How to Add More Joy in Life: 51+ Proven Ways

Joy in life is a very positive aspect in the sense that one has positive vibes always and the mind is cheerful and in a feel-good state.

The joy can be for an office promotion, wedding, a child getting good marks, business flourishing, and a host of other positive activities. 

How to Add More Joy in Life

Be happy for the moment. Don’t wait to be happy to see any event happening. Be happier as always.

Don’t wait for happiness, add happiness now. Positive vibes will start flowing in taking you to upscaled emotional heights.

Every day make a work schedule for yourself so that you are never confused with your work. A proper routine helps you to have lesser tension.

Be in a joyful state of mind always as this will bring your positive vibes out. Alternatively, feel-good level will be enhanced.

Stop worrying, start living is as Dale Carnegie has always said not to be bogged down at all. Positive mindset is very important.

Always appreciate small joys and things in life. These are excellent happiness boosters. Positive energy will flow through your body.

Keep the company of positive people as they are great morale boosters. Even if you are negative automatically your mindset will change.

Laugh heartily always as it will give more positive energy and increase your level of joyousness.

Love your immediate vicinity, love nature, love our parents, your wife, love every positive aspect that you come across.

Just as you plan to travel or go to work, plan your positive vibes and your joy. This is very important to be in a state of positive energy.

Try to bring out joy even from negative things in life. This is more apt even in these trying times of pandemic.

Never brood in life over trivial things as this will bring in negative energy leaving one full of sadness and remorse.

Be grateful for every kindness you received to see how your joy will have no bounds. Your inner joy will keep you very happy.

Take time for your hobby at least for 30 minutes daily, The typical boredom and monotony in life will disappear totally.

Have your comfort zone as this is very important to have an enjoyable and a life free from tension and anxiety.

Love the beauties of nature like the colourful flowers, the beautiful sky . the clouds etc. These immediately will have a positive aspect in you. 

Do not let your past haunt you as there is no point. Bury the past and look forward. Never brood about past deeds.

Be straightforward in life as you never have to hide anything and live in tension. Your mind will be free and will be enjoyable.

Show your act of kindness by volunteering to do something fruitful for society. Engage yourself in jobs beneficial for all.

Have a stress free ambience and also help to create one. This way you as well as your peers will live much happier.

Positivity pays as you must ensure staying and living with positive-minded people. automatically your thinking pattern will change.

Always have a new story in your life which is positivity filled and full of happiness interesting enough to have all listeners awestruck.

Always have in you the thoughts that make you happy be it about your family, your wife, your child or even if you have bought a new car or anything else.

Once in a while clean out negative thoughts from your mind as these thoughts are of no help just pushing you to the brink of confusion and disaster. 

Happiness is an emotion. Get into the habit of staying happy always no matter what. The more time you remain happy, the better for you.

Be content with what you have because the more you think the more remorse you will be. So be happy always.

Create a happy corner in your house where you put up all pictures, toys and other items that make you happy instantly. Also, put up your ambition and object of life.

Mix up with newer sets of people if you feel the current set of people lack that charge and positivity in them. Keeping company with negative people is detrimental.

Always ask proactive questions to yourself as more the negative questions and thoughts that come to your mind. More you will be cocooned to a corner.

Be confident to overcome the mental agony if any as the more confidently you will be able to handle the crisis the better is your chance to be happier faster.

Instead of watching TV over the drab serials, delve more into the items, you are more passionate in. It can be painting, singing or playing also. 

Meditate regularly for some fixed time during the day and during that time do not think of anything else. Just have a blank mind.

Once in a while go out of your personality. Be the opposite of your mental profile and enjoy.

Think about your future, think about what plans lie ahead of you and how to meet your objectives. Do not remain in the past. 

Enjoy your food even if you are at home or in the restaurant enjoying with your family. These moments instantly change your mood for the better.

Always have a smiling face. A smiling face will always spread happiness. content and positive vibes.

Thank yourself for any good deed that you have done. After all, you also deserve to be complimented for all your good jobs.

Go out for morning and evening walks. This will keep you physically healthy and mentally jovial.

Have a smoothie or a chocolate occasionally as the food instantly peps up your mood. Very good cure for depression.

Wear a brilliant piece of jewellery or the best three-piece suit that you have not worn for a while. Your mood will be immediately boisterous.

Buy your favourite flowers from the market and do flower arrangements at home. This will immediately bolster your mood.

Watch a funny blog or some favourite cartoon video of yours. Laugh heartily. It is good for your mood and heart.

Visit your favourite spot at the nearby park or a serene place at the lake. Sit still with no one around. You will have immense peace.

Make an action plan for every day. Browse through it every day and never miss a point. You will never be confused.

Take short breaks for five minutes when you are working. Continuous working is not good for your health as well as your mind.

Go out for lunch with colleagues or business partners. One needs a break at some point of time. Mind needs to be refreshed.

Listen to our favourite song. Your mind will be instantly refreshed and it is required for a break.

If possible go and join a gym. Fitness is also very necessary to keep one happy. Your mind needs a break too.

Go out with close friends to have your favourite junk food. Although it is bad for health but again mood enhancer no doubt.

Read your favourite magazine whether general interest or fashion or o politics, it will divert your mind from mundane things and refresh it.

Take a coffee break and watch your favourite TV serial in a relaxed frame of mind. Your mind will get elevated instantly.

