15+ How to Attract Good Luck and Wealth

At times, you have all felt that your life is not working out the way you want it to, haven’t you? You may have also come across people who seem to experience good fortune in everything they do, and this leaves you wondering, “why them?” and not you. What is it that they do differently from you?

Five well-known ways to attract good luck:

  • 1 Be grateful to everyone and everything in your life, and start your day with thankfulness.
  • 2 Be positive and inculcate optimism in your life.
  • 3 Fake it till you make it.
  • 4 Live as if all your goals have already been reached.
  • 5 Never give up after failures and mistakes.

You, too, can attract good luck in your life, and there is no rocket science involved in this. Your subconscious mind is mostly preoccupied with negative and limiting beliefs, which stand as a barrier between you and good luck. 

Easy Ways to Increase luck in your life

Stop terming your present reality as something “bad.”

When you terminate your present situation as bad or something perceived as a negative attribute, you are already closing the doors toward attaining good luck.

No matter how difficult your present situations get, never consider your present bad no matter how messed up everything appears. Stop opposing everything in your life, in your mind, and allow things to flow naturally.

There will be ups and downs in everyone’s life, and you are no exception. Maybe this is just a phase that will get over soon, and you will be happier again. Stop having a pessimistic approach in your life and blaming whatever is happening.

When your mind accepts your present reality, no matter how problematic it is for you, the gateway towards better solutions and good fortune opens.

Visualize being lucky

The universe gives you back what you dearly want, your desires, your goals; all get fulfilled when you can visualize them while being in the present moment. Once again, it would help if you visualize being lucky when you want to attract good luck into your life.

You need to imagine how good luck is helping you solve some of the problems in your life. You need to imagine how good luck benefits you in every way possible.

You need to also become conscious of the values and the things you believe in and transmogrify the negative things with their positive counterparts.

If you believe that you are unlucky, then that is what the universe will give back to you. Start by visualizing a situation wherein you get a positive result because of luck being on your side. 

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Stop dwelling on negative thoughts

As already discussed before this point, the universe gives you back whatever you wish for, believe, and visualize with a true heart.

If you believe that you are a loser, then that is what the reality will reflect on you. Your negative thoughts and beliefs are the only ones to devoid you of good luck. 

Every time you realize that your mind is being dragged to imagine something negative, try to shift your senses to something positive and joyful, something which will help you attract good fortune in your life.

You can focus on your sensory perceptions as well in such moments. So, whenever you feel your mind complaining, being anxious about something, or getting worried, concentrate on your sensory perceptions like breathing instead. 

Start making positive affirmations.

Affirmations are words, or a group of words, which enable you to empower yourself with positivity and enthusiasm to get where you want to be, like your goals, and ambitions.

Affirmations enable you to curb your negative and limiting thought patterns, which bring negativity into your life and fill you with positive vibes, which is essential to attract good luck.

You can make your affirmations or read out affirmations from somewhere. Reading and listening to affirmations every day for a few minutes will ignite the zeal in you to attract what you are seeking, and the universe, too, will reflect that back to you.

These affirmations will reprogram your mind and get rid of negative thought patterns, which is very important if you want the gates of good fortune to open in your life.

benefits of affirmations

Fail some more times

For many people, failing many times shatters their confidence levels and makes them feel that they are of no good.

Although it is true in most cases that failure can destroy your confidence and willpower, it can act as a massive stroke of luck as well. It would help if you were grateful for your failures.

When people say that failures are the pillars of success, they are not wrong. When you fail, you get to know where you went wrong.

You try again, and once again, when you fail, you learn another lesson as to why you failed what was left for you to fix from your last failure. You understand the areas you should improve upon.

All these lessons you learn from your consecutive failures are the ones that were acting as barriers between you and your success.

Expect good things to come to you.

People with a pessimistic mindset are usually the ones to get the least amount of their goals achieved. This is because a pessimistic and limiting mindset repels opportunity. There are various ways one can inculcate optimism, which is not hard.

