Dream of Earthquakes: 57+ Meanings and Interpretations

Undoubtedly, earthquakes create damage. However, after the hectic phase had passed, you looked back and acknowledged what had occurred. In that sense, earthquakes in dreams represent new beginnings.

But what can an earthquake dream look like- scary and unwanted? Yes- that’s right- but not all earthquake dream scenarios represent destruction; few represent hope, fresh chances, and new beginnings. Read on to know what all earthquake dream scenarios mean. 

What does it mean to dream of earthquakes?

• A dream of an earthquake frequently signifies a dramatic change or switch in a particular aspect of your life.

• According to the story, earthquake dreams might also represent fear, danger, dispute, loss, disease, or even a new beginning.

• The dream suggests that you might be in danger of losing your work, which is your sole source of income.

• The message in your dream can be that you may shortly lose a person or something close to you.

• Earthquake-related dreams may represent suppressed desires, impulses, and thoughts.

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Dreaming Of Earthquake: Scenarios And Spiritual Meanings

Dreaming about witnessing an earthquake

Your dream might be predicting a situation similar to the earthquake.

Something may happen unexpectedly, disrupt your life, and force you to cope with the consequences.

Even though devastation and breakdown are frequently associated with earthquakes in the real world, not all earthquake dreams are bad omens.

dream wherein someone experiences an earthquake

If you experience an earthquake in a dream , it indicates that conflicts between your nation and others might negatively affect your job and professional life.

Those problems can even cause your long-term ambitions to fall through in certain more serious situations.

dream Of hearing earthquake devastation noises

The dream portends bad things. According to the scenario, a beloved one, most likely your partner, hasn’t been true to you and your emotions for a considerable amount of time.

The circumstance also suggests a breakup. Your strained life and terrible romantic relationship are both shown in this dream.

Dream about the effects of a powerful earthquake on the surroundings

According to the plot, the dreadful circumstances you are currently dealing with will soon improve.

The dream is a sign that your challenges and difficulties will soon pass, and your upcoming days will be filled with happiness and delight.

Dream Of earthquake-related destruction without being harmed

Keeping oneself safe when witnessing others’ injuries indicates that you don’t allow harm to come easily to you, your loved ones, or your assets. You frequently make every effort to protect yourself and them safe.

Dream of earthquake from a secure range

When you see that you are watching an earthquake’s devastation from a secure distance, it is likely a sign that you’re awaiting some news.

But according to the story, neither in the upcoming days nor in the ensuing months you will get what you are hoping for.

Having a long-term dream of witnessing an earthquake

Long-term observation of an earthquake’s devastation is a positive indicator. You will encounter a variety of chances to advance in your working life.

The dream counsels you to remain vigilant and adaptable since those opportunities are unquestionably your pathways to achievement.

Dreaming about an earthquake’s aftershocks

Dreaming of the dreadful effects of an earthquake is a sign of conflicts in your home. On the other side, it can also portend that a member of your household will get sick soon.

dream that an earthquake is reported

Hearing about an earthquake that has hit a location is a pleasant and bad dream. You will undoubtedly experience problems at some point in the foreseeable future.

The good news is that you’ll be able to see them coming from a distance before they have a chance to hurt you.

dream Of an earthquake is causing the ground to tremble

Dreaming about the earth-shaking suggests doubt and volatility because the ground represents stability.

You might think that your formerly secure life is disintegrating. The dream scenario may also portend financial difficulties and worries. The dream might serve as a wake-up call to alter your outlook on life and your belief system.

Dreaming about a quake and walls cracks

This a warning to examine who you’re working with within your working life when you see earthquake-induced fractures in the wall. Without your awareness, maybe unwanted things are taking place behind closed doors.

Dream Of Earthquake that, walls collapse

It is a worrying sign to dream of walls collapsing amid an earthquake. There’s a good chance that you’ll shortly experience a horrific situation that will result in your demise.

This scenario is a warning to be cautious of your surroundings and to look after yourself.

dream Of an Earthquake in there are cracks all around after

The dream scene predicts that you might hear unexpected and startling news from a distant relative. It also suggests that you should take care of your interpersonal ties.

Dreaming of visiting the earthquake-damaged ruins

As per the scenario, you reject that something in your existence has faltered. Perhaps even though your company has struck rock bottom, you somehow decide to think it will succeed. Or perhaps you misled your parents by declaring that you received all A’s on your test while failing every subject.

