151+ Positive Affirmations for Black Men

Positive Affirmations for Black Men- Despite being one of the largest demographics in the world society, black men are often subjected to different forms of difficulties and negativities. The affirmations that are listed below will help every Black Man to make positive altercations in their life. 

Positive Affirmations for Black Men

I am not afraid of my truth anymore

I am deserving of everything beautiful

My color has made me unique

I am proud of my cultural heritage

I will always hold my head high

I will never lessen my standards for anyone

Don’t ever fall behind

I will win the world with love

I am black and proud

I will find my niche

God has chosen me to live and enjoy

I am blessed with what I am 

They cannot ignore us now

We are rising slowly but steadily

You shouldn’t feel less about yourself

You are worthy, just like every human

I can create my own path

 I respect every human being

I can be an expert in any field

I matter to this world

Our community sees us as a hope

My black skin is magnificent

My color is my strength

I have my ancestors’ blessings

You must never give up

You can create your own destiny

I am a wonderful creation of God

Don’t go for at least rather, go for at most

You will only get stronger 

I am black and beautiful

I am an honorable man

I hear black and I think of beauty

I see black as all the colors of myself

My natural black hair is beautiful

Everything about us is majestically wonderful

We are different and it’s alright

Giving up is not an option for us

Love and accept what you are

My kindness and empathy make me a better human

Learn to love everybody and yourself

You, too can touch the stars

I see the mirror, and I love it

I am free to choose the life I want

You must see the beauty within you

I am a creative and powerful thinker

I am a light to my brothers and sisters

I’ve been raised with love from my community

I am the brightest in many rooms

Intelligence is our silent guardian

Unity is our greatest strength

You are doing what you can

We are all God’s Sons and Children

We can get any job we want

Love yourself first, then do everything else

You have to stand by your community

You are more than just a somebody

We are the reason for our family’s happiness

God has given me everything

I am thankful to my ancestors

We are a breed of bright and intelligent beings

I am confident about my future

I am close to my roots

My mind has creative ideas as well

I can build my own future

I have proudly accepted my truth

I won’t give up but I will grow up

You’re alive and capable of anything

I am not scared of tough situations

By birthright, I belong to this land

I am happy with myself

I would be happy to be born again as a black man

I am free from all the negativity around me

We can have any lifestyle we want

My belief system is stronger than before

I will create a healthy lifestyle for myself

Life has chosen me to flourish

I am a healer to my family

I am in touch with my higher consciousness

Unity is our greatest strength

Melanin in me is greater than the force outside

I was born as a supreme being

I am blessed by God.

We are proud fathers of our children

I will become an inspiring black man

I listen to music that resonates my culture

Gods look at us with amazement

We are one great being

I am powerful alone as well

We are aspired to do greatness 

My thoughts can change the world

We are born as leaders and thinkers

Our minds will create new paths

I am an honest ruler of my life

My ancestors once ruled the world

We are a noble bunch of creators and innovators

I have all the great qualities of my elders

We can change the way this world works

We are proud to be black men

I can recognize my power as a colored man

We have our own beauty and magnificence

We hold nature at high regards

We can contribute toward world peace

My work will help me grow as a black man

We’re always in harmony with every race

Peace is all we want for our brothers

I have the ability to make decisions for my family

I will nurture and care for my loved ones

I am happy to be born as a black man

We are a proud community of peacemakers

I love all my black brothers and sisters

My family is proud of me as a provider

We know how to be the best brothers and fathers

I do my best each and every day

I am not ashamed of who I am 

I will never shy away from any guidance

I have a clear goal for my life

I will always do what is right

I am not afraid of greater change

Our ancestors are our greatest teachers

I am in control of everything that I do

My mental projection is about a harmonious world for us

We are free from the bondage of slave thinking 

Fear has no longer any advantage over us

My neighbors and community believe in me

My desires are the same as my ancestors

I choose love over hate every day

My community is my other family

I believe in me, you, and us

We can fly to the highest heights

We are empowered by unity

I’m realistic and I will taste victory

We are deserving of love and respect

I love everything about our race and culture

I always focus on the positive 

I have the blessings of my community

I am a fierce protector of my loved ones

Our Intelligence and patience keeps us going 

affirmations for black men | Positive affirmations for black men

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