40 Morning Monday Prayers To Begin Your Week

As we set down to begin a new week, we start with a powerful Monday by saying our prayers to the Heavenly Lord. Spending some time in devotion to our Father and showing him respect and gratitude will give us hope and confidence. New beginnings are waiting for us this week.

Monday Thanksgiving Prayers

-O Father! As I stand before you today, on this beautiful and graceful morning, I thank you immensely for letting me wake up to a new week. Thank you for letting me be a part of your Universe, experience through my senses, and embrace your creations surrounding me all around. 

-O Father! Thank you for the bright rays of sunlight that reach us from the heavens and keep us warm and introduce us to a warm and cheerful day. The sunlight gives everything new life, encourages freshness and spirit, and gives us the message of hope and opportunity in everything

-O Father! I can never thank you enough for keeping me in good health and providing me with the strength and confidence I need to go out there and do my work and fulfill my responsibilities. I know I have the power to overpower any barrier that obstructs my success.

-O Father! I am grateful to you for showering me with unconditional care and affection. You have even been a huge support system to me at times when I have disappointed or failed you miserably. Your steadfast love is what will keep me going throughout the week in all conditions.

-O Father! Everything around us is for your sake. You have showered your grace and love upon us, and this is spread over all of us, as we can express our gratitude to you through thanksgiving so that your glory can be intensified further and we continue to be blessed.

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Monday Morning Prayer

-O Father! I pray to you this morning that you let us rejoice in our days with complete joy and look after us so that we can be happy and content all throughout the day and the week. Our happiness is a gift from you, and let us be blessed. 

-O Father! As I begin a new and fresh day, I pray to you to keep me away from anything that is impure or unholy. Protect me from anything that displeases you. Purify my mind, heart, and soul so that I never purge in any wrongdoing and always be faithful.

-O Father! I believe that to have a peaceful as well as a productive day at work today, I need to start the day with your blessings, which I can only receive when I pray to you. I am ready to proffer any sacrifice that will give me your love.

Prayers For Monday

O God, Keep Me Close With You

-O Father! Let me be attracted constantly by your holy presence. I pray to you to allow me to stay as close to you as possible. Keep me wrapped up in your loving arms, and always hold me close. Never let me go, as I will be distracted in life.

-O Father! Let me be of any help to you. I am always at your service, and you can avail of my services whenever you need them. I am always eager to act as your vessel, and you can use me any time in whatever way you think you need.

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Monday Protection Prayer From Evil

-O Father! I pray to you to refresh my mind as I begin work on a new day, the first day of the week. Help me to stay motivated throughout the week, and let me continue to have faith in you. I worship you, and you are the Lord that will protect me from evil.

-O Father! Let me love anyone who loves me with equal intensity. Let me be attentive and caring to my loved ones and do whatever is in my power to keep them happily protected. Let anyone seeking me find me diligently, and let me know the good and the bad.

-O Father! As you continue to assure us, you are God, the ultimate Father. So, there is no need for us to feel lonely or dismayed since you are always there with us, for us, and you will protect us from all harm. You are the source of our strength.

-O Father! Let me never lose faith in You. You are the Lord, and your righteous right hand will always keep us upheld and keep us in the way of truth and knowledge. Nothing you say or do will ever cause us any harm but will rather strengthen us further.

-O Father! Bad jokes are as much a part of our lives as good times are. So, when a storm arises in my life at any point during the day or the week, I pray to you to bless me with tranquility and encourage me to deal with it.

Monday Prayers For Success

-O Father! I pray to you to exist within me. Work your miracles through me and be with me in anything I do. My life needs a revival, and I need to start again with courage and power. Work within me and help me to achieve those goals with success.

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Prayers For Monday

Monday Prayers For Strength

-O Father! It’s the beginning of the week, but I already feel exhausted- I feel as if I have no power within me. Lord, I pray to you to help me recover, let my spirits be transformed, and let me emerge out of this darkness as a completely different person.

-O Father, I pray to you to send over your guardian angels to look after me throughout the day. I can never be strong enough to go off on my own, and I will always need your complete protection. You are the reason that I know my purpose in life.

Monday Prayer For Forgiveness

-O Father! It breaks my heart to realize that I have disappointed or hurt you in some way. But I also know that your appointment is short-lived, and once you calm down, you will continue to bestow favors on me like in previous times. Please forgive me for my mistakes.

Monday Prayer For Forget my sadness

-O Father! I pray to you to help me remember that sorrow is a temporary feeling, and we eventually get over it. As I embark on a new day of the week, help me to forget all my troubles and sadness and let me be dedicated to what I do.

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Monday Prayers for Courage

-O Father! I firmly believe that if I want to strongly endure the challenges that life will place before me on this new day, I will need your constant support and motivation. Please walk beside me forever. Give me the courage to challenge the days that lay ahead this week.

-O Father! Even during my busy day, my soul yearns to be in your presence every now and then. My spirit seeks you, searches for you, especially when I am in despair and confusion. It is only because of your judgments that I have learned the true meaning of righteousness.

Monday Morning Blessing Prayers

-O Father! As you can see, on this new day, I am starting a new venture. I pray to you to bless me and bless the work that I am starting. If I want to achieve success in this work, your blessings are all I need.

Prayers For Monday

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