20+ Things to Do When You Don’t Know What to Manifest

Manifestation requires quite a bit of dedication, and at first, it might be hard for you to believe that it works on an energetic level. Manifestation matches your energy with the surroundings, letting the universe around you strive for your dreams.

Ways to start manifesting in your life

  • Get a clear vision regarding your intentions and be sure regarding what you want in life. 
  • Clear your mind from such beliefs that pose a problem to you or do not let you keep an open mind. 
  • Let go and do not plan how manifestations will occur to you.
  • Practice some patience which will help you wait patiently and calmly for the manifestations. 
  • Always be ready and willing to receive your blessings.

It may sometimes feel unreal, and you may not be sure about it, but once you start doing this process of manifestation, then everything will seem real to you, and you will start getting the signs of positivity in your life which denotes that your manifestation is on the way.

things you can do when you don’t know what to manifest:

Do not pressure yourself to find the “perfect” intention. 

At first, when you become acquainted with the idea of manifestation, you may feel a bit apprehensive, and you may not be sure about the things that you want in your life. At that point, you need to make sure that you are not on the hunt for finding the perfect intention so that you can manifest.

Manifestation can also be of your daily activities, and you are not needed to find a perfect intention so that you can manifest it.

This urge to find the perfect intention should not be something that drives you to such a point where you do not listen to yourself from your heart, and you just randomly choose something that you want to do.

This often leads to consequences where your manifestation does not work, and you lose faith.

You can learn only by doing. 

When you don’t know what you want, you will find yourself in a messy place and constantly search for the answers. You may find yourself researching or panicking about your desire, which might hamper your emotional health.

Manifestation will come to you when you do it properly and not based on any statistics or data that has been measured previously. Manifestations do have a learning curve.

Manifestation is all about learning and then implementing it in your life. When you ask yourself about the things you want in your life, you may or may not get answers.

If you get any answers, you can use that desire to manifest it, which lets you understand if that desire is correct or not for manifestation, which lets you learn a lot.

You go through your learning phase, which helps build your experience, and you have a motion on how you should manifest. 

You do not have to keep it forever. 

Manifestation is all about meeting your desires at the current position, and it should not be something because of which you feel burdened throughout your life.

When you grow with time, you need to understand that you evolve, and your personality evolves along with it; it influences the things you desire in your life.

Your desires change from time to time, and that is the path of your development, which also changes the way you manifest in your life and what you manifest. 

When you desire something at the present moment, you need to make sure that you want it in the present moment, which helps you manifest.

As your desires change, your manifestation also changes, which lets you have your current want and makes sure that you are successful in your manifestation.

You were meant to grow. 

Indeed, manifestations do not work when you change them from time to time. When you grow, your priorities change, your likes or dislikes also modify with time.

You need to keep an open mind to smoothly let yourself go through the entire growth and development phase.

When you grow, your needs change, your desires modify, and you should not be guilty. You should rather celebrate that you were meant to grow no matter what happens. 

When you go through your development phase, then it is very common to change your desires and at the last point, what matters is how you can manifest the desires which you currently want in your life.

If you are sure about it, manifestation will work to match all your dreams. If you go through a changing phase, you will know that you were to grow, and nothing can change it.

You should be grateful that your desires have been modified in the way you want them to be, which is evident in your growth and development. 

Desires expire 

When you grow, your wants change, and you should not be under the notion that manifestation will not work if you keep changing your desires.

When you grow, your personality evolves, and your development progresses with time. When you go through your development phase, you should realize that your desires have an expiration date.

It can be either because you have already met your desires or changed them. 

When you have changed your desires, then you need not be guilty about it because this shows your evolution which shows the growth in your life. As you grow up, your priorities change, which is suitable for the current position in your life.

Desires are meant to change, and you should consider this your involvement phase. This phase is just for you to have your realization and not keep on manifesting the desires which you do not want in your life. 

benefits making mistakes in life

You should find what does not work for you. 

