250+ Positive Words That Start With C: To Overcome Fear

It is all about the words that you hear and speak that pave the way for you to have a great day ahead! Pick your words wisely and keep them positive because your words may have lasting impacts on those with whom you communicate! 

There are many words that start with “C” that comes under the categories of positive words.

Positive words starting with C: Synonyms, Definition


Definition: Obtaining something indirectly from others

Synonyms: subtle, cunning, foxy, slick, tricky, sly, crooked.

Example: She knows when to get cute when she wants something that she needs.


Definition: To lie closer and to attain one’s warmth

Snuggle, nuzzle, nestle, huddle, curl up are some synonyms.

Example: She cuddled up close to keep herself warm.


Definition: Where one can see clearly or easily

Synonyms: transparent, translucent, limpid, lucid, and lucent.

Example: The water in the lake was crystal-clear.


Definition: Something that can break easily into pieces

Synonyms: brittle, short, crumbly, flaky, crunchy, delicate, fragile.

Example: The packet of chips was crisp after being in the bag for a long time.


Definition: To have the skill to create something new

Synonyms: innovative, inventive, imaginative, talented, gifted

Example: She makes the project more creative and catchy.


Definition: A texture that’s smooth or soft

Synonyms: slushy, thick, undiluted, gelatinous

Example: The foundation was creamy and dewy.


Definition: Something that is right

Synonyms: properly, appropriately, right, well, fittingly.

Example: She has done her homework correctly.


Definition: in great amounts

Synonyms: ample, abundant, lavish, plentiful, bountiful, gushing, excessive

Example: A copious amount of water fell off the bottle once it fell down.

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Something that covers, like a piece of cloth.

Synonyms include veil, shroud, wrap, cloak, cover, and mask.

Example: She always used a scarf to cover the scars on her face from an accident.


Definition: To join hands with each other and to accomplish an end

Synonyms: collaborate, unite, join, conspire, concur, and conjoin.

Example: They cooperated well enough for the project to turn out amazing.


Definition: To show a lack of interest in or concern for something.

Synonyms: cold, detached, distant, dry, aloof, frosty

Example: She is the coolest in her group of friends.


Definition: To enjoy others’ company or mingle

Synonyms: social, outgoing, hospitable, lively, jolly, cheerful

Example: The club is for all the convivial people!


Definition: To persuade someone

Synonyms: compelling, conclusive, persuasive, cogent, telling.

For instance, she persuaded me to attend a party I didn’t want to attend.


Definition: To be free of doubt

Synonyms: certainty, confidence, assurance, satisfaction, positiveness, surety

Example: She spoke with conviction about her relationship.


Definition: To reach something easily

Synonyms: accessible, handy, reachable, handy, adjacent.

Example: It was convenient for her to pick her friend up every morning for college.


Definition: To guide someone or to manipulate

Synonyms: controller, switch, guide

Example: She controlled people like a pro.


Definition: To donate is to put in an effort.

Synonyms: donate, present, provide, give.

Example: She donated most of her property to the orphanage.


Definition: Something different

Synonyms: difference, distinctness, disparity, dissimilarity, disagreement.

Example: The two colors were contrasted enough to catch everyone’s attention.


Definition: To think seriously or carefully

Synonyms: ponder, consider, study, question, analyze, and review.

Example: She contemplated for a long time before deciding what to buy in the bookstore.


Definition: To build something

Synonyms: build, devise, manufacture, invent, produce, visualize.

Example: The builder did an amazing job constructing the beautiful house.


Definition: To protect something

Synonyms include preserve, protect, save, and conserve.

Example: The conservator fought his way to the point where he could stop deforestation.


Definition: To keep your mind in the present or to be aware of things happening around you,

Synonyms: alert, mindful, cognizant, apprehensive, sentient.

Example: She was always conscious when people were around.


Definition: To bring something under your control

Synonyms: subdue, dominate, overcome, subject, enslave, pacify

Example: The king was successful in conquering his enemy’s kingdom.


Definition: To be related or to have something in common

Synonyms: relationship, common, association, correlation, relation, affinity, link, liaison

Example: The connection she had with the palace was different and homely.

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Definition: To have the parts relate

Synonyms: symmetrical, balanced, harmonic, consonant, cohesive.

Example: The congruous layout of the castle conveyed a sense of something horrific.


Definition: To give evidence that something is true

Synonyms: verify, argue, support, corroborate, validate, prove, certify.

Example: She confirmed the rumors were false.


Definition: To be sure that one is right

Synonyms: assured, optimistic, hopeful, secure, proud, poised

Example: She was confident about her test results.


Definition: Someone, like a friend, who has a strong liking for and trust in another.

Synonyms: friend, buddy, confidante, comrade, pal, acquaintance, fellow

Example: He believed in his confidant and moved ahead with the plan.


Definition: To have sympathy for someone

Synonyms: pity, commiserate, sympathize, sympathize, feel

Example: Her condolatory wishes seem to be fake.


Definition: Something that exists and is not merely a possibility

Synonyms: actual, real, factual, genuine, very, final, literal, effective

Example: She proved his innocence with concrete evidence.


