maybe it was something they said, or something they did, or simply the way they smiled at you- you can be and must be grateful for every little thing so that God receives your gratitude instantly.

Ways to practice gratitude easily

Developing a grateful attitude

Gratitude is not something you just express now and then. It must be built into your character and it must be practiced all the time. If God created us to be happy and have prosperity, we ought to develop a positive attitude and a sense of gratitude towards life. 

This also expresses our gratitude to Him since you are stating that you are thankful to Him for the life He has given you. Gratitude can be considered a noble virtue.

Being humble

Pride induces ingratitude while humility breeds gratitude. Being lifted high in extreme pride is a huge mistake and can severely affect your thought process and activities. Unfavorable situations demand us to make a reasonable decision. 

You can either be humble and grateful and think calmly, or you can develop your egoistic nature and be bitter and irritated. The former will make you grateful to God and give you peace and happiness, while the latter will take you away from Him.

Signs that you are a humble person

Setting a new target

Having goals to achieve in life is also another way to be thankful to God. It can be anything that brings a change in your life. You can decide to give up a bad habit you have been nurturing within yourself or try incorporating a good habit that you think will benefit you. 

Change takes time, but when you are putting in your efforts, this shows your will to change yourself and follow the correct path shown by the Almighty. 

Spreading the word

If you want to express gratitude to the Almighty for all His blessings, you can try sharing the love and privilege with other people. When someone appreciates what you have or what you are, attribute it to a blessing from God. 

Also, if they seem interested to know further about your thoughts and beliefs, share with them so that they can also feel the way you do. This way, you are connecting more and more people with God expressing gratitude.


Therefore, there are many ways to show your respect and gratitude to God. Always keep in mind that if it wasn’t for Him, you would not have been able to lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life. So, thank him, and do it wholeheartedly.

This is a Supreme power you should never be ashamed to bow your head down to.

Benefits of practicing gratitude in our life

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