When you start your manifestation process, then you should understand what does not work for you as it also helps you in proceeding throughout your life.

When you manifest, you tend to focus solely on the things that work out for you, leaving behind the learning you have gathered from the past failure.

When you are manifesting, you should have a piece of knowledge regarding the things which do not work in your life as it helps you in realizing what does not work for you.

When you get to know what does not work for you, you tend to avoid those things and not repeat your mistakes. Mistakes are meant to learn from them, so when you make mistakes, you should take the lesson from it and thereby take a lot of what is not right for you. It helps you in your future endeavors. 

Take a break 

When you manifest, you need to make sure that you are not letting go of your emotional health. Your emotional health should be something that you prioritize. 

When you manifest, then you should communicate on an energetic level; you should not be preoccupied or become obsessed with the idea of manifestation in your life.

When you become too obsessed, then you automatically exhaust yourself. You should take breaks whenever you feel the need to. 

Breaks are important when you are manifesting as that provides you the due time to realize and get along with the whole manifestation process. Breaks are needed just like any other thing in the day as it lets you increase your productivity and thereby also increase your efficiency.

Break induces your brain to have a relaxation time, which helps you manifest better and get closer to your desires. 

Take tiny steps

When you start to manifest then, you should remember that everyone has their own time and you should not hurry based on someone else’s timing.

Manifestation is all about what you feel about yourself and your desires at the present moment. When you start manifesting, it requires some time for you to process the whole thing and ultimately understand what you truly want in your life.

Manifestation is all about your progress in life to meet your desires in your life. You can do it according to your own time.

You should take tiny steps to ensure that you are sure regarding every step you take in your life which will help you in manifestation.

When you don’t know what to do, it is better that you take tiny steps than it will let you have all the details you have at every step and thereby clear all your doubts and have clarity in your life.

Understand what feels good right now

Manifestation is all about what you feel, and it has nothing to do with practical or logical thinking.

Sometimes when you first hear about the manifestation thing, the basic thing that you can ask is what feels good to you right now, and it might be a trivial thing, but you should consider this as your priority.

Your feel-good factor shows what is important to you right now, and you should start your manifestation journey with something you want, then you will understand the true essence of manifestation.

When you know what feels good for you at the present level, you can understand what matters to you, which will get you the urge to communicate with the universe. The things which feel good show what your likes are in the present moment.

benefits taking break in your lives

Understand What is your ideal day

Your ideal day denotes your likes and dislikes, so you should understand that your likes matter a lot when you manifest.

Manifestation is all about what you visualize when the word desires appear. When you live through your ideal day, you focus on things that matter to you the most and, most importantly, make you happy.

This ideal day shows how you want to love your life and what you want to do. This thing gives a bit of clarity to your life, which helps you in your manifestation process.

An ideal day has its way of forming only the best things in your life, your priorities. Your ideal day consists of things you want to do, but you should be sure regarding the things because it helps you in the course of time.

An ideal day will help you understand yourself and provide deeper insight into yourself.

Know What will make you happy at this specific moment

Your life is all about your dreams, so you should never give up on your life. You have been hiding your deepest desires deep within you, and you need to search for them.

When looking for happiness at a specific moment when you start thinking about the things that make you happy in your life, these specific moments make you understand what you want and help you manifest it.

When you understand that these are the things that provide you happiness, then you get an idea regarding your desires.

When you think about a particular thing that makes you happy, then you stop for the moment and look back at the things you like at the present moment.

It helps you in finding what you want in life. It helps you understand your priorities and thereby helps you manifest them.

When you find your happiness, then you get a clear idea of the things which make you happy, which eventually helps you. 

Understand What are the areas in your life where you feel out of alignment

You should not be scared when you are asked about the areas which make you feel out of alignment.

Everyone in their life has certain areas out of their comfort zone or make them uncomfortable similarly, and you, too, have certain areas where you cannot be your truest self.