In a dream beginning over after an earthquake

The dream indicates that you are adjustable and that it doesn’t take you long to get back to normal after being upset by an unfortunate occurrence or catastrophe.

Dreaming about a building being struck by an earthquake

Depending on the dreamer’s emotional condition, this dream’s meaning can vary. The situation augurs favorably for individuals who are dealing with a difficult moment.

The dream suggests that you’ll shortly be enabled to escape your trying circumstances. The scene is a warning that dreamers will not fare well in life.

The situation can also indicate that those in your group are jealous of your life and accomplishments.

Dreaming an earthquake that smashes city buildings

When the scenario appears in the sleep phase of architects, builders, or other individuals involved in the building industry, the dream represents progress and advancement.

Dreaming about a building being destroyed by an earthquake

It would be best if you first thought back to the building to comprehend this scene. What kind of structure was it? If it was a place of worship, the scenario could represent a change in your worldview.

If it was a college or institute, it might indicate that you might change careers. Also, if you see an office destroyed by a quake, the scenario can indicate that you’ll quit your current position and look for another one.

dream of an Earthquake That being stuck within a collapsed building

The dream symbolizes how vulnerable and powerless you feel in the real world. You may seem unable to move forward because you’re stuck.

Most likely, you feel hopeless about your predicament and are jealous of prospering people.

Dream where an earthquake brings down every structure

A dream is a sign that something good will happen in your life. If you’re currently feeling trapped, it might also represent liberation.

Unfavorably, a dream of an earthquake and crumbling structures portends issues with jobs and money.

Dream of earthquake striking your home

It’s bad luck if an earthquake hits your home. There’s a good chance that your family’s image may deteriorate.

The dream also counsels you to maintain your resolve and ties to your tribe throughout this trying period.

dream Of earthquake hits your home while you are inside

You are egocentric if you dream about an earthquake damaging your home while you’re inside. A joyful family has much more to do with enjoying time together than it does with luxury assets, according to the dream, because you’re so passionate about your home and business.

Seeing your home collapse in a dream as there is an earthquake

It’s essential to note that the house represents your individuality in this situation. It likely breaks down due to tension and uneasiness.

The situation could also mean that you need to destroy your old identity in order to build a new one.

Dream of earthquake wherein your house collapses, but no one is wounded

The plot suggests that your family’s problems will soon be resolved.

On either side, the situation can also indicate that you and your dear ones will be mostly unaffected by a future unfavorable incident or calamity.

Dreaming that an earthquake caused you to lose your home

The situation is unlucky. A home requires years to construct or a minimum of a few months, just as Rome did not get built in a day.

The home in your dream represents a company you have been building for a while. Rather than you enjoying the fruits of your labor, it will fall apart and burn up.

Seeing folks being buried beneath debris during earthquake

There are various ways to understand the situation. First, it denotes a transition or a conclusion to some significant happenings in your life. Inversely, the dream foretells receiving some unfavorable news from a distant relative.

dream Of an Earthquake in which somebody is killed

The most typical meaning of this dream is that you want somebody by your side because you’re not feeling well right now.

Either way, the dream can indicate that you are extremely worried about someone. Connections are also intimately tied to dreams of a quake harming someone. It can imply that your bond with that person will alter for the better or worse.

In a dream, an earthquake kills your loved one

The individual in the scenario represents how you feel about that specific individual in real life. Your sentiments towards that person will progressively shift by the scenario.

Observing a massive quake that kills a lot of people

A dream of an earthquake killing many people is a bad omen. You are not going in the correct direction.

The scenario also demonstrates that no matter how tough you try, you will not succeed in achieving your ideal objectives and aspirations.

If you don’t want to be let down after all your hard work, the dream advises that you alter your goals.

Observe in a dream being trapped during an earthquake.

A quake in your dream signifies your incapacity to manage both personal and work-related issues.

Some commentators make historical allusions to the situation. They claim that because you messed up your challenging circumstances in the past rather than effectively resolving them, they ultimately have or are likely to reappear.

in Dream, being trapped during an earthquake

The dream’s message is to address your issues head-on and find solutions independently rather than relying on others.

The dream indicates your potential and ability to handle any issues or hurdles, but you must put in much effort.

dream of being drowned or confined under rubble

Your body here represents an urge or desire that the debris, or your higher self, is suppressing.

