40+ Prayers For Abortion

The decision to have an abortion can have a severe negative impact upon the minds and hearts of people, especially women.

While they are going through a difficult phase in their life, they must pray to the holy father to help them overcome their distress and find peace and comfort.

Prayers For Abortion

-Faithful Father, although I thought that my decision to have an abortion was for the best, I now find myself struck with extreme grief and regret what I have done. The guilt continues to haunt me, and it feels as if I have made a big mistake I can’t alter.

Comfort me with your constant healing

-Good God, I now realize how unfair it is that I have allowed a little life to be eliminated from this world, even before it could see the light. My abortion is causing me great pain, and I want you to rescue me. Comfort me with your constant healing grace.

-Savior Beloved, it fills my heart with despair and guilt to realize that the process of abortion is against you, and I have sinned by taking a little life away. I am so confused and anxious that I cannot think of anything else, and so I want your divine comfort.

-Holy Creator, going through the process of abortion has left me broken inside, and I seek your divine healing and comfort now. You have always promised to look after the broken-hearted and weary one, and you will set us free from the shackles of our guilt and regret.

 -Lord Jehovah, I pray to you on behalf of every parent who is afflicted by the process of abortion. They need you to comfort their worn-out spirits and bless them with your divine solace so that they can find peace in your Spirit and try to lead a better life.

-Blessed Savior, you have promised to stand by your blessed children in every aspect of their lives when they are going through a troubling phase in their life. You have promised to be with them when their hearts are broken and comfort them through the grace of your healing power.

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Abortion: Prayers For Forgiveness

-Dear Lord Jehovah, I now realize that I have committed a great sin by allowing this little life to be aborted, and I consider this as a sin that would become a burden over my mind and heart forever. I am guilt-ridden, and I want your forgiveness to help me.

-Gracious Almighty, I know that I have committed a great sin by allowing this abortion to take place, and so with a humble and repentant heart, I come before your throne asking you to bless me with your forgiveness and restoration so that I can free myself from this guilt.

-Great Master, I submit myself humbly into your hands, and I ask you to guide me well so that I can realize the big mistake I’ve made by allowing this abortion to happen. Bless me with your forgiveness and love so that I can forget the burden of my scene.

-Kind Loving Lord, you have always been merciful and forgiving to us. Your graceful mercies are showered upon us, and therefore, I place the burden of my guilt and shame before you. I admit that accepting the process of abortion was a mistake, and I ask you to forgive me.

-O Heavenly Almighty, I ask you to forgive those parents who had chosen their comfort and abundance as a consequence of their selfishness and let their little life be aborted, even before they came into this world. They are naive and weak, and you can make them lead better lives.

-Good Lord, life after abortion can be difficult for parents, and these people need your divine wisdom and comfort right now. Only when you assure them that they are forgiven, and they can always find hope and solace in you can they look forward to leading a happy life again.

-Kind, Sweet Deity, every woman who has deliberately chosen abortion needs your mercy and forgiveness in their life. Be with them as they make the important decision of terminating their pregnancy, and bless them with the wisdom to think properly before they take a step. All glory be to you.

-Precious Protector, it constantly feels as if the burden of my sin of having an abortion will take me away from your eternal abundance and joy. Even though I am ashamed and regretful, I place my hope in you, and I ask you to bless me with your eternal salvation.

Prayers For Abortion

For guidance and direction

-Eternal Savior, it seems impossible to lead a peaceful and comfortable life because the thoughts of my abortion keep coming back and haunting me. Allow me to place you at the center of my life and look towards you for guidance and direction so that you can help me out.

Abortion: Prayers For Overwhelming

-Holy Father, the process of abortion has been overwhelming and traumatic. The emotional despair is inexplicable, and only you can bless us with peace and understanding. We need to accept our situation and realize that even though it has been a huge mistake, we should learn to move on.

-Blessed Lord, it has been painful and overwhelming for me to accept that a little life will no longer be able to see the light of the world. I also pray to you for my partner, the father of the child, who is going through a similar emotionally traumatic situation. 

-Father Beloved, accepting the little fact that parents who choose to have an abortion will never be able to see their little child can be overwhelming. I believe that you understand the pain and uneasiness that they go through, and therefore, I ask you to be their pillar of strength.

-Dear Kind Deity, as parents, going through the abortion process has left us emotionally distressed and weary. No matter how much we grieve or pray for the little life, it is never going to come back to us, and this hurts us in a way that is unimaginable to anyone.

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Abortion: Prayer Of Divine Peace And Understanding

-Almighty Protector, people often go through the abortion process thinking about their future lives or because of any personal issues. But often, they are beset by extreme guilt and shame, and it breaks their heart to realize what they have done. Bless these people with your divine peace and understanding.

-Good God, in most cases, after going through the abortion process, parents understand the mistake they have made, and it gives their hearts great despair to realize that they cannot revert what they have done. In these difficult times, only your godly peace can rescue them from plunging into despair.

Prayers For Abortion

Inspirational Prayer After Abortion

-Beloved Creator, as the Supreme Lord, you understand very well how difficult it is for parents to cope with the abortion process. The entire world seems to crash down before them, and they feel hopeless and lonely in everything. Please be their source of hope and inspiration in these times.

Prayer For Overcome Pain And Sorrow

-Lord Jehovah, going through the abortion process can leave a deep wound in the hearts of parents, especially mothers. It takes a lot of time to heal it but reassure them that when they place their endless faith in you, you will help them overcome all their pains and sorrows.

-Precious Master, you have always promised that every person, no matter how sinned he/she is, will find forgiveness and compassion when they pray to you with a repentant and humble heart. I lift every parent going through the abortion process, and I trust you to take care of them.

-O Loving Lord, abortion is a choice that mothers willingly make, but they are often riddled with regret and guilt after they have gone through the process. I pray to you to stand by every mother and be their source of hope and positivity, even in the most unsettling times.

-Faithful Father, going through the process of abortion leaves mothers weak and grieving, and therefore I ask you to comfort and support them in these times. Rejecting the purity of a new human life must be convicted through your Spirit, and so I bring each person into your divine hands.

Abortion: Assurance Prayers

-Savior Beloved, mothers who have gone through the process of abortion need the assurance of your gracious mercy and forgiveness. They need to realize their mistake and choose to stand firm in their faith in your holy spirit so that you can free them from the burden of their sin.

-Good God, I ask you to embrace every woman who comes before you, admitting their guilt of letting their child be aborted. Rescue them from the remembrance of their mistake and teach them to look at the positive things in life by repenting for their sins and trusting them wholeheartedly.

-Kind Loving Father, the consequences of making a wrong choice by allowing the process of abortion to happen can bring great pain and hurt to the heart and soul of a mother, but I ask you to let these people seek comfort in the divine grace of your Holy Spirit.

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Prayers For Abortion

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