50+ Prayers For Mental Health ( For Calm and Healing)

Unlike our physical diseases, mental illness is never visible to us. Most of us fail to even understand if we suffer from it.

The situation can be troubling, but we must always remember that God will save us. Praying to the Almighty Lord transcendently for our souls will heal us.

Powerful Prayers For Mental Healing

Prayers For Recovery

-Dear Father, most people talk only about the importance of preserving our mortal bodies, but we never remember caring for our minds. There goes on in our minds frequent battles that only give rise to confusion and rage. Help us to recover from our wounds and fight these wars bravely.- Amen

prayers for mental healing

-Good Lord, some days in our lives are difficult to pass by with all the struggles going on within us. Wherever we look, darkness and stress keep on haunting us, and we find no way to escape from them. Only you can help us to get out of this situation.- Amen

-Blessed Lord, today I find myself wrestling through several afflictions that try to bring me down and make me mentally weak. I have darkness growing inside me, and so I need you to help me. You are the Lord of mercy, and I ask you to answer my earnest prayers.- Amen

Prayers For Courage

-O Father, we who are engaged in a constant battle against our minds need your blessings to get courage. We can never hope to win if we don’t have your peaceful Spirit as a part of our souls. So, we bow down to you in prayer and seek your help.- Amen

-O Father, today we pray to you for courage and resilience. Bless us with your Holy Word that makes us confident in your powers and consequently makes us feel confident about ourselves. Create profit from everything that makes us suffer and help us see them in your special bright light.- Amen

prayers for mental strength

-O Good God, you are everlasting in our hearts. Pray to you today on behalf of the innumerable people who struggle in the deep recesses of their souls and minds. Our life, governed by consumerism, has taken away our peace, and we feel helpless. Protect us from this disaster, Lord.- Amen

-Father Beloved, various factors have made us so stressed out and anxious that it feels like we are scarred mentally. We keep falling into a dark pit, and once we have started descending, we don’t find a way to crawl back out of it. We need your mercy upon us.- Amen

-Dear Lord, we pray to you to reach out to us yourself and rescue us from this state where we feel hopeless and misguided. Protect us from growing feelings of anger and discontent in our hearts which will keep us away from leading the ideal life we want to.- Amen

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Best Prayers For Mental Healing

Prayers For Calm And Peace

-Blessed Lord, give purity to our mind and peace to our hearts so that we can light a hope that will transcend everything. Let us be able to have trust in your gracious presence in our spirits that keep us going under all circumstances and protect us from being misled.- Amen

Thanksgiving Prayers for Mental Healing

-Blessed Good Lord, your unconditional affection comes to me as a comforting salve for the troubled soul. The calm and peace I find at your shelter are not to be found anywhere else. Thank you for being my companion and protector constantly. Please remove all negative thoughts from my mind.- Amen

-O Heavenly Father, just like everything else that is a part of your mighty creation, we also need to be nourished and rejuvenated at your hands so that we can flourish in our lives. Do everything that must be done so that we come around as stronger people in life.- Amen

-Dear God, you have never forsaken your blessed children, and you have always been eager to keep them close to your divine Being. We are so grateful to be with you because with your love and tenderness, we have healed our mental problems, and we feel safe in your arms.- Amen

prayer for mental illness recovery

-Good God, help us as we prepare ourselves to be capable of withstanding the pressure created within our minds. Train us with endurance against every stress that life has to give us. Bless us so that we are never weak and our spirits are always uplifted to work for you.- Amen

-Almighty Lord, I pray to you to lead us all into your holy salvation. I believe strongly that as long as I am a part of your holy kingdom, no sorrow can ever touch me. Although I feel weary and my heart weeps today, I will never let you down.- Amen

-Heavenly Good God, many people around the world, are constantly trying to overcome their mental injuries and heal themselves. They are trying to forget someone or something that hurt them, and they are learning the value of forgiveness. I pray to you to be with them and help them succeed.- Amen

-Father, despair is so hard to avoid, and it takes a toll on our minds. So, we lose ourselves in a sort of wilderness in the soul, and we can’t find a way to reach you. We look forward to your promise to bless us with your hope and affection.- Amen

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Prayers For Healing

-O Faithful Father, I feel like I am broken, and my mind has been shattered to pieces. I pray to you to be the Healer who mends all our wounds and helps us to recover to better spirits. Touch my afflictions with your blessed hands so that my heart cures.- Amen

-Lord, you are aware of how this anguish in my mind reaches into the depths of my soul and destroys my sanity. You also know how it feels to suffer. So, I call upon your sympathy, your benevolent Spirit, to take care of me as I strive to get better.- Amen

Amazing Prayers For Mental Healing

mental health prayer

-Good God, I pray to you to take care of the people who are suffering from various mental illnesses. They need your guidance, and they want you to direct them in the correct way and tell them where they went wrong. Be the blissful Spirit amid our confusion and hopelessness.- Amen

-O Blessed Almighty Father, I pray to you to liberate us. Free us from the mental bondage that hurts us constantly. I believe that you will never want us to be slaves to our emotions and thoughts. So, please teach us how to have a strong grip over our minds.- Amen

Dear Good Lord, I pray to you to keep me away from being pummeled by endless anxiety that doesn’t let me focus on anything constructive. Teach me to look at the positive things in my life so that I never give in to any mental illness that will discourage me.- Amen

Prayers For Mental Strength

-Dear Father, many people want to free themselves from the shackles of thoughts that torment their minds. While they feel they are not empowered enough, O pray to you to be their strength and break the chains of useless thoughts so that they can move in life to do better.- Amen

-O Dear Lord, I’m being mentally destroyed by the negative vices that weigh me down and make me dull and weary. I would rather choose to have within me the burning light of your unconditional love and support for us. Help me to feel your Spirit within my troubled soul.

Heavenly Lord, oftentimes, our minds keep on raging violently as if there is a huge storm at sea. My thoughts are tossed in random directions, and I don’t find a way that I must go. In these moments of self-doubt, I reach up to you and ask for help.- Amen

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-Father Beloved, I pray today for the stability of my mind and heart. Teach me to mold my mind in a way that it remembers to follow every word you have said and walk in your footsteps so that there will never be fear, no matter which grounds I tread.- Amen

Prayers To Be Confidence

-Dear Lord, whenever my mind is clouded, and I have things to share, I pray to you to be my confidante because I’ll never be able to share stuff with others as I can do to you. You will never judge me but will keep me in your compassionate Spirit.- Amen

-Heavenly God, these thoughts constantly remain stuck in my mind, and there is nothing I can do about it. So, I place them before you and pray to you to eradicate them. Nobody will be able to comprehend my suffering as you will, so who else can I trust more? – Amen

Bless Me Your Love for Mental Strength

-O Loving Father, there are many people in my life, but I still feel lonely. It always seems like something is missing. As I look within my soul, I find no sign of your godly presence, and I understand that is what I am seeking. Bless me with your love.- Amen

-Almighty Father, I ask you to shower your endless mercy and complete my soul. I want your sympathy when I am broken, and I want you to rescue me out of this miserable situation. At all times, in every situation, you are my comfort. I give glory to your name.- Amen

Great Prayers For Mental Healing

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