50+ Uplifting Prayers Against Public Harassment

We often encounter situations of public harassment that can become very difficult to deal with. It can plunge us into depression and loss of integrity. These uplifting prayers to the Holy Lord can help us find a way amid the darkness that comes along with any incident of public harassment.

Here are Uplifting Prayers Against Public Harassment

-Savior Beloved, I am being publicly harassed by people who do not wish to see my development in life. They constantly try to make me feel ashamed and unworthy. Remind me that I am blessed with your divine power, and therefore, nothing must be strong enough to bring me down.

Uplifting Prayers Against Public Harassment

-Faithful Father, they threaten to bring me down by harassing me in public. They make me question my worth, and their behavior causes pain and anger in my heart. I pray to you for comfort in such distressing times. Help me remember that you are always there to help me.

-Good God, I have always been able to trust your good plans. But, unnecessary public harassment caused by my enemies comes in the way of my achieving greater glory and the destiny that you have chosen for me. I know that you will help me overcome this obstacle as well.

-Dear Lord Jehovah, I fail to deal with this public harassment by myself. This is unbearable, and often I feel like giving up. In such uncertain times, I need your constant presence and guidance to help me find the right path so that I can get myself out of this.

-O Holy Creator, my enemies are ready to go to any extent to make me a victim of public harassment. They want others to question my capabilities and honesty. Bless me with your divine righteousness so that I can always stick to the truth, no matter how difficult circumstances are.

-Precious Holy Protector, make sure that I am never subject to any form of public harassment. Be it my home or my workplace; I pray to you to keep me clothed in your godly purity and compassion so that nobody can ever raise a finger against me regarding any matter.

-Kind Loving Lord, these recurring events of public harassment have brought great shame and disgrace to myself and my family as well. They are worried about me facing such shame and reproach publicly. I want you to bless them with the patience they need to deal with this difficult time.

-Gracious Almighty, the things that I am being publicly harassed and called guilty of are something that is completely away from the grace of your divine righteousness. Please remind me that as long as you are there to protect and love me, no false allegation can ever bring me down.

Good Uplifting Prayers Against Public Harassment

-Dear Great Master, I am indeed going through a very troubling phase of my life where I find myself fighting against my enemies who plan to harass me publicly, making my life tough. But, my faith in your Spirit will sustain me through the most difficult situations of my life.

-Eternal Savior, I pray for your mercy and guidance during this difficult time when I face such unwanted public harassment. Everything I do or say goes against me, and I cannot find a way out of this distress. Only your divine intervention can help me out of this trouble now.

-Blessed Lord, I am being publicly harassed for reasons that I have never found myself involved in. I choose to be hopeful and strong because I believe that I have always been guided in the light of your wisdom and compassion, and therefore no wrong can ever happen to me.

-Dear Kind Deity, there are no words to express how painful and difficult it is to deal with this public harassment. The shame and disgrace are greatly afflicting my mind, heart, and soul in every way. Only your divine presence in my heart can save me from losing right now.

-Lord Jehovah, I am mentally and emotionally exhausted from dealing with this public harassment. Please guide me through the correct way and bless me with your godly strength and patience so that I can get back on my feet and learn to fight against the evil plans of my enemies.

-Father Beloved, you have always listened to all my prayers, and you have never let me down. This is why I trust you to help me deal with this public harassment efficiently. With your guidance and mercy, I will soon find myself out of this pit of disgrace and ridicule.

-Dear Almighty Protector, I believe that the people who are trying to harass me publicly and make me face shame and contempt are those who wish to steal my glory and peace. I pray for your divine intervention so that I can get back the strength and composure I need.

-Holy Father, bless me with the understanding that the only person who can truly make us feel ashamed of our sins is you, and therefore, we shall never be afraid of dealing with any public disgrace or harassment caused by any other person. Allow us to have faith in ourselves.

Nice Uplifting Prayers Against Public Harassment

-Blessed Savior, embarrassment and reproach I’ve had to face because of this public harassment explicable. Even my family members and my most loved ones refuse to stand by me. Only your divine grace and guidance can help me understand what to do now, and therefore I pray for your mercy.

-Gracious Good God, I pray to you to protect me against any embarrassment or disgrace that can put a question mark on my behavior and personality. Allow everyone to understand me as an optimistic, honest, and kind person so that they never think of letting me face any public harassment.

-O Beloved Creator, you have taught us to stand firm in the power of our faith and your compassion. It is only with your godly inspiration and courage that I am ready to fight against any element that tries to bring me down by causing public harassment in my life.

-Lord Jehovah, you tell us that when we learn to believe in ourselves and your Holy Spirit, no evil power can hold us down. No shame or embarrassment can ever touch us only if we can follow your Will and choose to be righteous and kind, irrespective of the circumstances.

-O Good God, I am very well aware of the negative people around me who are always bent on making me a subject of ridicule and disgrace. Reassure me that when I choose to walk the path of your divine truth and kindness, you will protect us in all ways.

-Precious Master, I ask you to guard my mind and heart so that I can always stay alert and efficient in fighting against any negative elements that can be a source of public harassment. With your divine love and protection with me, no shame or ridicule will ever touch me.

-O Loving Lord, it gives me great pain to realize that often my family members can make me a subject of public harassment and plunge me into a pit of disgrace and embarrassment. Teach me to be kind as well as firm when it comes to dealing with family problems.

-Heavenly Almighty, I can understand very well that I am surrounded by some people who are trying to ruin my reputation and break the trust that people have. I choose not to give in to the trap of their evil plans. Your divine righteousness will protect me from all dangers.

-Faithful Father, even though I find myself in a difficult situation because of the public harassment I am facing, I will soon be able to revive my lost glory and get back the power and influence I had. With your mercy, I will shine and flourish in every way possible.

-Savior Beloved, this public harassment tries to plunge me into a pit of darkness and despair by taking away all the light and hope that you have blessed me with. But, I believe that your Will will work out, and no evil plan can materialize itself before your Holy Spirit.

-Kind, Sweet Deity, I have always tried to lead a disciplined and honest life, following your godly principles and teachings in life. Despite being righteous and true to my faith forever, I find myself facing public harassment, and I want your divine guidance to help me deal with it easily.

Amazing Uplifting Prayers Against Public Harassment

-Good God, teach me not to be bothered by evil people like mockers who have no good purpose to fulfill and only try to bring shame and disgrace in the lives of other people by making them face unnecessary public harassment. Teach me to stand firm against these unjust people.

-Kind Loving Father, bless me so that I can stay away from the influence of bad people who can be a source of my public harassment in the future. Surround me only with good people who wish to see me develop in life instead of trying to bring me down.

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