Top 11 Reading Goals to Help You Start Reading

Reading goals are nothing but actionable steps to get you reading more. It hinges on the same concept as to-do lists. Every check off the list gives you a sense of accomplishment. Also, it helps you to keep track of the books you read.

But, Reading goals in this year are more than checklists. They act as a guide to reading diverse books. Moreover, reading goals in this year cannot be limited to one literary canon. Additionally, reading goals also challenge you to read difficult texts. 

What are Reading Goals?

Reading goals are essentially personal objectives people set for their reading habits and knowledge improvement. These goals can take many forms, such as reading a set number of books within a year, exploring different genres, expanding vocabulary, or diving into specific subjects or authors.

They provide direction and motivation, making reading time more productive. These goals can be about broadening one’s horizons, gaining insights, or simply finding joy in books. Setting reading goals encourages a lifelong love of learning and enhances critical thinking.

Be it for academics, work, or personal growth, these goals empower individuals to engage with written material in a meaningful and satisfying way.

Why Are Reading Goals Important?

Reading Goals are crucial because they provide our readers with a sense of direction and purpose. Setting goals let us prioritize what we want to read and when maximizing our time constraints.

Additionally, setting reading goals allows us to monitor our development and assess our successes, which is a source of inspiration and encouragement.

They also present chances for personal growth and development and enable us to pinpoint areas where we need to improve. We can widen our knowledge, develop our critical thinking abilities, and enhance our general well-being by creating and achieving our reading goals.

Reading Goals Examples

Reading Goal 1 – The Numbers Game 

Read more books every year.

Keep a tally of the books you read.

Make a spreadsheet for every title.

Keep a separate count of e-books, audiobooks, and physical copies.

However, don’t pressure yourself to finish the challenge.

Set aside books you don’t like.

So, ease yourself into the game, don’t rush.

Additionally, you can track your progress.

Reading every day also helps form a habit.

Also, check your goals through an app.

You can also make or buy a reading journal.

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Reading Goal 2 – Make Reading a Habit

Reading regularly will retain your interest in books.

A reading habit is customizable.

You can try reading every day. 

Or, you can read one book a week.

The goal is to maintain consistency.

Furthermore, a reading habit can also be pleasurable.

Also, documenting a reading habit is helpful.

You can do that with apps like Goodreads.

Kindle allows you to maintain a reading streak.

Reading Goal 3 – Read Your TBR

Create a TBR (to be read) pile.

A tangible TBR or reading list motivates you to read.

Be specific, don’t add books you don’t like.

Don’t create a TBR for the sake of reading.

A TBR should spark joy and interest in reading.

But, you can add one or two difficult books to test yourself.

Furthermore, you can also add podcasts, articles, and journals to your TBR.

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Reading Goal 4 – Diversify Your Reading Lists

Reading goals this year is political.

Reading diverse books means you know more perspectives.

It is the bare minimum you can do to be more informed.

Make a list of the countries you want to read.

Furthermore, add #ownvoices books.

Ownvoices books broaden your mind.

But, don’t homogenize #ownvoices books.

Remember, one author does not represent a culture or race.

Also, don’t read for the sake of diversity.

A diverse book does not have to be always good

Reading Goal 5 – Find Yourself a Reading Challenge

Reading challenges are important for better reading habits.

You can find a reading challenge online.

Reading challenges help you diversify your reading habits.

Moreover, it will get you out of your comfort zone.

Find something suitable for yourself.

Reading challenges can be found on book blogs.

You can find one on Bookstagram.

Or, you can also create a reading challenge for yourself.

This can be read more non-fiction, read daily, or one book every day.

You can also try more regional or international books.

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Reading Goal 6 – Read Different Genres

Genres expand your horizon.

Reading more genres makes you a better reader.

However, reading the only one does not make you any less of a reader.

Different genres can augment your imagination.

Some popular genres are romance, historical fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Reading more genres will open up more creativity.

If you are a seasoned reader, you can experiment with genres.

Beginners may also try one book from every genre.

However, do not force yourself to read a genre.

Or, you may never finish your reading goal.

Reading Goal 7 – Read More Literary Forms

Literary forms are the structures of literary works.

This can include plays, novels, non-fiction, poetry, and others.

However, most people think reading means only fiction.

Reading more literary forms gives a detailed perspective on literature.

Furthermore, this can also help you write better.

So, if you want to write poems, read more poems.

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Reading Goal 8 – Read More Translated Books

Translation bridges the gap between languages.

If you are multilingual, you have an advantage.

But, translation is a boon for those who don’t know languages.

Translated books pave the way for empathy and knowledge.

They are key to understanding human experiences.

Reading Goal 9 – Read Sustainably

Yes, reading sustainably is a reading goal this year.

This includes being aware of the consequences.

For instance, you can read more books online.

Or, instead of a Kindle, make use of the devices you already have.

You can read ebooks on phones, tablets, or even computers.

Instead of splurging on Kindle, use what you have.

Remember, electronic devices may be convenient.

But, these devices are not sustainable.

Furthermore, you can thrift with old books.

Also, make libraries cool again.

Joining a library is cost-efficient.

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Reading Goal 10 – Read the Classics

Reading the classics is a major reading goal this year.

A classic is anything timeless.

The greatest writers usually pen it.

Now, you can challenge the notion of the greatest writers.

But, for that, you need to know your classics.

Classics are no longer books by dead white men.

The difficult language puts people off.

But, many sites offer help to make you understand classics better.

Furthermore, classics can be old or modern.

Reading Goal 11 – Find a Reading Community

A reading community makes a better reader.

Joining a reading community will give you multiple perspectives.

Reading communities inculcate good values and skills.

You learn new things and about new writers.

A reading community will also help get you out of a reading slump.

This is why many Bookstagrammers, Booktubers, and book bloggers exist.

A reading community can also help you get in touch with authors.

Furthermore, reading communities are a support system.

So, get yourself into a reading community.

Set up a Goodreads account or join a book club.

Also, you can create your reading community.

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In conclusion, having reading goals helps us learn and grow. It could be about discovering new things, understanding different perspectives, or just enjoying a good book. Goals give us a reason to read and make the journey of reading exciting, teaching us new things and showing us new worlds.

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