173+ Words of Encouragement From God

There is something, someone who is beyond what you can imagine, protecting and taking care of you every step. The faith in him makes you stronger, makes you believe in yourself, and gives you the courage to do things you want to.

Leaving the rest of the things on him as he will take care of whatever troubling you, God is great.

However, from time to time, people need encouraging words so they can make them believe in him more.

Best Encouraging Words About To God

  • When you wake up, make sure to say thank you to god for giving the new day.

– God gave the gift of life to everyone, it’s up to you how well you’re going to live it.

– You will find the ultimate happiness when you start appreciating the small things and blessings that he gave you.

Words Of Encouragement From God

– When you feel like you have been rejected by God, it’s actually redirecting you to achieve something better.

– Ask God to give you strength so you can press forward.

– He who loves everyone unconditionally will never let anyone down.

– God has something bigger planned for you, even more than you can do for yourself

– God doesn’t give the people what they want,  but what they need. To help. To love, to love, and to make you the best version that you meant to be.

– When God gives you the beginning, don’t make the same mistakes again.

–  Seek God, trust him and praise him.

– When you have faith in God, it means you trust him even when his plan you don’t understand.

– God loves his children more than anyone can love in their lifetime.

– Trust that God will give you the right people in your life when the right time happens and for the right reasons.

– What other people have options for you, it doesn’t matter as God never told you to impress people but love them.

Words Of Encouragement

– God gave you the ability to do, not try.

– The word of him is infinite and limitless.

– God gives the difficulties so you can bring them the best of you.

–  Never feel afraid to trust the future you don’t know as it’s known, God.

–  There is no greater love than God.

– God never takes anything away without finding the replacement that makes you better.

– Don’t treat others the way they treated you, but treat them as God treats you.

– You didn’t come so far, and God will never abandon you after bringing you so far.

– Every day say thank you to God for everything he gave you in this life, even if it’s good or bad, some were the lessons and some are blessings.

– Family is God’s gift for you, you don’t choose them.

– God has its purpose behind giving the pain, struggles, and rewards for faithfulness.


– trust God as he will never let you fall, don’t give up.

– When you leave everything to god’ hand. You will eventually see his hand in everything.

Powerful Words Of Encouragement

–  When you draw near to god, he draws near you too, and day by day, the god‘s light and hope will grow within you.

– Never let your hair down, God gives you the hardest battle because you are his strongest soldiers.

– Thank him for the blessings he gave you.

– Every Time when you count the blessings, your love for him will grow, when you count the struggles, your faith in him will grow.

– Prayers don’t change him, but it changes who prays.

– And when you find yourself lost, trust him and he will guide you.

– When you believe in God, there is nothing you can’t do.

– Everything is possible when it’s in God’s hand.

– The pain you have gone through, you endure because you believed in his strength and he did the same.

–  Be strong, fearless, and don’t be scared by enemies, your god is the one who marches with you. He will never let you down and abandon you.

– When you believe and hope in God, he will renew your strength, give the wings to fly like English, run but don’t get tired, and walk without feeling weary.

– The god is the strength and power, he will become the salvation, the one you praise, the ancestors, and the one you will acclaim.

– When you don’t believe in your strength, believe in his strength, he will lend his strength to you.

–  Because of the god as he is with you every fight and to protect you, don’t be afraid to go forward.

– The god commanded you to be strong and brave, don’t be alarmed or feel terrified as he is with you whenever you go.

Positive Words Of Encouragement

– God gave the spirit in you to not get timed but self-controlled, loving, and powerful.

– Even if the body and heart fail, God will be your rock and share forever.

– All you have to do is to wait for him, and till then be strong and let your heart take courage.

– Do not live by sight but the faith, faith in him and his mercy.

– He purifies your brain, soul, and thoughts if you have faith in his power.

– God deals with his children like a father would do, encouraging, comforting, and urging them to live the life which is worth everything.

–  There are things that are impossible for humans, but not for god as everything is possible for him.

– Don’t be afraid of what the unknown future will bring to you, God has everything planned out for you and trusts you.

