How Can Reading Make You Happier: 37+ Amazing Ways

Reading is frequently considered a pastime or a learning method, but did you know it can also improve your mood?

Numerous advantages to reading can greatly impact your mental health, whether you are an ardent reader or have recently started to pick up books again.

Reading can make you happier in many different ways, from lowering stress and anxiety to enhancing empathy and social ties.

Thus, if you’re seeking for a quick approach to lift your spirits and enhance your general wellbeing, think about including reading in your daily schedule.

Effective Ways Reading Makes You Feel Happier

Let us look at some reasons why reading can make you a happier person.

Catching a quick break

Life is not always a day at Disneyland. There are days when you feel bored. No matter how active or engaged you are, you will feel lonely and out of work at some point in time.

This is where books come to the rescue. They act as a door to a fairyland and instantly transport you to a different universe.

Sitting with a book, you can completely lose yourself in a different place, and this way, your mind is diverted.

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Becoming an imaginative and creative person

The more you make efforts to create innovative and creative images in your mind, the power of your brain expands.

Books will help you to develop the creativity in you so that you can use this power in other spheres of life- coming up with new and better ideas in the workplace, presenting a unique assignment, etc. 

This is very important to develop as an academic or an artist. Books will give you ideas which you can keep in mind.

Becoming smarter

Well, who doesn’t want to be a smarter person? Everyone does. Well, books are the best way to achieve that.

Not only educational books, reading a wide variety of writers from different genres expands your knowledge and improves your ability to speak in public and present your opinion more strongly. 

Also, your vocabulary and reading and writing skills are improved with better perfection, making you more intelligent. And everyone is undoubtedly attractive to a person with brains.

Getting inspiration

Books have been a source of great inspiration for many people around the world. There will always be that one incident or famous quote of your favorite author which helps you to pull yourself together in times of distress. 

Many writers have written books based on the experience and thoughts of people in their everyday life which becomes relatable to a huge number of readers who can then extract inspiration to lead their own life with a much better perspective.

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Becoming a more skilled writer

If you plan to become a writer in the future, the first thing to do is read lots of books written by famous authors.

This will not only help you develop your vocabulary and grammar but also teach you how to communicate efficiently with avid readers and keep them constantly engaged in the pages of a good book. 

This way, when other people accept your writing, this makes you feel proud and happy.

And not just books

If you want to be a good reader and achieve happiness by this method, you may not restrict yourself to reading books only.

Plenty of other stuff you can read will help you develop your knowledge and boost your accessory skills. 

You can read newspapers, magazines, blogs, and online writings which have a large variety of information and facts covering several genres. Reading the newspaper, for example, keeps you up-to-date with what’s happening around the globe. 

Your personal cure for depression

If you are suffering from severe anxiety or depression, you don’t always need to run to a psychiatrist and spend loads of money to get yourself treated.

There are plenty of self-help books and motivational texts, which will help you get through the phase, all by yourself.

These books will make you understand the true purpose of life, why it is important to have goals in life, and how you can live as a happier and contented person.

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Better understanding

Reading helps to gain a better understanding of the world around you. They help you identify the little details you miss out on in plain view.

You understand the rules and systems that dictate our lives and the universe. When you are better aware of your surroundings, it keeps you at a better place than others.

This way, you learn to adapt to the ways of living in a society and communicate with the other members present there.

Better communication

The most important thing transmitted through reading is the power of communication. Reading books helps you see how people communicate with each other- the languages, the expressions, and the emotions. 

This way, you learn to incorporate these skills in your own life and you will see how it gradually improves your communication skills.

You will be able to interact with people better and talk to them more openly. Also, reading connects you more strongly with other people across the world.

Increased scope and uniqueness

As already mentioned, reading brings out your imaginative and creative side. You gradually realize that anything and everything can happen on the face of the earth, that nothing is impossible. 

This helps you shift your perspective towards life and the things that happen to you. Therefore, you start looking at things from a different point of view.

This makes your thought process and actions unique and helps you approach issues differently than others.

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Increased self-esteem

If you’re someone who has been suffering from a lack of personality and self-esteem for a long time and is regularly mocked by people around you, you may find refuge in books. 

Reading a wide variety of books will make you a more confident person who believes in their abilities and does not give in to unfavorable situations.

Some characters may rise to be your inspiration and you will work on becoming a confident and self-sufficient person like him/her.

Gaining experiences

The most wonderful thing about reading is perhaps that it takes you to faraway places and locations without having to travel or spend money.

Books often depict beautiful landscapes- the mountains, rivers, forests, and people’s different experiences. 

So, either it grows in you a thirst to go and visit these places, or it gives you a glimpse of what they are like, sitting at your house. This increases your knowledge about different cultures and traditions that exist.