It can be any work-related place, friends, or family group where you feel like an outcast. Alignment isn’t something that comes to you, but it just happens naturally like anything in your life. For example, you have comfort food which gives you a feeling of your home. 

When you find out the areas where you are not aligned, you clearly understand the things that do not interest you.

In your future endeavors, you will be away from those things that go into your book of dislikes. In the areas where you do not feel aligned, either you try out or stay away from it. 

Do not be scared to change your mind.

You should always think about how suitable you are for doing anything in your life. You may like something, and at the next point, you may not like what you are doing, and you get an interest in something else.

You should not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and it lets you have an idea about the things you have never tried in your life and helps you explore different sectors in your life.

This exploring might help you find what you truly desire in your life and help you manifest it. Changing helps you keep yourself updated with the real world and makes sure you never go wrong.

When you change your mind, remember that you are just trying out to explore what you want, and this is a perfect thing until you get something where your inner conscience tells you that this is something that will let your peace and will also help you in getting all your dreams achieved.

ways let go of your fear

Find what you do not want to do. 

In your life, you are bound to come across things that are not your forte, and you will not be able to do it no matter what happens.

It can be based on your personal choice, or it can be based on some things you cannot do. These are not such things that you didn’t try; rather, these are things that you have not been able to captivate instead of trying.

These things are a sign that these are the ones which you do not want to do no matter what happens in your life, and these are not a part of your happiness.

You can only manifest what you want in your life, and it will provide you with happiness.

Your decisions in life should be solely made from your perspective, and they should not be influenced by others, so if you feel that something’s are not right for you, then you should listen to your heart and try not to pressure yourself into doing this. 

Listen to your inner conscience. 

Your inner conscience always speaks up for yourself. Do not bother to be practical or logical regarding it; when you want something, sometimes you keep it deep inside yourself and do not let it be manifested or be prioritized in your life.

Your inner conscience understands what you truly desire, and it keeps in your mind unless you fulfill it in your life. It helps you understand yourself, which helps you come across things that are the means of your happiness and helps you realize the things that interest you the most. 

When you start your manifestation process, it is very natural to be clueless, but once you understand what you truly wish for and what are the things which provide you happiness.

Things that provide you happiness are essentially the ones that make you feel good at the present level, and you should manifest it.


Manifestation is very hard to believe at first, but you need to hold onto it and try to find all the answers you have been searching for.

Manifestation is all about learning what you want to do in your life, and that should be something that provides you with joy and happiness. You can leave behind all your practical and logical knowledge from it.

You should understand that you should only manifest things that you want at the present moment, and this can change as you grow up and evolve with time.

Above given are some things you can do when you do not know what to manifest. Do check them out and get started with your manifestation journey.

ways listen your inner conscience

Frequently asked questions on what to do when you don’t know what to manifest.

How can one figure out what he/she needs to manifest?

The most important thing regarding manifestation is to be clear regarding your intentions, and it is true that when you go through the growth phase, then your desires change, so your intentions change.

What to do to visualize well while manifesting?

Visualization is all about seeing what you want to do in your life. You can perform visualization with some visualization mental rehearsal techniques to create a visual picture and an affirmation for each goal in your life. 

What are the small things to manifest in your life?

Manifestation is subjective, and it differs from person to person. So it depends on your choice and priorities but still, you can start manifestation by manifesting a good sleep or good meal in your day.

How to be more successful in your manifestation process?

Manifestation is all about asking for your desires. Your desires and your wants should be of clear intentions, and you should not budge from them. Have trust in this whole manifestation process and believe it, which will help you in getting closer to your dreams.

Is manifestation a thing in this age?

Manifestation has a lot to do with your belief and trust in the whole process. If you feel that you will not believe in this process of manifestation, then no power in this world can force you, but if you feel that you can achieve something because of this, then you should give it a try.

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