107+ Social Work Goals to Be a Better Person

There are numerous reasons for which one does charity or social work. However, the primary reason being to serve others and their needs. Everyone wishes to get better with time at what they do. Here is a list of certain goals that you can set for yourself to get better at charitable works and social services.

Social Goals to Be a Better Person

Set Budget 

-Save money to do charity work 

-Donate a minimum amount of budget for charity works 

-Decide if larger one-time donations work better 

-Do monthly manageable donations 

Look for good charitable organizations 

-Look for transparent organizations 

-Look for charitable trust which is running for a long time 

-Look for the charitable trust that one can work with 

-Find supportive NGOs

-Find NGOs that are running for a specific cause 

Seek advice 

-Seek advice from people who are into regular donations 

-Follow people who do regular social services 

-Look for people who can help you find the right institution for donating your money 

-Look for a mentor to guide on community service 

-Get into contact with designated figures who do social services 

-Seek for a mentor who has strategies for intelligent giving

-Seek for people who have worked with non-profit organizations 

Limit the Charitable targets 

-Concentrate more on a particular organization 

-Donate less to varied charitable trust and stick to one good trust 

-Do less online donations 

-Seek for kids who need actual help 

Create a sustainable development goal

-Work with NGOs that eradicate poverty 

-Work with charitable organizations that work to eradicate hunger 

-Service for well-being and good health of children and old people 

-Work to impart better education at orphanages

-Work with NGOs that promote gender equality 

-Educate people about gender equality through social media

-volunteer at an organization working towards clean water and sanitation 

-Volunteer for women sanitation awareness programs 

-Work for NGOs devoted to environment protection 

-Speak up for climatic change 

-Go for summits and conferences to know more about social services being conducted around the world.

Environmental Goals 

-Go green 

-Do carpool 

-Use less of automobiles for fewer distances 

-Recycle, Reuse and reduce plastic waste 

-Plant ten trees every month 

-Do local water harvesting 

-Avoid packaged food 

-Use natural products 

-Go for organic products 

-Do not get tempted by the over-packaged product 

-Try to make your own paper 

-Become a part of the conservation group 

-Donate to conservation funds 

-Pick up litter from the beaches 

-Join groups that do voluntary cleaning of roads

-Adopt a spot to look after and make it green 

-Report about the environmental damage that can be repaired 

-Encourage more people about adverse environmental effects 

-Go out more often with kids in nature 

-Encourage kids to plant more trees

-Encourage kids to appreciate nature

Other charitable goals 

-Become part of awareness programs 

-Serve at churches and other places on Sundays 

-Take the family out for a service 

-Learn more about charities in the city 

-Go for social services to developing nations 

-volunteer for social work while travelling 

-Be humble while doing service to others 

-Go for social works that give you immense satisfaction

-Volunteer regularly at local food bank or kitchen 

-Donate the quarter of the income to a charitable trust 

-Speak up and advocate for the rights of others 

-Donate blood and plasma every six months 

-Become a volunteer at a local women’s shelter 

-Work for free for a hawker on the street once in a month 

-Visit cancer patients once a month and make them happy 

-Play games with orphans and old people 

-Educate kids who otherwise receive no education 

-Become a part of a social service group that imparts education to kids 

-Become a part of community service projects 

-Give your discarded clothes to someone in need 

-Become a volunteer at a local hospital once a month 

-Donate hair for cancer patients 

-Donate the organs after death to the ones in need 

-Develop a relationship and social skills 

-Share the skills learnt during my life with others 

-Visit a blind school and have fun with them 

-Donate a certain amount for cancer treatment at local hospitals 

-Help deliver meals twice or thrice a month 

-Volunteer to mentor a refugee family 

-Serve at refugee camps and educate them 

-Look for a family member or friend who shall do the work with you 

-Sign up to volunteer before time. 

-Involve the kids so that they learn the true meaning of charity

Goals for NGOs

-Provide food for 150 people regularly for a month 

-Promote child education in rural areas 

-Promote women sanitation in the villages 

-Educate kids in schools about good touch and bad touch 

-work for mental health programs 

-Donate money to competitive NGOs who are looking after another sector 

-Encourage more people to participate in charities 

-Help people find good charitable organisations in their areas.

Charity donations that create Big impact 

-Help defend the rights of children in different countries 

-Report if someone’s human rights are violated 

-Volunteer for services that provide medical aid to people across borders

-Become a part of the American red cross 

-Become part of organisations that help to create a better environment 

-Donate a minimum of 10 % of the income back to the society 

-Grant a wish of a child diagnosed with critical illness once a year 

-Fight against poverty and injustice towards the poor.

-Provide healthy food for poor kids 

-Smile more to the needy 

-Help a complete stranger in need 

-Become a better listener to the miseries of the poor 

-Help the poor understand the importance of education 

-Be grateful while serving people 

-Be enthusiastic while serving people 

-Help the blind find positive things about their lives 

-Write songs and poems for the ones fighting with terminal disease

-Play with kids who are suffering from terminal illness 

-Read a book to the uneducated 

-Describe a beautiful scenery to the poor 

-Sing a good song to the mute 

-Donate money for excursion trips of children in orphanages 

-Take classes for the kids in slums one a week 

-Visit the slum area and donate food packets 

-Try to promote more education in the slum areas 

-Educate people in slum areas about their rights 

-Educate women in slum about sanitation


To conclusion, social work goals are like a roadmap for social workers. They help these professionals make a positive impact on people and communities. By setting and reaching these goals, social workers play a vital role in making the world a fairer and more caring place, offering hope and a better future for everyone.

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