– Be strong, courageous, don’t be afraid of them, the god is with you, he goes where you are, every minute and second, he watches over you. 

– Those who believe in him have nothing to fear, he who protects them, and nothing to worry about. 

–  Even though the world is tilted toward the powerful and rich, God is tilted towards those who need him. 

– There is nothing you can do that will change how he feels about you. 

– God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He who is full of compassion, merciful, and kind. 

–  God never let you choose something that actually meant to hurt you, whatever he does is to protect and give you a lesson to be a strong person. 

– God will be there when you need him, he will hold you when you feel weak and share his strength when you know how to go forward. 

Inspiring Word of God for Today

  • 1 “Don’t worry, I’m here with you.”
  • 2 “God can make anything possible.”
  • 3 “God takes care of me, so I’m content.”
  • 4 “Trust God with all your heart.”
  • 5 “I can do anything because of Jesus.”
  • 6 “Be brave, don’t be scared.”
  • 7 “God has good plans for you.”
  • 8 “Give your worries to God, He’ll help you.”
  • 9 “Love others like Jesus loves you.”
  • 10 “Let your light shine for everyone.”
  • 11 “Be nice and caring to others.”
  • 12 “Put God’s way first in your life.”
  • 13 “God’s happiness makes you strong.”
  • 14 “Peace-bringers are God’s kids.”
  • 15 “God loved the world, gave His Son.”

Godly Encouragement for Moms

– Stay strong, Mom; your power shapes the future.

– Love’s touch makes art of parenting’s journey.

– Patient care nurtures kids to bloom and thrive.

– Your smiles light home with happiness and cheer.

– Your wisdom guides, crafting futures with care.

– Believe in yourself, Mom; blessings fill your path.

– Empathy’s magic fuels dreams, shaping young minds.

– You give all; your legacy will forever shine.

– Growing with kids, you shine brighter every day.

– Mom’s love shapes love for generations to come.

Words Of Encouragement From Lord Krishna

-The beliefs of a man sow the seed for him, hereafter. 

-The work that is done with love, passion, and compassion wins over the one done with ego, lust, and reluctance.

-I am the dawn, daylight, and dusk of the creation.

-I can only be possessed by love and there I am with happiness possessed. 

-The one who has control over the mind, his mind will be bliss. The one who has failed to do so, his mind will be his most potent enemy. 

-The happiness that is engraved in the mind is free of all the external affairs. 

-Why contemplate so much? What scares you? Who shall destroy you? The soul remains immortal. 

-Let the work be done without the want for anything in return. 

-What is not real shall always remain a lie and the truth will never get destroyed. It remains eternal.

-The state of Sattva tastes venomous initially but is ought to bring you the flavor of nectar eventually. 

– When you have disappointment in life, it’s God’s way of telling you that he has something better, so have patience, faith, and live the best life.

Words Of Encouragement From Lord Krishna

-Time is the healer and also the killer. It kills all phases. 

-The one who finds the action in inaction and inaction in action is the greatest of all. 

-We have traveled through many births, Arjuna. Unlike you, I remember them all. 

-The man who is enriched with good deeds shall never come across a bad end in any of his lives. 

-The one who responds to the emotions of other beings, as if they were his own, shall attain the greatest of spiritual union. 

-Until you free yourself from all the desire of the results of your work, you will find yourself far from the path. 

-Just like the clothes you take off, one day you will get rid of your body and your soul will find a fresh new one. 

-You should rather live your life with imperfection than living an imitation of someone else’s perfectly. 

-I am a lion among the animal, the eagle Garuda among the birds. I am Prahlada among the demons and most significantly, I am time, the destroyer of all. 

-The one who can feel themselves in everyone and everyone in themselves lives a life of wisdom. They, who have renounced every ounce of selfish desires and remain devoted to purity. 

-The unacknowledged work for the welfare of their immediate surroundings Arjuna.  The wise will take responsibility for the goodness of the world. 

-When meditation is mastered the mind stays as focused as the flame of a candle at a windless place. 

-Between all categories of destroyers, time is the best one because it demolishes everything.