Definition: To put an end to a discussion

Synonyms: decisive, clear, determinate, deciding, definite

Example: The scientist provided conclusive proof that other dimensions exist too!


Definition: To complete in a few words

Synonyms: briefly, crisply, pithily, laconically, summarily, and shortly.

Example: The report has to be provided concisely and on time.


Definition: free of disagreements or distinctions.

Synonyms include: reconcile, integrate, tune, adapt, and merge.

For instance, reconciling pay issues will be difficult.


Definition: To provide one’s complete focus

Synonyms: immersion, attention, absorption, engrossment, fixation

Example: The noise of the traffic always disturbs the students’ concentration.


Definition: A person who is often seen with the same person.

Synonyms: colleague, friend, associate, companion, classmate, and partner

Example: His comrade had his back all the time, just like he had his.


Definition: A person who writes music

Synonyms: songwriter, musician, melodist, lyricist, scorer

Example: The composer did an amazing job this time compared to the last time.


Definition: To follow or give in to one’s command without arguing.

Synonyms: obedient, docile, restrained, submissive, biddable, tractable, gentle.

Example: He compliantly agreed to all the orders of his boss.


Definition: A strong desire to win at all times

Synonyms include aggressive, dynamic, diligent, driving, ambitious, and competitor.

Example: He always had a competitive spirit but was never afraid to fail.


To successfully persuade or persuade someone.

Synonyms: persuade, conclude, convince, be effective, force

Example: He was compelling me to attend the party along with him.


To relate or differentiate something based on a specific thing.

Synonyms: analogy, equivalence, equation, association, affinity, correlation, relationship, resemblance.

Example: To compare things, he needed to study the topics in detail.


Definition: To be consistent and not easily give up

Synonyms: solid, dense, compressed, hard, rigid, stiff, and heavy.

Example: The details of the electric vehicle were compact and simple.


Definition: More spacious than average

Synonyms: spacious, ample, large, wide, roomy, huge, generous

Example: The room was spacious enough to fit ten people comfortably.


Definition: To end something you started with a strong commitment

Synonyms: execute, accomplish, perform, fulfill, achieve, make, and prosecute.

Example: She completed her project with commitment and determination.


Definition: to give up possession or safekeeping

Synonyms: handing, giving, entrusting, confiding, transmitting, reposing

Example: She commended her duty of guarding the crown to her fellow mate.


Definition: cartoon drawings or comedy

Synonyms: humorous, comedic, hilarious, hysterical, entertaining, witty, ludicrous

Example: The scene between two lovers unfolded in a comical way, and it was hard not to laugh.

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Definition: Spacious and comfortable

Synonyms: comfortable, snug, soft, spacious, relaxing, homely, roomly

Example: The sofa was comfy and big enough for the room.


Definition: Something like a bedspread that provides warmth

Synonyms: bedspread, coverlet, quilt, puff, bedding

Example: He covered her with the comforter after she fell asleep on the couch.


Definition: Something that is very pleasing to look at.

Synonyms: handsome, attractive, beautiful, lovely, pretty, cute

She wanted to buy the dress because it was so appealing.


Definition: Something that is unusually large.

Synonyms: gigantic, huge, enormous, giant, massive, vast, mammoth, monstrous

Example: The town had a colossal statue inaugurated last evening.


Definition: Someone at the workplace or working together

Synonyms: partner, companion, friend, comrade, pal

Example: All of his colleagues were invited to his wedding.


Definition: Having those parts that are relatable

Synonyms: coherent, coordinated, symmetrical, matching, compatible, proportioned, and correspondent.

Example: The book managed to be cohesive from the beginning to the end.


To be shy in order to attract male attention.

Synonyms: kittenish, flirtatious, prim, priggish, prudish

Example: She was playing coy the whole time she was present at the party.


Definition: To be logical

Synonyms: logical, rational, reasonable, sensible, analytic, empirical

Example: She provided coherent points every time she spoke.


Definition: To have specified facts

Synonyms: aware, conscious, mindful, sentient, ware, wary, witting, sensible, vigilant.

Example: She was not fully cognizant of her offer.


Definition: To have the power to convince or persuade

Synonyms: compelling, convincing, valid, forceful, effective.

Example: She got him to come to the party by talking cogently to him.


Definition: to enjoy the company of others

Synonyms: social, outgoing, convivial, hospitable, friendly, lively, companionable, jolly, gracious

Example: Her clubbier friends showed her the city that she recently moved into.


Definition: To show off their creativity or skill in imagining things

Synonyms: innovative, inventive, ingenious, artful, practical, sophisticated

Example: He was clever enough to turn the table quickly.


Definition: Not too high or too low.

Synonyms: temperate, mild, genial, gentle, balmy, equable

Example: The climate was clement enough for the ceremony to take place outdoors.


That is clean and free of dirt or stains.

Synonyms: spotless, immaculate, pristine, stainless, pure

Example: The plate was so clean that our reflection was visible.


Definition: To show elegance

Synonyms: elegant, graceful, fine, stylish, magnificent, regal, proud

Example: Her classy side stunned the people around her.


