25 Reasons Shopping Increase Happiness

You all know the good feeling that accompanies a good day of shopping. The feeling when you get out of a store with a bag full of clothes or a new pair of boots.

That is therapeutic, indeed. Scientists call it retail therapy and have even backed up its effectiveness. 

Why is shopping seen to boost your happiness?

It takes your mind off other things

Shopping requires focus and concentration; you need to know exactly what you are looking for or what your requirements are. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing it online or inside your favorite store; you need to think about what you need and the most appropriate item.

When you are so deeply engrossed in thoughts, you don’t let other factors stress you out, and you can enjoy a lovely time making yourself happy.

You are in control

When you go inside a shop, you are the one who decides what you should buy or not buy. The shopkeepers are there only to help you out and suggest the best ones for you, but in the end, you get to make the final decision.

Everyone loves to be in charge of things or their lives. If you feel like things haven’t been under your control lately, a day of shopping can certainly help.

You can spend time with your loved ones

After a busy week of work at the office, submitting projects, or attending meetings, you definitely want to spend some time with your loved ones or maybe hang out with your buddies.

Shopping is the perfect excuse to spend time with the ones you love.

You can even window shop with them if you can’t afford something right then. Spending time with loved ones is something you all want, and it reminds you of who all are important to you.

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Shopping is gratifying

Studies related to shopping and happiness show that simply wanting an item or an accessory over actually buying them can give you immense happiness and satisfaction. Looking over the internet for that particular item and imagining how you would look is a great feeling.

Window shopping or just looking for items online is satisfying, but you all know that actually being able to afford them and buying them, that feeling is on a different level altogether.

Shopping gets your necessities met

There are certain commodities that are absolutely necessary to everyone, but apart from the basic necessities, there are certain items that might seem luxurious at some point but are important as well.

Like the hiking boot, you want to buy for the trip next month or the suit for an office trip. Having these needs met can help you reach your goals, look sharp on an actual day, and in turn give you an immense sense of satisfaction.

Shopping refreshes your mind

Who doesn’t love shopping? Yes, not everyone can afford it every time, but looking at products online or simply window shopping at your favorite store can help you eliminate the week’s stress.

Adding new items into your closet or buying items to decorate your room, all of these can help to enhance your mood and refresh your mind. Shopping to incorporate something new into your life is very satisfying and therapeutic.

Massive confidence boost

Shopping can be a massive confidence boost. Buying that perfect pair of boots or that simply artistic piece of jewelry that you know would look great on you has its own charm. 

Finding that perfect clothing item or accessory may not help you in a direct way but will surely boost your confidence. When you know that item fits you perfectly and you are really happy with the way you look, your self-confidence is sky-high. 


Enables you to de-stress

There is always something that you have to do or someone that has to be answered. Excessive stress, or even a slow buildup of stress and anxiety, can cause serious health ailments like traumas over a prolonged period of time.

When you go shopping, you need to concentrate on the items that you need to buy. You need to know what fits you and what suits you, how much you can spend. These things keep you away from stress-inducing thoughts.

Depict an image

Everyone in this world has their own style and an image they portray to everyone. Shopping or buying things online, things that help you to perpetuate your image, can help everyone around you see what you want them to perceive. 

With time you develop a particular style of your own, and many people associate that style with you. Shopping for those kinds of items can help you enhance that image of yours and make you happier.

Shopping brings about a change

Sometimes you might feel like it’s time to change something about yourself. Maybe try a new hairstyle or go for a new kind of outfit that you have never tried.

It can happen that you have recently experienced something new and different in your life, or you want to change how you portray yourself to others. Just head to the nearest store or shop online for the outfit you want to experience a new you.

Enhances mental acuity

Your perception can be kept intact even at old age by the physical, mental, and social engagement of shopping.

While shopping, you constantly move up and down the stairs and escalators, travel from one store to the other, and try new clothes. All these make you physically active.

When you calculate the total cost and, compare it with your budget, calculate discounts, the mental component of shopping is enhanced. Socially you meet people while shopping and interact with them.

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Is prevention against dementia

It is very essential to keep your mental acuity focused as you age. Shopping helps to do just that. It caters to your life’s mental, physical, and social components. 

When you are shopping, you are physically active as you are in constant motion. Mentally you are calculating the total cost of the items and revising your budget. Socially you hold little conversations with the shop employee. All of this helps to curb dementia and keep your acuity stable.

Uplifts your mood

Shopping can feel like an achievement many times. When you find the perfect piece of jewelry or that one pair of derby boots you have been looking for, for so long, that is nothing less than achieving a medal. 

You become elated to be able to find that one perfect item, and that too within your budget. This sense of satisfaction and happiness releases “endorphins” into your brain. Endorphins, also known as “feel-good chemicals,” help to enhance your overall mood.

Helps you to live longer

Yes, you heard right. Shopping increases your life span. An article published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health reported that shopping is seen to reduce the chances of death in elderly people by about 27%.

Elders can maintain a daily walking routine, like strolling in a mall in the evening. This won’t be like a normal walk; strolling in the mall can also allow them to do a bit of window shopping if they want to. 



Traveling from one store to the other can be really good exercise. It can keep you physically and mentally active when you calculate the total cost of all the items purchased or the discount you are being offered. 

Traveling from one shop to the other carrying heavy bags, walking up the stairs, or the escalators can be a really good workout for the heart and the body, and this has been proven scientifically to boost heart function.

Dopamine is released

Scrolling online for products or simply window shopping in your favorite store can positively impact your overall mood. There is an eventual possibility that dopamine is released into the brain as a reward for just window shopping’s satisfaction.

Dopamine is the neurotransmission hormone that makes you feel good about something. Dopamine enhances your desire to go on finding more similar items that you like, and as a result, more of it is released. 

Shopping distracts you from anxiety

Even if for a little while, shopping allows you to distract yourself from reality. The stress and anxiety of reality are always going to be there unless you do something to curb them down, and shopping can be a perfect way out.

Visualizing those colorful dresses under the bright lights, the smell of something new can engross your mind and help you forget the stress, and during that time, your mind can freshen up again.

You feel more creative

Just like how an artist feels after creating an artwork, in the same way, a shopper feels after purchasing something great at a massive discount.

It can be a pair of stilettos that will go perfectly with that party outfit you have just purchased.

No matter what you purchase, if it is something that fits your vibe and looks great on you, the feeling of sense of pride is a real boost in enhancing your overall mood.

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From the above points, it is clear that shopping or retail therapy, as they call it, has a host of benefits. It is proven to better your overall mood, keep you active, and ongoing, and whatnot. It is not just a waste of money, as some may call it. So, how about some shopping today only?


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