Also, a sign that you perceive no way to overcome your present problems, getting imprisoned under the rubble.

When you dream of the situation, as you would have predicted, you are dealing with a difficult time.

Dreaming about being hurt by an earthquake’s devastation

You are worried about the future because of the scenario. Your concerns regarding how you would handle adversity, like losing your position, are reflected in the dream scene.

The dream foretells the difficulties and trials you will experience in the future.

Dream of being killed by an earthquake

Considering the scenario, you are certainly reluctant to move on in your life since you are worried about the alterations that will come. The dream tells you to move forward and try to achieve your objectives.

dream that somebody saves you amid an earthquake

This is a pleasant dream. It would happen that an issue wouldn’t be as awful as you had thought.

Moreover, the plot suggests that in order to resolve the problem successfully, you might need to enlist the assistance of others. The dream also conveys the need to pay attention to your surroundings.

A dream of being well-protected in the event of a powerful earthquake

When, in your dream, you were experiencing a powerful earthquake but were unfazed since you knew you were in untouched condition, it indicates that you’ll shortly be able to pay off your obligations.

Dream of empathy amidst earthquake destruction.

Your household might soon experience some bad circumstances, and in order to survive, you will require assistance from other individuals.

The dream is not a pleasant omen for you and your family; it portends emotionally trying and demanding times ahead for everyone.

Noticing a constricted escape from an earthquake

The situation in the dream is a lucky omen. Even though a scenario in your current life doesn’t seem favorable right now, the dream suggests that it will change for the better and function in your favor. The dream foretells that you will have joyful and less stressful days in the near future.

Dream of Escaping earthquake in crumbling structure.

You’re lucky if you’ve ever dreamed about escaping a burning building. The structure represents a disaster that might have happened to you if you hadn’t made a last-minute correction.

Your dream suggests your ability to protect oneself from any forthcoming issues and conflicts.

Dreaming About Survived earthquake unharmed.

The situation showcases your tenacity and persistence. You don’t usually give up on things or folks just because your initial few efforts were unsuccessful.

Rather, until you achieve your goals, you continue hoping, doing, relearning, and correcting your errors.

Your intuition communicates via the dream spectacle that you have the appropriate attitude and can successfully navigate practically any challenge you face.

Dreamt of earthquake, ran but encountered broken ground.

The scenario counsels you to be adaptable to adjustments as they occur. The dream tells you to accept change and draw lessons from the past.

In a dream, you are attempting to flee an earthquake.

Undoubtedly, when you dream that you’re fleeing an earthquake, your real life is stressful and constrained.

You undoubtedly carry a heavy burden, and the dream suggests you wish to let go of everything.

But your dream forbids you from doing that! Even when your current situation does not reflect your ideal existence, the universe encourages you to pursue your goals since you can do so.

Seeing people run from an earthquake in your dreams

If you have dreams about seeing people run away from an earthquake, this could mean that someone from your circle of acquaintances depends on you to rescue them.

In Dream, people searching for shelter during an earthquake

Somebody dear to you needs assistance, according to the scenario. It might have a financial component, but not always.

He or she might require a listener with whom to share their difficult experiences and let them go.

Every dream serves a reason, and the world may be letting you know that you’re the one that someone wants by their side through the appearance of this specific situation in your sleep state.

dream Of Earthquake that you’re searching for a secure location

The dream suggests that you’re presently dealing with a challenging circumstance in your life.

You are conscious of the severity of the issue based on the storyline, and you are also informed that, should things not go according to plan, you risk hitting rock bottom. Yet, with your best efforts, you are still unable to come up with a perfect answer.

Dreamt of safe spot during earthquake.

To start, observing the scene above in your dream indicates that you occasionally have one or more troubles that are bothering you.

The great news is that you’ll quickly make the best choices to solve each of your challenges.

You are sheltering from an earthquake in your dream.

A bad omen is when you see that you’re hiding from an earthquake. It illustrates your lack of decision-making, frequently leading you to make poor decisions and then change them at the last moment.

Observe being able to survive an earthquake

Having a dream that you’re protecting yourself from an earthquake suggests that you successfully handle the difficulties, obstacles, and strange circumstances life has for you.