Free entertainment

Yes. This is another reason to be happy while reading. With modern advanced technologies and the Internet, you don’t need to spend money on reading.

Most of the good texts written by famous authors are available in different online web portals and you can read them for free, whenever you want to. 

This gives us a larger scope to expand our reading habits, and the more we read, it helps to achieve overall development and grow eventually.

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Better discussions

It may have happened to you that you are sitting in a group of your friends and you start feeling left out because they are discussing something you don’t know.

Reading avidly will help you manage these situations. Also, discussing what you read with others will enhance mutual interaction and help you understand oyster people’s views regarding the text.

You can host close discussion groups where you share information about books and expand your reading scope.

A better understanding of cinema

Books and cinema are interrelated. Many movies are an adaptation of a famous author’s writing. When you sit to watch any film like these, you already have an extra edge over others if you are already aware of the text’s material. 

This also helps you understand the film better and point out any mistakes or dissimilarities. When others see your depth of knowledge, they are impressed and this public validation will make you happy.

Wide versatility

The best part about reading is that you never need a particular time or place to do this. You can read whenever you want and wherever it suits you.

Oftentimes, many people are seen reading magazines or books on their way to work in trains and buses. 

You can read a book while sipping coffee on your terrace or balcony, before sleeping or sitting in a park. Anywhere you want. Just follow what your heart wants to do.

Places you can read by yourself

Different emotions

When you read, the pages express different emotions and take you along with them. You feel happy when something good happens, your heart breaks when someone dies or people break up. Reading takes you out of various emotions at the same time. 

People have selective genres to read. Some prefer romantic dramas while others go for detective stories and thriller classics.

Therefore, reading will help you recognize emotions and how a person’s behavior depends on their feelings.


The main reason to read is to improve yourself. The more you read, the more you understand what you like to read and what makes you happy. Also, it prepares you to be a much better person altogether, as discussed. 

Understanding the world is very important in determining how you perceive things around you and what you do to exist.

Also, you will discover newer matters that interest you and you will be interested to read about them.

Preparing better for activities

If you want guidance and help regarding a particular activity you want to perform, it is wise to read a lot about it before attempting to do it.

And all information you want is available in books and magazines. Thus, in this way, you can help yourself without seeking assistance from anyone else.

For example, if you want to learn how to cook your favorite dish at home, read a cookbook and learn it yourself. This is easy and convenient.

Activities to learn from books

Understanding others’ psychology

When you read, you are looking at a particular matter from a different person’s viewpoint. This way, you get to know what he/she thinks about it and how they approach it. 

Therefore, the more you read, the more you become familiar with the thought process of other people.

This way, you can rectify or make modifications in your thinking and learn to look at things from different perspectives. This often acts as an excellent superpower of yours.

Better romantic relationships

Believe it or not, reading has the power to fix your relationship or help you choose the perfect partner. Always choose someone who loves reading or is at least intrigued to know about stuff. 

This way, you are with someone with whom you can exchange information and you’ll have important stuff to talk about.

Both partners act as a source of inspiration and scope for knowledge to each other, making the communication better and hence the relationship healthy.

Better mental health

Many researchers have suggested that reading significantly positively affects our mental health and helps us calm our minds during extreme stress conditions.

It produces similar effects to meditation and helps you to relax and have the inner peace of mind. 

Thus, reading will make you feel more satisfied and happy with yourself. Also, there are many self-help books available that you can use to understand what’s troubling you and remedy the situation if you are stressed/worried.

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Learning empathy better

Yes. Reading will always turn you into a more sympathetic as well as sensitive person in life. This is because reading makes you realize what you would have felt or done if you were one of the characters. 

This helps you to grow a better understanding of a different person. So, you don’t end up judging others and being rude.

You care more about others and think before speaking or doing something. Your behavior towards others becomes kind and helpful.

Lesser anxiety problems

As already mentioned, reading is very beneficial for mental health. Indeed, many scientific studies state that people who read more are less likely to develop symptoms of depression. 

Reading about the various things in the world makes them more broad-minded and they know what matters most in life.

Also, even if they are upset or depressed, they always find shelter in reading. They know, if not anybody else, a good book will always be there as their friend and companion.

Learning to be tolerant

One of the main reasons we are often unhappy is our low tolerance and our inability to let go of certain things.

Well, again reading is there to help you out. Many authors have shown promising works that encourage people to be more tolerant and help them understand the value of adjustment and mental calm. 

This way, their minds are not constricted, rather they are open and they learn to accept everyone and everything-good or bad- with a warm embrace.


Hence, you cannot deny that reading has a lot of ways to make you happy. It boosts your knowledge and abilities and brings you the mental peace you deserve.

Thus, pick your books, choose the genre you prefer to read, set up a regular reading schedule, and embark on the road to knowledge and understanding. Happy reading!

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