50 Prayers For An Alcoholic Husband

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem that can hurt us very much. It becomes more painful for a woman when she has to deal with an alcoholic husband.

The wise thing to do is to put him into God’s hands and trust Him to bring him into the correct path.

Prayers For An Alcoholic Husband

Prayers For Look After

-Dear Lord Beloved, as the wife of a man who is extremely addicted to alcohol, it feels like the entire world is crumbling around me. It breaks my heart to watch my husband stray from his family and responsibilities, gradually losing control over himself with time. Please look after him.- Amen

Prayers For Your Holy Spirit

-Faithful Father, dealing with an alcoholic husband has made my life intolerable. It seems like every new day is tougher than the previous one, and the nights are the longest. I have faith in your Holy Spirit and you are more significant than any dark force that tries to engulf us.- Amen

-Holy God, I come before your mighty Spirit, asking you to make a divine intervention in my husband’s life. Turn their hearts towards you so he can overcome this alcoholism that is slowly plunging him into a sea of despair and, consequently, death from where there is no coming back.- Amen

Prayers For Alcoholic Husband

-O Merciful Master, I believe my husband’s alcoholism to be bondage that he cannot just get rid of. I also know that only through your Spirit can he be delivered from the evil addiction, and so I pray to you to help him overcome this difficult phase of his life.- Amen

-O Lord Jehovah, alcoholism is just an instrument for the evil forces that have the power to ruin the love and understanding between people in families. We call upon your Holy Spirit to guard us against the effect of these evil forces. Please help us overcome the power of alcoholism.- Amen

-Father Beloved, I love my husband with all my heart, and it torments my soul to see him become an alcoholic. I refuse to let him be captivated by alcoholism like this, and I pray to your Holy Spirit to set him free and help him experience your divine presence.- Amen

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Prayers For Wisdom And Kindness

-Good Creator, I pray to you to bless my alcoholic husband with your divine wisdom so that he can understand that our mortal bodies are temples that are a part of your Holy Spirit, and we must never do anything to hamper its sanctity and always stay away from alcoholism.- Amen

-Lord Jehovah, I am worried about my husband, whose problem of alcoholism is exceeding day by day, and his health is deteriorating. No matter how much I try, it is so difficult to take him away from excessive drinking. Please help me and show me how I can rescue him.- Amen

-Savior Beloved, I pray to you to bless my alcoholic husband with your divine grace so that he can turn away from alcohol, get back on his feet, and put his family and work before anything else. I ask you to protect my faith in the glory of your Spirit.- Amen

-Heavenly Almighty, I ask you to provide my alcoholic husband with your graceful wisdom and kindness so that he can recognize the true purpose of this life and consequently work towards fulfilling it, instead of involving himself in worldly pleasures that shall help him in his life in no way.- Amen

-Father Almighty, all my alcoholic husband needs now is the rejuvenation of his mind and heart and the upliftment of his spirits. I pray to you to make him understand that alcoholism is not the solution to forget the problems of life and that he must submit humbly to you.- Amen

Amazing Prayers For Alcoholic Husband

Prayers For no longer considering alcoholism

-Dear Great Protector, I pray to you with a faithful heart, asking you to reveal your mighty self before my husband so that he can get to retain you better and therefore turn himself towards you, no longer considering alcoholism as the most important thing to do in his life.- Amen

Prayers For Forgiveness

-Blessed Holy Deity, I bow before your Spirit, and I ask you to forgive my husband for the sin he is committing by consuming alcohol every day and not leading his life in the righteous way that your Holy Way has wanted us to. Please help him overcome this addiction.- Amen

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Prayers For the Comfort My Husband

-Beloved Creator, you have always been attentive to our pleas for help. Now that I find myself dealing with an alcoholic husband, I urge you to help me again. Please let me know what I can do so that I can comfort my husband and pull him away from alcoholism.- Amen

-Precious Loving Lord, this alcoholism is a trap, and my husband is unable to come out of it. Without his knowledge, this is having a bad impact on his family and is ruining his relationships and work efficiency. I pray to you to remove all unpleasant vibes from our family.- Amen

Prayers To Give Divine Courage

-Gracious God, I pray to you to fill my husband with your divine courage and power so that he can fight this battle against alcoholism with a brave heart, knowing that you are helping him and you will help him achieve success. Allow him to place his trust in you.- Amen

-O Faithful Almighty, I ask you to come to my alcoholic husband and hold his hand so that he can know that he is being led into the correct way, and you will take him out of his darkness of addiction, helping him lead a better life righteously and honestly.- Amen

Prayers For Guidance

-Kind Holy Father, I kneel before you, and I want you to bless my husband with your divine guidance and love so that he can stop consuming alcohol. Make him understand that this excessive drinking is straining his physical health as well as the family he is a part of.- Amen

-Heavenly Master, your mighty Spirit can move mountains if you want to. Therefore, I believe the power and strength you hold are enormous and endless. I want my alcoholic husband to be guided by that divine power so that he can overcome this issue of addiction as soon as possible.- Amen

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Best Prayers For Alcoholic Husband

Prayers For Faith

-Savior Beloved, now that I find myself and my relationship with my husband in a very difficult position, resulting from his problem of alcoholism, I keep faith in your mighty powers to reverse the situation in our family and bring back the love and compassion we had for each other.- Amen

-Good God, it breaks my heart that despite having everything we could have asked for, our family is falling apart due to my alcoholic husband. I pray you to bless me with patience so that I can deal with this problem wisely and not let this ruin my beautiful family.- Amen

-Holy Lord, I put my faith in you when it comes to dealing with my husband, who has involved himself in alcoholism. I trust you to help me so that I can lead my husband to break all ties with this addiction that is hampering his health and our family.- Amen

-Good Father, I pray to you to open my husband’s eyes and let him see how this excessive alcohol addiction is destroying his life, career, and relationships. Let him understand and reflect on the repercussions of his unwise actions so that he can rectify them while there is still time.- Amen

-Blessed Almighty, I have endless faith in you, and I know that if I can pray to you with righteous heart, you will deliver my alcoholic husband from this scheme made by evil powers. I want his freedom from alcoholism so that we can lead a normal life together again.- Amen

Prayers For Get Back Sobriety

-Precious Creator, I want you to let my husband understand that he has a great role to play as an important part of his family and towards society. None of this can be achieved if he keeps on giving in to alcoholism, and so he must get back to sobriety.- Amen

-Faithful Beloved Father, I pray to you to let my husband see beyond the charm of alcohol and realize that there are more good things in the world that he can be attracted to.  Allow them to see the goodness you have filled in this beautiful world created by you.- Amen

-Lord Jehovah, I want you to allow my alcoholic husband to understand how you have created us and how you would have wanted us to be. Let him become the ideal person that you have expected us to be, moving away from alcohol, and leading a righteous and honest life.- Amen

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Prayers For Your Divine Light

-Gracious Almighty, we pray to you for our husbands who have been captivated by the charm of alcoholism and are unable to see the destruction and despair it can bring upon their lives. Allow them to see their problem in your divine light and turn away from these evil forces.- Amen

-Loving Good God, I pray to you to bless the mind of my alcoholic husband so that all thoughts related to alcoholism can be eradicated. Replace them with positive thoughts so that he can focus on seeking you in his life and fulfilling the Holy Purpose you have given him.- Amen

Great For Alcoholic Husband

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