In a dream, rescuing somebody from an earthquake

If you voluntarily helped somebody in a scenario, it indicates that you’ll have to shoulder a loved one’s difficulty on your own to support that individual. Your family members require your care, according to this dream.

Dream Of Earthquake That Help a person trapped at home.

The scenario represents your altruistic character. You prioritize helping others over yourself and frequently go over and beyond to do so. The environment encourages your compassion, but the dream warns you to hold back if your one act of kindness results in suffering for you or somebody else.

Dreamt of surviving an earthquake with loved ones.

When the stress you are experiencing in the real world surpasses your capacity and aspirations, earthquake dreams frequently happen.

You feel overwhelmed by your situation, and you have doubts about what is about to happen. But the scene suggests that things are looking up. This dream is a sign of good fortune for you and your loved ones.

You feel an earthquake while you’re sleeping in your dream

You may occasionally have dreams in which you experience an earthquake while you’re asleep. Your body may rock back and forth, as well as the bed.

Or notice loud noises like objects dropping or crashing together. It’s possible that hypnopompic or hypnagogic dreams caused this visual. Additionally, it might be connected to sleep paralysis.

dream Of earthquake’s epicenter yet escaped harm

You have discovered the meaning of your living and existence as per the scenario.

The fact that you avoided getting hurt despite being vulnerable suggests that you will be impactful in your desire.

The dream suggests that you are on the right track; keep going in that direction, and success will come to you shortly.

A dream of an earthquake on the street

If this situation appears in your dreams, you are quite apprehensive regarding your life. The problem is that you don’t believe in either the divine or yourself.

A street actually serves as a transportation route between locations. Since the quake occurred in a roadway, it illustrates that obstacles are present no matter which path you choose.

dream that you’re at work while there is an earthquake

A dream in which you are at the office amid an earthquake portends impending conflicts and issues at your place of employment.

The dream suggests that you could experience issues at work. Your coworkers make fun of you or circulate rumors about you. The days ahead will be challenging at work.

You witness an earthquake on a beach in your dream.

In dreams, water frequently represents sentiments. Your psychological condition may be off because the dream’s quake scene takes place on a beach.

Your negative mental state is represented in the dream. Right now, you’re coping with a lot of issues in real life. You need to take a break from your busy life, as this dream suggests.

Dreaming about a fertile land being hit by an earthquake

Both the bad and the good in the situation are there. The dream suggests that you are neglecting significant concerns in your life, which is a bad sign.

Your disregard for others and carelessness will negatively affect you. On the plus side, this dream predicts that you will have happy and enjoyable days ahead of you.

In a dream, an earthquake strikes a church, mosque, or temple.

In your dream, the temple represents your inner tranquility and harmony. Since the dream shows an earthquake striking it, it implies that someone, something, or some circumstance from your current life has disturbed your sense of tranquility. You must look after your mental well-being and let the past go.

Dreamt of Earthquake Whare a ruined home and cracked earth

Dream books predict that you’ll shortly receive some surprising news. The dream may also be a reminder that you need to concentrate at work.

You’re ignoring significant tasks and problems at work. You must be diligent about your work and make sensible decisions.

Dream of earthquake demolishes everything except your home

The scenario represents satisfaction and cheerfulness in your home life if an earthquake destroys everything surrounding you but your residence. The dream is a sign that is favorable for you and the relationships in your home.

Dream of earthquake that doesn’t cause any harm

When you see that an earthquake harms no one or anything, your existence will undoubtedly improve.

While the shift may occur in any area of your life, there is a good chance it’ll have some bearing on your private life.

The dream also suggests that you will have plenty of options and chances to advance your job or business in the days ahead.

Dream Of Earthquake devastates a community, rest unaffected.

The scenario predicts that the group that was harmed in the dream will experience horrible things soon.

They will probably develop as a result of social unrest and unfairness. This dream might also happen when you feel uncomfortable or disengaged in your particular society or friend circle.

dream of earthquake occurs when being with a friend or lover

The dream indicates that you will obtain assistance from a special person to deal with your life’s challenges.

This dream also portends strengthening your bonds with loved ones or pals. This dream portends success, wealth, and good fortune for you.

The ability to foretell earthquakes in your dreams

It indicates that you’re ready to confront and seize possibilities when they present themselves if you could forecast an earthquake in your dream .