Definition: Something that can be easily seen through

Synonyms: transparency, translucency, visibility, luminosity, lucency

Example: She once again stepped into their argument to provide some clarity about their situation.


Definition: A person who speaks with the dead

Synonyms: psychic, telepathic, mentalist, spiritualist, spiritist

Example: The man hired a clairvoyant after encountering a few paranormal experiences.


Definition: To be courteous

Synonyms: courteous, polite, respectfully, bashfully, timidly, deferentially.

Example: He played the role civilly.


Definition: Related to the city, town, or people who live there.

Synonyms: national, municipal, civil, regional, communal, local

Example: He was a responsible citizen of the town.


Definition: To laugh or make a sound of amusement

Synonyms: laughter, giggle, laugh, snicker, smirk, grin, chortle

Example: The class burst into chuckles after the teacher cracked a joke.


Definition: Selected to do a particular thing

Synonyms: choose, preferred, favored, handpicked

Example: He was chosen as the head of the department.


Definition: To choose according to one’s liking

Synonyms: option, alternative, preference, liberty, vote, will

Example: She was given a choice to either leave or stay.


Definition: To behave politely.

Synonyms: Gallantry, manners, elegance, consideration, knightliness, consideration, thoughtfulness

Example: Chivalry is dying these days.


Definition: To chuckle or make a sound of amusement

Synonyms include chuckle, laugh, snicker, laughter, and smirk.

Example: The joke made everyone in the room chortle.


Definition: To be perky

Synonyms: perky, vivacious, sprightly, jaunty, animated, cheerful, rosy, carefree

Example: She looked chirpy.


Definition: To show a good mood or to be happy

Synonyms: cheerful, happy, optimistic, upbeat, bright, winsome, lively, merrysome

He was the group’s chipper, for example.


Definition: To be important before others

Synonyms: main, greatest, primary, highest, foremost, dominant, supreme, central, great

Example: He was appointed as the new chief.

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Definition: To love or feel passion for something

Synonyms: love, adore, revere, idolize, venerate, reverence, worship

Example: She cherished her mother’s bracelet with all her heart.


low cost or low-cost definition

Synonyms: inexpensive, affordable, reasonable, low

Example: The car was cheap but beautiful.


Definition: To be free from any kind of trace

Synonyms: pure, immaculate, virginal, clean, untainted, unblemished

Example: He is as chaste as a man can be.


Definition: To be or look attractive

Synonyms: charismatic, attractive, appealing, fascinating, seductive, captivating, interesting, entrancing, glamorous, intriguing, and delightful.

Example: The prince charming swept the princess off her feet at the ball.


Definition: To donate or provide to the needy

Synonyms: philanthropy, almsgiving, donation, contribution, altruism, welfare, humanitarianism.

Example: She donated some of her pay to charity every month.


Definition: To be charming or to have an attractive personality

Synonyms: charming, attractive, appealing, seductive, enchanting, captivating, glamorous, intriguing

For instance, his magnetic personality drew ladies to him.


Definition: A person who wins or comes first in every competition.

Synonyms: champ, winner, medalist, titleholder, finalist

Example: He was the known champion of the town.


Definition: to be free from doubt

Synonyms: assurance, confidence, satisfaction, conviction, certitude, surety.

Example: She said with full certainty that she would win the game.


Definition: Something that gives reason to think or learn

Synonyms: intellectual, highbrow, academic, cultured, geeky, clever

Example: A very cerebral principal who has given much thought to what makes our college work peacefully


Definition: To be buried after death

Synonyms: Bury

Example: He was buried next to his mother after his death.


Definition: Something that suggests heaven

Synonyms: Heavenly, angelic, empyrean, supernal, blissful, ethereal

Example: Scenes related to God are always accompanied by celestial music.


Definition: Something that helps in the reaction

Synonyms: stimulus, fuel, trigger, tool, cause, catalyst.

Example: A catalyst never takes part in a reaction but speeds it up.


Definition: To pay close attention to what one is doing.

Synonyms: attention, carefulness, effort, precision, heed, responsibility.

Example: He takes great care of children.


Definition: To entice or hypnotize someone.

Synonyms: fascinate, entice, enchant, charm, bewitch

Example: The magician captivated the children with his tricks.


Definition: Someone who has the required skills for a performance

Synonyms: qualified, suitable, competent, good, fit, expert

Example: She was capable of winning the goal for her team.


Definition: To show cleverness

Synonyms: smart, astute, shrewd, savvy, clever, wise, intelligent

Example: He was being cranky yesterday.


Definition: Someone who can express their feelings or opinions freely.

Synonyms: Honest, outspoken, frank, forthcoming, direct, blunt

Example: He was being candid at the debate meet.


Definition: To reflect light

Synonyms: glowing, luminous, shining, dazzling, flickering, shimmering, gleaming

Example: The candescent light stick gave off a lavender scent.


Definition: To act calmly and composedly.

Synonyms: composed, cool, serene, quiet, hushed, placid, untroubled, gentle

Example: His being calm in the moment of heat was scary.

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