-Your happiness is the autograph of God on your face.

-Everybody has the right to put effort, but never to the gifts of the work.

-Variation is the law of the cosmos; you can become a billionaire or a beggar on the spot.

-The lone thing that creates difficulties for you is your mind.

-Never stop. The power that guides the planets and stars is guiding you too.

-The brain is inconstant; it won’t respect you. Every time the mind fools around, make habit of your diplomatic intelligence to fetch it back to the calm positions.

-Carry on with your mandatory responsibility, because an action is always better than inaction.

-The emotions are never naturally gifted. It is born with love and affection.

-Everything that you achieve in this world remains here forever when you leave this place.

-Libido, annoyance, and selfishness are the three doors to self-destructive agony.

-Do some good work now so that your destiny will appreciate you after.

-Always imagine decent thoughts, express pleasant things, and carry out good works for others. Remember, everything returns to you.

-When someone responds to the happiness and difficulties of others as though there were his own. Then he or she has achieved the higher inner union.

-Coolness, kindness, quietness, and naturalness: these are the guidance of the mind.

-A person is completed by his belief. As he trusts, so what he is.

-Don’t settle down for fewer. Make hard efforts to accomplish the bigger ambition.

-The mind pretends to be like a rival for them who can’t command it.

-Create a proper attitude towards your work so that the most boring work also becomes a perfect source of joy.

-Enjoyment is the state of mind; it has the purpose to deal with the exterior world.

-The solution to happiness is the depletion of preference.

-for one who has control over his mind, a mind is his best companion. But for the one who has become unsuccessful to do so, a mind is his greatest opponent.

-Whatever took place was good; whatever is happening is going fine. Whatever happens in the future will also be great. Don’t overthink about the upcoming. Live peacefully in your present.

-Never do trust anyone completely. Love people but put your entire faith in your hard work instead of trusting others.

-Ee are never ruined unless we give up on our self.

-It’s much better to practice one’s duties faulty than to execute the responsibility of others.

-Hell has three ways to enter easily greediness, annoyance, and lust.

-Do every single thing you want to do in your life, but don’t do it for self-worth, not with sex desires but with honesty, love, humility, and obedience.

-Why are you taking tension for no reason? Who do you afraid of? Who will kill you? The soul neither takes birth nor expires.

-The only way you can master me is through pure love, and at that time I am willingly conquered.

– Truth prevails, dispel fear. Originality endures, undestroyed always.

– You’re creation’s start, center, and its culmination.

– Desires deceive—sweet at start, bitter poison at end.

– Trust in me, the safe, perfect path to follow.

– He dwells in hearts, seeing moving souls’ essence.

– Anger births misconception, deludes the mind’s clarity.

– Confusion shatters reason, weakening thoughts’ foundation.

– Self-awareness burns karma, like fire turns wood to ash.

– Progress outweighs old customs, propels accomplishment’s journey.

– Peace conquers sorrow; a serene mind finds stability.

– Anger veils wisdom, like dust clouds tarnish mirrors.

– Ego-centric strive self-fulfillment; wise serve world’s welfare.

– Eternal energy animates us, past and future intertwined.

– Brave hearts forgive; their courage shines brightly.

– Worshipers compassionate to all, show devotion to me.

– Tame the mind’s turmoil through dedicated practice.

– See all as reflections, bow to them in unity.

– True yogi sees all as self, feels others’ joys and sorrows.

– Surrender deeds to God, release misdeeds’ burden.

– When you don’t believe in your strength, believe in his strength, he will lend his strength to you.

Best Words Of Encouragement

– True wisdom isn’t swayed by surface transformations.

– Focus on deeds, release attachment to outcomes.

Positive Words that Get to Learn from Shiva

– Wise living defies fear, even in death’s shadow.

– Seeking approval traps; freedom lies beyond validation.

– Strength holds onto values, no matter the storm.

– Trials come; weak dwell on sunken past too long.

– Greed spawns expectations, blurring good into evil.

– Realities shift, viewed through diverse contextual lenses.

– Delusions shape potent yet misguided beliefs.