This dream suggests that you may have a few days ahead due to numerous possibilities and tasks coming your way. A balance between your personal and professional lives is also advised.

dream about an earthquake that lasts for a small period

Your unpleasant and annoying disposition is reflected in the dream. Your disposition, which would ultimately cost you relationships, was possibly why the narrative developed.

This dream is warning you to watch what you say and do since, occasionally, you may offend those closest to you.

Having a strong-magnitude earthquake in your dreams

You can view this issue from various perspectives depending on your personal situation. High-magnitude earthquakes in your dreams are a sign of a huge issue in your reality.

Most frequently, it has to do with money or relationships. It’s critical to remember the feelings you experienced during the dream.

It would demonstrate your dread of the shift if you feared the powerful earthquake. Anything that disturbs and affects your calm bothers you.

Dream of a minor earthquake

A small earthquake in your dream indicates a modest problem in your life. Although they may seem insignificant, your inner self wants you to pay attention to them and try to repair them before they become major, life-threatening issues.

Experiencing a long-lasting earthquake in a dream

One that lasts for a while in your dream suggests that you are worried about a friend’s safety and wellness.

A different perspective on the spectacle reveals that there will be many chances to showcase your abilities and expertise in the near future. But you must be vigilant if you don’t want them to escape your grasp.

Dream of Earthquake And tsunami Both together

A tsunami that occurs before, during, or after an earthquake in a dream is a bad omen. It predicts undesirable occurrences like disagreements at home or the office. The dream may also be a sign that unfavorable energies surround you.

Perhaps one of your decisions backfired, leaving you to worry about the repercussions constantly.

The occurrence of an earthquake and a tsunami in a dream also portends the impending downfall of your current way of life. 

Dream about Earthquake and volcano

The situation suggests that you tend to bury your sentiments and impulses. You spent a lot of time repressing your negative emotions, such as resentment and annoyance toward somebody or an incident.

The dream took place to demonstrate that it’s better to express your opinions to people when they offend or bother you.

Dreaming of Earthquake And flood combined

You probably don’t express your feelings to others. You don’t give anyone access to your emotions, whether they are ones of love or hatred.

The theme, though, represents your need for people to understand you. Here, you have to admit that you are the only thing standing in the way of your goals.

Possibly, if you could be a bit more outgoing and conversational, folks will be able to relate to you.

Dream of earthquake during the daytime

We commonly have nightmares while taking naps during the day. If you experience an earthquake dream while sleeping during the day, you or somebody close to you will be hired as a prominent government figure, provided that you or they are informed and prepared for the post.

Dream of earthquake on Monday and Tuesday evening

On the days stated above, if you experience an earthquake dream , your work situation is going to be challenging.

You should pay closer attention to your task. This dream warns you to exercise caution before signing any contracts or agreements since it also portends that you could soon suffer a significant financial loss.

On a Thursday night, dream about an earthquake.

An earthquake in your dream on a Thursday might be a sign of impending domestic disputes. The dream is warning you to use caution in romantic relationships. There is a potential that you and your partner will argue and have disputes.

Dream of Earthquake in January

A dream of an earthquake in January portends bad things happening to young people. If you are a member of the youthful generation, you must use caution when acting and participating in practices around the period you have this scenario. The worst-case scenario can potentially herald death.

Dreaming about an earthquake in February

When you experience an earthquake in your dream in February can be a sign of problems and hardship to come.

Some specialists compare the situation to miscarriages. A February earthquake dream is not a positive sign; it portends ill luck and hardships.

Dreaming of an earthquake in March

A dream involving an earthquake in March is a favorable omen because the theme denotes success and well-being.

The dreamer will experience success, prosperity, and good fortune in the future. If you experience an earthquake in a dream in March, this portends that your troubles will be resolved quickly and that you will have many happy days ahead of you.

Dreaming about an earthquake in May

The situation foretells unfavorable occasions and occurrences in the family, among friends, or even in public. Maybe you’ll have a nasty argument with your pal or your siblings. Or perhaps you and others in your area will have a difficult time.

dreams of earthquake in June

If you experience an earthquake in a dream sometime during June, it is a positive omen since it denotes eliminating evil forces. The dream suggests that everything bad around you will soon disappear.

dreams of earthquake in July

Dreaming of an earthquake in July portends a family member’s or close friend’s demise. This dream advises you to look after your family.

dreams of earthquake in August

When you experience an earthquake in a dream in August, your current location is likely in danger. This dream is a bad omen for you, portending impending peril and difficulties.

dreams of earthquake in September

A dream about an earthquake in September portends illness and demise as a result of somebody.

