15+ Signs Your Manifestation Is Not Coming

Manifestation is indeed a long process that requires all your efforts and time you need to clear about the intention that you have set for yourself. It requires you to maintain and balance your energy to carry on manifestation in your life.

5 Reasons Why Your Manifestation Is Not Working:

  • You do feel aligned with the universe, which makes you feel disconnected.
  • You are holding on too tight, which makes you think deeply regarding everything. 
  • You are not being specific enough to achieve your dreams. 
  • Right manifestation can sometimes be done at the wrong time.
  • Something better is coming on the way which will help you.

Manifestation is something for which you need to have unshakable faith in yourself and have the urge to meet all your goals in your life no matter what challenges might come up in your way of life.

These challenges are only meant to test you and see how badly you want to relive the dreams which you had seen in your life. 

signs that show your manifestation is not working:

Seeing negative angel numbers 

Negative angel numbers show that you are manifesting in the wrong way or doing something wrong while you are manifesting.

Manifesting is all about matching your vibrations with that of the universe; the universe needs to be on the same page with you, and you should be able to communicate with the environment around you to know that there are indeed some things that you badly want in your life. 

When you start seeing negative angel numbers, you will know that your manifestation is not working correctly, and it may not give you the results you had been waiting for.

There might be something you had been doing wrong because the manifestation is not working; at this point, you need to start from the beginning and try to resurrect anything you had done wrong. 

You can sense stillness. 

Stillness is something that is very much unprecedented in your life. Manifestation is all about communicating to the universe about your desires and letting them know that you have the motivation and the belief inside you to achieve anything in your life.

Stillness will not be something that will be expected in your life. 

Stillness is something that is a sign that shows you are not on your correct path to manifest in your life. Manifestation requires a great deal of inspiration, and you need to put in all your positive vibes in there, making the best out of it.

Manifestation is not always praying to achieve your goals, but most importantly, it is about letting it be known to the energies surrounding you that you are indeed capable of achieving the goals in your life. 

Your emotional health starts suffering. 

Emotional health is something that you tend to ignore and avoid, but when your manifestation is not in its correct path, then your emotional health will also start suffering, and you will begin to feel the negative vibes around you which will make you understand you are manifesting wrongly and this is making you suffer.

When you are manifesting, you need to make sure that you get the positive energy around you, which in turn motivates you to work harder for the dreams that you want to live through. 

Emotional health is very important to keep yourself going, it is what maintains the way you will communicate with the universe and how you take action or order to live your goals in life, so when your mental health starts suffering, then you need to understand that something in your life has been happening in a wr9ng way.

You keep on changing your goals. 

When you start doing your manifestation, then the most important thing is that you need to be sure about it regarding the goals that you want to achieve in your life.

Goals are something which is decided solely by your likes and dislikes; you should not do anything which is under peer pressure or not according to your will as that will not be something which you badly want in your life rather you will be manifesting it just for the sake of others and not for yourself.

Changing your goals shows that you are not in your correct mindset to manifest, and you will not be able to communicate with the universe in this way; this will also take a toll on you, making you feel that maybe you are not worthy enough to reach your goals and start feeling like a failure in your life. 

ways make your manifestation work

It has been a very long time. 

Time is an important factor when you manifest; time needs to be maintained while on your oath of manifestation. When you start manifesting, you get positive vibes from everything around you, making you feel that you are on the right path to achieving your goals.

Similarly, when time passes by, and you notice no change in your life, it shows that you are manifesting incorrectly and your manifestation is not working.

When you see that some time has passed by and you are not getting any results because of your manifestation, you should stop for a minute and look back at the things you have been doing in your life.

You need to reconsider and start all over again as it will give you insight into what you had been doing wrong in your life. 

You start having bad dreams. 

Bad dreams symbolize that you are not going on the right path. Dreams depict what is going on in the subconscious part of your mind.

You need to be sure about what you want in your life, it should be something that attracts you, and you should not have any other thoughts hovering in your mind during this. 