Take a mid-week break and take your family out for a long drive. The family is also happy for a mid week break and you also can freshen up.

Help someone in need. The hoy and gratefulness in his face will be a great mood booster for you.

Lock your room, play your favourite dance music and go on dancing wildly. Your mood and happiness level will change for the better.

Once in a while take a chart paper and pencil and draw something. You will be happy to go back to your school days.

Occasionally clean up your space and clear the clutter. Throw away at least two items during such cleaning. Your mood will be much lighter.

Take your favourite fruits regularly. It is good for your health as well as your mood.

Be in your smartest dress as per your choice. You can also don your favourite colour. This is ideal for mood upliftment.

Every day maintain a diary. Write down five good things you have done for that day. Review after every week and see the difference in your happiness.

Call a long lost friend and chat with him for long hours. Your happiness will go up automatically.

Watch a sunrise and a sunset. The colours and the beauty of it will make you happier. Cherish it for a long while.

Do breathing exercises if your mood is off or not feeling well. Deep breath and long breath is a good mood uplifter.

Dropdown at the local book store. Go through the new arrivals. The smell of new books is a good mood rejuvenator. Flipping the books is interesting.

Try a new recipe. Don’t mind even if it is not perfect. The sheer joy of creating something new is good for your mental health.

Once in a blue moon redesign your workspace. Throw away the unwanted things . dust everything with internal help.

Make it a habit of reading your favourite blog daily. Occasionally drop a few lines of suggestions or comments.

Just to refresh your mind, chat/ talk to your spouse or your girlfriend/boyfriend. It need noy have anything serious but just to divert the mind.

On holidays or weekly off days make it a point to take a short nap. It is good for health and very mind refreshing.

If you face any hassle talk to friends who you like best or on whom you rely on. Psychologically you will feel much better.

If in-office, lock your room from inside, relax totally and take leisurely lunch for a longer time.

Be active in social media like Instagram or Tweeter. One can delete the negative aspects of life by sharing and tweeting on Instagram too.

Have a list of the ten most important things of life that give you joy. Browse through the list thoroughly after a hectic work.

Make a list of all your joyful moments and order amongst them occasionally.

Take up a challenge to complete it and keep a deadline. There is nothing like the joy of completing an arduous task  within a stipulated time.

Joy through inspiration is also very important. Every person has a hero figure or a cult figure whom he tries to imbibe and get inspiration from.

Engage in non-target-oriented activity which you will adore to do and love to complete. It may be repairing something, gardening, shopping for a wedding etc.

Tackle that sorrow that hinders your joy. It may be any office issue or maybe some mishap in the family but face it and solve it.

Treat yourself to occasional parties. Drop down at your favourite restaurant and treat yourself with all the best foods you adore.

Cuddle yourself, sometimes, adore yourself, nurture yourself, embrace yourself. After all, you need to love you also.

Keep the word joy in the top of your mind at least for some time because automatically your mind will be diverted towards positive vibes someday for your betterment.

Sometimes just for the joy of it stimulate your senses. Your senses are directly connected to your pleasure centres. Even the aroma of fresh flowers or full baked cake can stimulate you.

Hug your inner child. Every person has an inner child in himself. Hug and snuggle that inner child in yourself and feel that sensuous joy.

Sometimes laughing heartily can make you cry. laugh like that so that tears roll out of your eyes. It is a great sign.

Try something new to create and perform. It may be acting, painting, sports, dancing but some new activity, which will be of immense satisfaction.

Always be kind and transparent.  There is nothing like being kind to fellow humans. Automatically you will have joy coming into your mind.

Exercise regularly. A healthy mind in a healthy body is a prized possession of God. You will be in your best moods throughout the day.

Donate things to the poor and needy. For many, this is an immense sense of joy which cannot be explained. This is one of the best traits a man can possess.

Meet people without their expectations and talk to them. See the immense joy that erupts in their faces. The sheer joy of seeing that warmth is a great mood enhancer.

Sometimes play like a child with kids. The glow in the kid’s face will give you immense joy . for you negative pressure is released.

Have a pet and play with it in your leisure time. Playing with a pet is like you are snuggling with a kid in your family. It is a great tension reliever. 

If you are tired, take naps. Taking a nap will make you feel better, tension-free and relaxed. It is a good stress reliever.

Have a leisurely drink with your near ones. This is good for your mood and acts as a great mood enhancer. 

Once in a while disconnect from the net, and other social media. Get yourself free from the people for a while which is necessary for your mental taste.

Organise yourself both at home and work. Organizing is very necessary for your mental peace and tranquillity.

Prepare your meal occasionally.  There is nothing like a new creation. Whatever be the taste the joy will be immense.

Make a new financial plan which is very necessary for a proper life to lead. Talk to consultants and get newer ideas

Get joy from the smaller things in life like appreciating a craft, seeing a movie, taking tea from a roadside tea stall or even from appreciating flowers.

Appreciate your efforts in office even if your boss does not say so. Remember that appreciation of one’s effort brings joy and is a great morale booster.

Be flexible with your time and thoughts otherwise, you will always be full of tension. Set free your boundaries.

Get fresh and newer clothing like a t-shirt or jeans or whatever you like most. Buying new linen greatly enhances the mood and you will feel elated.

To have more joy in your life leads to a tension-free hassle-free life. Follow your heart whatever you think is the best possible way of staying happy

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