The dream foretells that you will experience emotional difficulty and difficulty in the days to come. Additionally, this dream is not a positive omen for your friendships and family ties.

Dream of earthquake in October

A sickness is likely to follow when you experience an earthquake in a dream in October. This scenario portends terrible luck for you and your family and also suggests that one of your loved ones or friends will get sick.

a woman’s Dream of earthquake in November

If a woman has an earthquake dream in November, the scenario might be directly tied to labor and delivery issues. You must look after yourself and pay attention to any health-related problems.

Dream of earthquake in December

A dream about an earthquake in December portends disease and other misfortunes that will affect you and those around you. An earthquake occurring in December is not a favorable omen.

student has Dream Of earthquake and crumbling structures

Suppose you’re a student and you dreamed about an earthquake or its aftershocks. In that case, the dream scenario suggests you need to adjust your perspective and study tactics in order to maximize your knowledge.

researcher have Dream Of an earthquake and building fall

When you are an authority in your field of expertise, you can view the event above in one of two views.

First, it indicates that you disagree with your academic peers. The scenario could also indicate that you will become well-known for your abilities.

businessman has dreams about earthquakes and crumbling structures

While some believe that dreams about earthquakes bring fortune, the scenario suggests this is not true for businesspeople.

You might notice a decline in your fortune. The dream warns you to watch where and how you invest your money in order to avoid suffering a worse loss.

A job seeker’s dream of earthquakes and ruined structures.

You might be in luck when you dream about an earthquake and destroy houses and structures as a job search.

Continue to strive because you never know who may see your talent. Moreover, it would be best if you did not count the hens before they are hatched. Don’t worry about anything else; do what’s required of you.

If a wedded person sees collapsed buildings as a result of an earthquake

For married individuals, particularly newlyweds, dreaming about an earthquake is a sign of the changes life will bring.

This dream does not bode well for you or your relationship; it portends upcoming fights and problems between you and your spouse.

Dreams of earthquakes and crumbling structures for expectant women

Luckily, a pregnant woman’s dreams about an earthquake had nothing to do with the baby that would soon be born.

The fantasy, however, portends challenges in the personal sphere. She might be in disagreement with people, or she might not be directly involved.

dream Of earthquakes about falling buildings

You might have been in a harmonious and uncomplicated romantic partnership. But as time goes on, you’ll quickly see that being in romance isn’t always blissful and that you must surmount countless obstacles to get where you’re going.

If elderly individuals have earthquake dreams

Aged persons are likely to develop jaundice if they observe crumbled buildings brought on by a quake in a dream.

Regardless, the situation aims to serve as a reminder that you yet have time to avert it with the right meals and activity choices.


Even though an earthquake dream might make you uneasy and sweat at night, many dream scenarios have positive indications. We hope you have already discovered what each scenario means, so relax and enjoy the beautiful life you have!

Frequently asked questions About Dream of Earthquake

What does an earthquake dream suggest Spiritually?

Earthquakes were once thought to be a representation of God’s wrath and agitation at the misdeeds of mortal mankind. From that angle, the situation may be a sign of your suppressed hate and wrath against somebody that could result in a significant outburst at any time.

Who has earthquake dreams often?

You may experience earthquake dreams if you’re passing through a tumultuous moment, such as heartbreak, divorce, or company loss. If you reside in an earthquake-prone zone, having earthquake dreams is common.

What are the positive aspects of seeing earthquakes in dreams?

Earthquakes represent a fresh start and the closing of an old phase in your life. Additionally, it symbolizes positive improvements that will soon take place in your life. It can represent luck in various dream scenarios.

What does it represent about my real life if I witness an earthquake in a dream?

A vision of an earthquake might serve as a wake-up bell. Maybe a small alteration occurred in your mind, and now it’s attempting to get your notice. This scenario also suggests the problems and dissatisfaction in your life.

What does the earthquake news I heard in my dream mean?

Hearing about an earthquake that has hit a location is a vision that is both pleasant and bad. If you learned the dreadful news of the tragedy from a buddy or a family, the dream scenario foretells a vacation.

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