Bad dreams say a lot about how you are leading yourself. Like when you start seeing bad dreams, you need to stop and see where you’re going wrong.

When you are able to understand the point where you are going wrong, then it will become easier for you to re-correct that point and keep it going.

This will help you in getting back to the right path and manifest the things which are a priority to you. 

You search for signs that dominate your life. 

Your life is something which should be led by you only. No one should dictate your life whatsoever. Dictation of life leads you to not have confidence in yourself, and you do not even understand the things that you want in your life.

You start wanting things for others without having any clue about your wants or desires. It leads you to manifest the things which you do not even want in your life.

It makes you manifest only under peer pressure without having the clear intention to achieve it.

When you let someone dominate your life, then you do not develop that personality or character.

Rather you start being dependent, which does not make you grow or evolve; it hinders your development which does not let you have a clear perspective on your wants, and you do not even understand what you truly want in your life. 

You keep on asking for the same thing. 

Manifestation is something that changes with time because as you evolve and as you achieve small goals in your life, then you start dreaming big in your life, which makes you change the manifestations with time, but this does not mean that you change your goals with time.

When you are manifesting, then you want something to happen, and when it happens, you start manifesting for the next thing on your way; in this way, you get closer to your goals.

You should never ask for the same things with each passing day, as that would mean that your manifestation is not working. Manifestations too proceed as you go on in your life.

 These mistakes help you understand that you are not doing correctly, and you get this lesson so that you can do it correctly by reconsidering every decision you take in your life. 

ways manifest anything in your life

You get a definite ‘no.’

When you are manifesting, it is really good to be hopeful and give your best efforts into it, but when you are doing it in the wrong way, then you will be able to get signs from the universe, and at that point of time, you should not neglect that sign, sometimes while manifesting you need to be a bit realistic for signs, and it helps you in understanding where you went wrong.

If you keep neglecting these signs, you will keep manifesting in the wrong way, and this will not let you communicate with the universe.

When you cannot communicate with the universe, then manifestation will not work automatically, which will pose a difficulty for you, leading you to doubt yourself or lower your morale and confidence.

This will just make you waste your time and also makes you lose out your trust and confidence in yourself. You feel like you are not capable enough of manifesting. 

You are not being able to believe in the process of manifestation.

Manifestation is something that comes from your heart, and you should be able to believe it no matter what happens. Even if your manifestations are not working, then you need to make sure that you get back to the right path of manifestation.

It is very true. First, you will not be able to believe the manifestation process, but over time, you will be able to get the hang of how the manifestation works and how it is changing your life.

If you start your manifestation process correctly when after some days, you will be able to believe it, but if you are not being able to believe in the whole process of manifestation, then you need to understand that something is wrong while you are manifesting and start all over again as manifestation is something which leads you to believe in yourself and also in the universe.

You are not taking any action to manifest your dreams.

When you are on your path of manifestation, then you need to make sure that you manifest all your dreams, but along with it, you need to show the universe that you will take all the actions that are necessary to manifest your dreams.

Your manifestations are like dreams unless you put in your efforts. If you do not put in your efforts, then the universe will not try to arrive to make your dreams or goals come true, and you will have a bag of unfulfilled wishes. 

When you start manifesting, then you need to be sure that you are doing it precisely and you are ready to put in all your best efforts.

Best results will be able to come to you only when you are ready to put in your best efforts which will also lead the universe to connect with you and strive to meet your goals.

You are just trying too hard on it. 

Manifestation should naturally come to you, and you should not be forcing yourself to manifest it. Manifestation is all about what you want from your heart, so there should never be a reason to force yourself into making more efforts in any way.

When you feel that you are trying too hard and still you are not able to receive your manifestation, then you need to reconsider the goals which you want to achieve and ask yourself whether those are truly the ones which you want to do in your life. 

When you try too hard to achieve something, everything will become difficult for you and act as a burn to you which should never be the case.

Manifestation is all about wanting what you love to do, so this should never be the case of being a burden to yourself.

You are being clingy to your goals.

