57+ prayer for the soul to rest in peace: Serenity in Sadness

It is very important to pray to the Lord for the blessings to rest in peace. It may be a prayer for our lives, a dear relative/friend whom we have lost recently.

Praying to God would ensure that whoever we pray for shall receive his/her salvation.

Discovering the prayer for the soul to rest in peace

-O Father Beloved, I come to you today, praying for the intercession of my loved one, who is very close to their death and whom we would be very unfortunate enough to lose very soon. I pray to you to bless him/her with your divine grace after their death. 

-Merciful Good Lord, it fills my heart with grief and sorrow to see that although this person is very close to their death, they refuse to trust you and place their faith in your graceful powers that can give us the salvation we need to help us after our deaths.

-Great Holy God, we pray to you to impart your eternal divine mercy upon our loved ones so that they can rest in peace. We call upon your Holy Spirit to work through them as long as they are alive so that they can trust themselves into your hands easily.

-Precious Dear Creator, I pray for those people who disregard your majestic Spirit even when death is near. I pray to you to gently touch them with your grace so they can think about how they have led their lives and make wise decisions when there is still time.

-Lord Beloved, I ask you to bless the heart and soul of those who are on their deathbed so that when they take their last breath, they can do so in your holy name, knowing that you have always showered your compassion upon them and you will do so forever.

-Faithful Father, I pray on behalf of those people who have surrendered themselves in your hands and want you to bless their lives after death so that they can have the assurance of being able to rest in peace. Please take them into your divine consideration and bless them forever.

-Kind Good God, I pray for those people who are nearing their death. Let there be no fear of dying in their souls. Fill them with the assurance that after their deaths, they would secure a special place in your mighty Heaven and would receive your eternal graceful compassion forever.

-Almighty Protector, this prayer is a plea to you to bless my very close friend who is ill and would probably not survive this time. I just pray to you to let him pass into death without suffering much pain., let your divine care be always there for him/her.

-Gracious Master, my heart goes out for all those people who are just waiting for death to rescue them from suffering so much. I ask you to be merciful to those people and bless them with your mercy and compassion, taking them out of this misery through a peaceful death.

-O Lord Jehovah, I ask you to reveal your spirit of kindness and love to these people who are very close to their death. I ask you to promise them that they would pass away from this world into your divine heaven without having to experience any form of pain.

-Good God, I pray to you to ensure that as long as we do not reach the end of our lives, we can stay away from all pain and suffering. Let there only be comfort in our lives, and even when we die, allow us to rest in peace forever.

-Savior Beloved, we ask you to be compassionate and merciful to us so that when we embark on a journey towards your mighty Heaven after death, there must be no physical/mental suffering bothering us in any way. Let us die with the contentment of being the children of God.

-O Blessed Almighty, I ask you to surround us with your guardian angels at the moment of our death so that we can be sure that we are being looked after by you and that we will rest in peace with your divine compassion and eternal grace upon us forever.

-Heavenly Father, one day or the other, we are sure to leave this world. As the time of death looms over us, we pray to you to eradicate all fear and anxiety from our hearts so that we can never be afraid of the process of death that awaits us.

-Faithful Master, every time I feel fear creeping within my heart, thinking about my afterlife, I surrender myself, and I ask you to quieten the storms of my heart and give me the comfort I have been seeking by allowing me to know that I will rest in peace forever.

-Great Lord, allow us to remember that our mortal bodies, as well as our immortal souls, belong to you. So, even after our death, you decide everything that happens, and therefore, we have nothing to worry about, and we will have a fantastic afterlife where we can rest in peace. 

-Heavenly Creator, though death is something that we always try to escape. Allow us to consider it as a chance of being able to reach out to you directly in heaven and see your divine Spirit in person. Bless our lives so that we can prepare ourselves for that time.

-Precious Almighty, this prayer is to intercede for a close friend/relative who is at the final stages of a tough disease and would soon leave us to begin a journey towards your mighty Heaven. We ask you to bless him/her with peace at the time of their death.

-Dear Lord Beloved, I pray to you to help us sort out everything in our lives before the time of our death arrives so that we can die without the burden of our worldly tensions, hampering our mental stability and ruining the peace that you have blessed our hearts with.

-O Good Father, I pray to you for spiritual order before death comes. Let everything in my life align with your Holy Will at all times so that I can have the assurance of being in perfect peace with you and therefore be able to rest in peace after death.

-Almighty God, I pray to you to let me rest in peace with the contentment in my heart that I am led a righteous and disciplined life guided by your Commandments, and I have been able to provide for my family so that they can be happy and comfortable forever.

-O Holy Spirit, I pray to you to receive my friend whose death is imminent with an open embrace. Let them always find your comfortable presence as soon as they meet death. Let my friend be worthy of receiving your unending mercy and compassion as they find themselves in heaven.

-Gracious Lord Beloved, you have always saved us from all sorrows and discomforts. Bless us so that when we reach the time of our death, in our last moment, we can pray in your Holy Name, speaking our gratitude and respect to you for being so compassionate to us forever.

-Dear Savior, you have always been merciful enough to wipe our tears, and you have always tried to keep us happy and safe. Now that it’s time for me to leave this mortal body, my heart swells with emotions. I feel grateful to have received your favors throughout my life.

-O Merciful Master, I ask you to bless the family and relatives of the person who has died. I ask you to comfort them, relieve them of the pain of loss and assure them that their loved one is now with you and he/she will rest in peace forever. 

-Kind Deity, I ask you to look after my family and friends when I am no more. I want you to help them protect their faith in your Divine Spirit and know that we will all be united one day again in your Holy name if we are faithful forever.

-Father Beloved, I lift my dear friend/relative to you as they are about to pass away from this life. Assure us that he/she will have a peaceful end and a surreal afterlife in your divine presence. I ask you to prepare him/her spiritually before they reach you.

-Great God, I pray to you to bless the one who is about to die with the wisdom that says that every perishable thing will be clothed with your divine immortality, and this is enough for a person to rest in peace after death with hope alive in their souls.

-Merciful Almighty, I pray you to bless us at the time of our deaths so that when we meet you, we are prepared to confess our sins and ask you to forgive us, be firm in our faith, and have a clear conscience. All glory be to your Holy Name.

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