74+ Encouraging Words for A New Mom

Words of encouragement never harmed anybody and women who have just entered into motherhood need it the most. A few words of encouragement to your wife or daughter or friend who has just had a baby could help a lot in building up her confidence and her strength.

A woman who has just given birth is expected to be overwhelmed by the enormous change in her life and the below-given messages could be used to give her some comfort and encouragement. So check them out!

Encouraging Words for A New Mom

-You are doing such a terrific job for a first-time mother, well done!

-You are making this look so easy, who can tell that it is your first time as a mother!

-It has only been six months since you have given birth and you are knocking this out of the park, good job!

-I know you are exhausted but you should know that you are doing a great job at being a mother and also at keeping your cool!

-These first few months of being a mother and nursing and feeding your baby will be a bit scary but as the days roll by, you will become a pro at it.

-A new mother needs the best care in the world as she herself is providing the best possible care to her newly born baby.

-You are going to be wonderful with your baby, just give yourself some time and also the baby some time to get used to each other.

-It is not easy to be a new mother and you are doing the job with such perfection and ease that it is hard to believe that this is your first baby.

-I knew you would be a great mother because after all, you had a lot of experience with being a mother to all of your friends and family too.

-You have been a mother figure to all of us and it is so joyful to see you finally with your own baby and we are not surprised to see how well you are taking care of him.

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-We thought that we would hear a lot of complaints from you but we are pleased to see that you have taken on the job of a new mother with such ease and spontaneity.

-The baby is as beautiful as you are and we all think she is going to be as strong as you too.

-You are such a strong woman and now you have this bundle of joy in your life and we all know that you are going to be a really wonderful mother.

-As years pass by you will see that your baby will be the source of your strength and happiness, wishing you all a very happy life.

-A strong mother is what every baby needs so that they too can grow up to be strong individuals themselves one day, so be strong and have a happy life.

-Strength is a virtue that a woman or man acquired within their course of life and you have strength in abundance and rest assured, your baby will also grow up to be a very strong woman one day just like you are.

-We are so proud of you and your family and we know that the new baby will always be very happy to have you as the mother.

-Motherhood is going to mold your life in a completely new manner and although it may sound scary, you are going to ace being a mother.

-You are doing so well girl, when I was a mother for the first time, I found everything very difficult, but you look like you have everything under control, so Kudos to that!

-You look like a mother out of a new mom’s catalog, you are so poised and calm, I am awed at you!

-A new mother always has a lot to learn but I am pleasantly surprised to see how well informed you already are!

-If there was a contest to bring out the best new mom in the town, I would enroll you into the contest and I know you would absolutely be the winner!

-Your grace and poise when you are nursing our baby is so unreal, you definitely are the best new mom in the town!

-I know these sleepless nights taking care of our crying baby is taking a toll on your health and mind, but hang in there, I will be back very soon and I will make sure you get all the sleep at night.

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-Who could have guessed looking at your cooking during the day that you had been up all night, trying to put our crying baby to sleep?

-You may seem all exhausted now, and that is completely true for every other parent out there, but after a few days, when the baby will grow up a bit, and will not be crying all the time, you will see how magical every moment will feel.

-If I was in your place, deprived of sleep night after night, I would have gotten crazy by now, but you are a real champion and you are motoring through motherhood as well.

-Sleepless nights will one day end and by then your munchkin will be walking around, trying to say a few words, so stay strong and enjoy life.

-This is just a phase, a difficult one as it is never easy to have a baby that keeps you up at night, but he will outgrow this and you will have all the love in the world and also get sleep during the nights too.

-Motherhood is the greatest blessing for women and you are a lucky woman to have been blessed with such a beautiful baby.

-Do not pay much attention to who says what and never think that you are not doing well as a mother, because it is your life and you are doing e everything so well juggling your career and your baby at the same time.

-Motherhood will complete your life in such an amazing way which I am sure you are realising now, all the best!

-Your management skills have surely doubled since you have become a mother because you are balancing your sleep, your job, and your baby so perfectly!

-They say motherhood gives birth to a new woman and I think that is true because you are a brand new woman now, with more tolerance, more poise, and more management skills.

-I am so inspired by you and as my pregnancy nears its end I will take a few cues from you on how to manage life with my baby and job simultaneously, as you are knocking this new motherhood phase absolutely out of the park.

-You have changed so much since you have given birth, who could tell that the once short-tempered, impatient girl would become so caring, patient, and tolerant with just the birth of this baby.

-I should give the credit to this month-old infant for bringing out the best virtues in you, surely motherhood has been a blessing to you and we are all so happy to see you enjoying this adventure.

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