50+ Uplifting Prayers to Be Reasonable

The most adverse situations of our lives required us to be patient and reasonable. We must never lose hope and always believe that God is there to give us the wisdom and intellect to solve our problems. We must pray to Him to stay with us during our difficult times.

Here are Uplifting Prayers to Be Reasonable

-Lord Jehovah, I ask you to bless me with sound judgment and discernment. Bless me with the power to differentiate between the good and the bad more efficiently so that I can always put reason above everything else. Teach me to become a more reasonable and responsible person in life.

Uplifting Prayers to Be Reasonable

-Dear Good God, as I come face-to-face with the problems of my life, I find it very difficult to stay reasonable and wise. Discernment seems so difficult to achieve, and I am constantly confused. Please come to me with your godly graceful comfort and soothe my anxious mind and heart.

-Gracious Almighty, I cannot understand why it is so difficult to make your Will work in every aspect of my life. Bless me so that I can learn to be more reasonable and wise in making the difficult decisions of my life. Give me the blessing of your divine assurance.

-Faithful Father, I am constantly tormented by the fear that my wrong or unjust decisions in life will decide me, and I will lose everything. I ask you to eradicate all fear and confusion from my mind and let me be fearless and confident, no matter how difficult circumstances are.

-O Precious Creator, show me the Way by which I can follow your Commandments in my life rigorously. Help me understand the value of your Word and how it has the power to make me more reasonable and wise in every aspect of my life, making all my endeavors successful.

-Merciful Master. I ask for your constant guidance and protection against all errors and dangers. Help me learn how I can become reasonable enough to understand what’s good for me and what’s not. Allow me to be able to keep myself away from negative or unjust elements that surround me.

-Heavenly Almighty, I want your divine intervention in my life every time I find myself unable to be clear and reasonable about what I want from life and what I am doing. Give me the faith to trust you, remembering that you will always make the correct choices for me.

-Holy Protector, please turn towards me and listen to my prayers when I need you the most. Help me become reasonable and faithful so that I can always walk in your Will, knowing that you are the Sovereign Lord of our lives and you control everything that is going on.

-Faithful Father, I have often found myself incapable of being reasonable in my communications with other people. I have ended up hurting people, and I regret my words and actions. Please forgive me and show me how I can become more amiable and understanding in my behavior towards other people.

Great Uplifting Prayers to Be Reasonable

-O Savior Beloved, why does it feel that my inability to be reasonable is because I am straying from the path shown by you? I ask you to be merciful and forgive me if I haven’t submitted to you humbly. Take me into your compassionate care and lead the Way.

-Blessed, Dear Father, please fix my mistakes whenever I am being unjust or unreasonable. Show me where I am going wrong and help me get back on the right track. Bless my faith that with your divine grace, nothing is impossible, and I will learn to be fair and wise.

-Loving God, I can only hope to be wise and reasonable when I shall learn to walk the path shown by the grace of your knowledge. Illuminate the path on which I tread and give me the gift of unquestionable faith in your Way. Accept my earnest prayers to you.

-Good Gracious Deity, I ask for your godly reassurance in every step I take in life. Make me more reasonable so that none of my decisions or actions shall negatively impact my life or that of others related to me. Allow me to always make wise choices that benefit me.

-Precious Holy Creator, I believe nobody else can care for me the Way you do. You have always chosen what’s best for us, and you have made us reasonable and alert so that we never end up making mistakes that may affect our future life. All glory be to you.

-Dear Almighty, although I have a willing and reasonable spirit, I often give in to the desires of the flesh. I ask for your divine protection against the temptations around me that constantly try to seize my confidence and righteousness and take me away from the grace of your affection.

-Precious Protector, always keep me in your secure fortress and teach me to handle every problem of my life bravely and reasonably. Give me the power to stand firm against all temptations and not let anything ruin the strong foundation of faith you have helped me build in my life.

-Kind Deity, you have always protected your blessed children against all harm. You have made them confident and reasonable so that they can save themselves from falling into a pit of despair and confusion that arises from their indecision and confusion. Thank you for always being so compassionate to us.

Superb Uplifting Prayers to Be Reasonable

-Heavenly Good God, good judgment and discernment play a very important role in our life. One who is reasonable and wise leads a happy and peaceful life without having to worry about distractions or blunders. Bless me so that I can keep myself safe from the tricks of evil powers.

-Lord Jehovah, I ask you to purify my mind, heart, and soul. Make me reasonable so that I can always rely on your Commandments before making any decision or action in life. Allow me to believe in the power of faith and how you are always looking after our welfare.

-Beloved Father, I ask you to shower me with your graceful mercy and forgive me for all the sins I have committed. Show me where I have been unjust and unreasonable and give me a chance to correct my mistakes. Allow me to give you endless glory for your compassion.

-Blessed Holy Almighty, thank you for always reminding me that there are endless opportunities in life, and we must learn to be determined and reasonable enough to work hard to find them and achieve success and prosperity in life. Thank you for your constant rightful guidance and wisdom in everything.

-O Dear Creator, I ask you to help me reasonably decide how I can make the best use of the gifts you have given me. Bless me with the knowledge and intellect to understand how blessed I am and that It must never misuse the resources I have been given.

-Kind Loving Deity, I earnestly pray to you to bless me with a vocation. Allow me to become reasonable enough to validate the important things in my life and focus on things that shall bring me joy and glory. With a humble heart, I thank you for your eternal grace.

-O Merciful Master, I ask you to make me reasonable in my thoughts. Allow me to think before I speak or act so that I can be well-aware of the consequences I may have to face. Bless me with your divine judgment in every matter that I get involved in.

-Good God, we have always been able to reply to you for our redemption. You have given us reason to live for, and you have filled our hearts with love and hope. Bless us so that we can always be reasonable towards you and never do anything that hurts you.

-Precious Protector, I pray to you to help me become a more reasonable and humble person, keeping me away from all ignorance and confusion. Impart the divine light of your knowledge upon our minds and hearts so that we can see everything through your godly perspective and understand things better.

-Heavenly Almighty, thank you for always leading me away from poor judgment and the inability to be reasonable. I owe my life to you, and I am grateful to you for always keeping me in your considerate care. Let me always validate and honor your glorious presence in my life.

-Heavenly Beloved God, bless my mind and heart so that I can always speak or act reasonably, knowing that everything I do or say is related to you, and I must only indulge in things that bring you glory and express my humble admiration and respect towards your Holy Spirit.

Nice Uplifting Prayers to Be Reasonable

-Kind Deity, I ask you to always watch over me so that I can apply proper reasoning to everything that happens in life and never make rash or unwise decisions that may affect me later on. Allow me to believe in your assurance in every aspect of my life.

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