Manifestation is all about you achieving the things which you love to do and thus should never be out of any peer pressure as you often tend to choose things which bring you success rather than happiness.

When you manifest, you should never plan on how the blessings will come your way. Rather, you should make sure that you let your manifestation flow along with your goals.

When you start being too attached or clingy to your goals, then you do not allow the universe to make changes in your life. 

Being clingy acts as a hurdle in your path of receiving the manifestation process. You need to understand that once you start manifesting, then the most that you can do is put your best efforts and let the universe do its work; you cannot decide the way it will work to make your dreams come true; you need to wait patiently for it and let the universe work its magic.

You are getting obsessed with your path.

When you are manifesting, then it is advised not to get attached to the path of your manifestation. Manifestation is all about embracing uncertainty and looking for signs in the universe.

 When you let your dreams be known to the universe, then you need to understand that the universe does not have the same plan for you, it works out in mysterious ways, and you should have faith and trust your universe for it. 

When you get yourself too attached to the outcome of the manifestation, then you will just be able to get attached to it and lose out on your patience which will have a drastic effect on your manifestation, and it will not let the universe work in its way, the universe lets your dreams come true, but you need not be attached to the way it will make sure you receive your dreams.

Having a lack mindset 

When you start manifesting, then you need to be sure that you will be able to put in all your efforts and make this manifestation work for you.

When you have a lack mindset, then you just close off your opportunities and all the good things to come your way.

When you make yourself believe that you are not prepared to achieve your goals, then you eventually fail in your manifestation, and you let the universe believe that you do not feel that you have the potential in yourself to achieve the dreams which you have set out for yourself.

When you do not feel that you will be able to achieve your dreams, Your thoughts and low confidence act as an obstacle to the manifestation of your goals; when you do not feel capable enough, then you just act as an obstacle in your path of manifesting, you need to believe in yourself and let the manifestation to come in your way.

Your environment is toxic. 

When you are manifesting, then you need to understand that your surroundings play a major role in your manifestation.

When you are manifesting, then you let your energy and vibrations to the surroundings, which make the universe believe that you badly want to achieve the dreams which you have set out for yourself.

Your goals and dreams can only come true when you put your soul into manifestation and take all the actions required to manifest your dreams. When your environment is toxic, it makes you have pessimistic thoughts, which make you believe that you are not capable enough.

The toxicity of the environment gets to you, and you do not understand that you eventually get away from your dreams, start losing out on your faith, and feel like you cannot achieve your goals.


Manifestation requires some time, and it needs you to have the urge and the motivation to always move forward in your life. When you manifest, you need to ask yourself what you want in your life and take necessary action.

You should not dictate or try to imitate anyone in this as it will cause you much trouble. Manifestation is solely for your desires and dreams, and none else should be responsible for it.

Given above are some signs which show that you are not manifesting correctly, and this will help you in detecting that you are manifesting in the wrong way and take necessary actions. Do check it out to avoid making such mistakes while you are manifesting.

ways move forward in life when you feel stuck

Frequently asked questions on signs that your manifestation is not coming.

Why doing manifestation is important 

Manifestation is something that is done to meet all your desires. You need to be sure regarding the things that you want in life, and it should be something which is only yours, and you do not put any practical or logical thinking into it.

What is the main part of doing manifestation?

Manifestation is indeed a process that requires a lot of patience, and you need to stay calm during this time. The most important part of manifestation is doing the actions which you should take to meet all your desires. 

How does manifestation work on the universe level?

Manifestation is something you need to match your vibrations and energy with the environment surrounding you. It mainly happens on the energetic level, which makes the universe strive to meet your desires. 

How to know that your manifestation is working?

Manifestation is something that will show you signs once it is working in the correct path, so you will start seeing some signs and synchronicities in your life, you will feel that you are on the topmost, you will face some serious challenges. 

How to stop fears from manifesting?

Fears are something that controls you and your life, and it pulls you back from your development which essentially keeps you stuck in the same place for a longer time. You should meditate and try being patient, which will help you fight all your fears.

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