Optimism is not magical, but it acts as a magic wand, getting you ever so close to your goals and aspirations. When you are an optimistic person, you will notice that your views and efforts are directed towards your long-term goals, and you don’t let failures and mistakes weigh you down.

Also, an optimistic approach to life attracts positivity in the form of achieved goals, dreams, and newer opportunities, which again depicts that luck is indeed on your side.

Be generous and grateful.

When you act generously with others, that greatly impacts what you would be receiving from the universe; being generous with others brings in better opportunities and gets you much closer to your goals.

Help others in need, as this attracts more luck on your side. Helping a few random people is better than asking for favors and not even being grateful to them.

Another very important aspect of your life should be being grateful to others. Be grateful for the mere existence of your loved ones.

Be grateful to the ones who help you out in various situations, be grateful even to your failures, as they teach you how to improve from the next time onwards.

Just like generosity, gratitude helps you open the gates of good luck in your life, as your vibrations get raised when you do follow these two noble attributes in your daily life. 

Get into regular meditation.

Meditation allows you to calm yourself and get complete control over your mind and its thought processes.

Better control over your mind enables you to better recognize the negative thought patterns and easily substitute them with their positive counterparts. 

Meditation is a very easy practice to infuse into your day-to-day life, and not only does it calm your mind and heart, but it also allows you to have better control over your emotions and actions. It can be done almost anywhere and anytime.

Make sure you are comfortable while meditating and in a quiet place where you are not distracted by the outside elements. The more you practice meditating, the better you can focus your attention on your mind and control it.

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benefits being generous

Quit blaming others for your mistakes

It is common for people to blame each other for the mishappenings in their lives. While doing so, they don’t realize that they are giving their powers away to them. Why should you blame others for your current state of being? Why don’t you have the power to change things for the good?

When you are blaming others, you are programming your subconscious mind to believe that you can’t control your life, and that is why you are handing over your powers to others, and they are now going to control your life in their ways.

This makes your subconscious mind think that you are powerless and cannot bring positive changes in your life.

Leap and start believing that you are the master sculptor of your life and you have the supreme power to bring positive changes into your life. The external factors, or other people, don’t matter.

Alter your negative self-talk

Instead of being too harsh on yourself and criticizing yourself for everything that you do, be more positive and motivated towards yourself. You are all you have got at the end of the day, so quit being your biggest critique and criticizing yourself for every move. 

Be aware of what you speak about yourself and how negative of a notion you have of yourself and try to change that into something positive and uplifting.

You are all that you have got, so take care of yourself and work towards making yourself better, rather than demeaning yourself. When you alter your negative self-talk, you uproot the negative and limiting beliefs deep inside your subconscious mind. 

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Do more of what makes you happy.

You feel more joyful, energized, enthusiastic, and uplifted when you do more of what makes you happy.

All of these positive attributes enable you to raise your vibrations and align yourself with the universal harmony and as a result, be closer to achieving good luck. When your vibrations are raised, you attract more positive things, qualities, and people into your life. 

Maybe you feel great after taking your dog out for a walk, or maybe you feel peaceful after taking a hot shower; whatever that be, do it for a bit longer, even if for a few more minutes.

When you allow yourself to be happy, your vibrations get raised, which brings you all the closer to your goals. You are more likely to feel healthy and vibrant after doing more of what makes you happy. 

ways reduce blame game with someone


From the above points, it can be concluded that having luck on your side is not a big deal. You, too, can bring good fortune into your life with the correct methods. The points mentioned above are there to guide you on how you should go about your day-to-day life and be able to infuse good fortune.

You should avert from being skeptical and negative about yourself, change your negative views into positive ones, and do more of what makes you happy so that your vibrations get aligned with that of your goals and desires, and the universe reflects them to you along with having good luck on your side. 

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