– Apathy counters hate, not love’s opposing force.

– Nothing’s everything; everything’s attained with nothing.

– Creation and destruction entwine in the present.

– Life’s journey bridges creation and annihilation’s ends.

– Character’s test isn’t prosperity but adversity’s crucible.

– Tough times reveal steadfast souls in life’s drama.

– We forge paths, universe guides with its aiding hand.

– Only this moment is certain; rest remains theory.-

Even perfect philosophies wane, yielding to time.

Worst times unveil true colors of those around.

Choose freely, but bear consequences of decisions.

Tears nurture wisdom and strength, replacing weakness.

“I love you” quick; lifetime’s meaning takes hours.

Accept your plan, forgive my impatience, dear Lord.

Shiva to Parvati: Who knows you more than me?

Embrace today, learn from it for tomorrow’s betterment.

Imperfect yet grateful; each day’s chance to restart.

Calmness cradles immense power within its serenity.

No external foes if inner conflicts are resolved.

Simple faith fosters heresy of tranquility’s grace.

Silence the mind; the soul’s voice awaits within.

Passion shatters obstacles, fuels unstoppable success.

Life’s purpose finds its way; destiny’s design prevails.

Avoid causing pain that ultimately harms you too.

Treat others as you wish to be treated.

Reject in others what you despise within yourself.

Inspired Words from The Lord Shiva to Make Your Life Successfully 

  • 1 Live in peace with those you connect.
  • 2 Choose your way, but don’t hurt others.
  • 3 Religion fears hell; spirituality knows its place.
  • 4 Fear Karma, not God’s forgiveness alone.
  • 5 Respect even the worst; challenges bring growth.
  • 6 Passion as purpose invites miracles and joy.
  • 7 Lost, seeking guidance, I ask for your help.
  • 8 Change denial resists life’s flow.
  • 9 Find answers within, your true path.
  • 10 Embrace love, conquer fear.
  • 11 Close doors, find inner strength.
  • 12 Healing takes time but comes.
  • 13 True becomes rare amidst reality.
  • 14 Bounce back stronger from setbacks.
  • 15 Face the world with tears or without.
  • 16 Say, “I don’t mind” with positivity.
  • 17 Our lives become stories in time.
  • 18 Every day brings fresh opportunities.
  • 19 Solve challenges with your abilities.
  • 20 Change is constant, accept it.
  • 21 Focus on blessings, not lacks.
  • 22 Always give your best, that’s enough.
  • 23 Respect others to earn respect.
  • 24 Choosing self empowers growth.
  • 25 Smile through tears, no one cares.
  • 26 People’s lives linger in memories.
  • 27 Eyes reveal sorrows words can’t convey.
  • 28 Little things bring abundant joy.
  • 29 Persevere, face obstacles head-on.
  • 30 Quick reactions don’t define me.

Positive thoughts attached with the life of Lord Shiva for giving motivation 

I am stronger, but I am a bit tired. 

-Don’t tell me if I am changed. I am always like this. 

-Don’t try to overthink. Just do the things which make you happy.

-Life always gets better than night. 

-To anyone feeling unloved today, don’t worry, I love you. 

-Try to have kind nature, especially on your bad days. 

-Time will not make you forget things. It will help you to grow and understand things well.

– When you feel like you have been rejected by God, it’s actually redirecting you to achieve something better.

Amazing Words Of Encouragement

-Try to seek respect, not attention. 

-A king only bows down to his queen. 

-You will never know the things. I will never show it to you. 

-I want to fall in love with souls, not with faces. 

-Don’t worry, have patience. The best will come soon. 

-Always prefer to help someone, and you might only come as a person who does it. 

-It’s nice to ask someone,” how did your day spend?” 

-Let all go without stopping them. see what stays with you. 

-Keep going ahead. Its because tears cant fall forever. 

-Behind every strong person, one can find the broken child. He has to learn to stand up and take up all his shits. 

-Remember that sometimes not getting what you desire comes as a beautiful stroke of your luck. 

-The more you let go the things, the more you can rise higher. 

-Everyone will leave you at the end. Some choose it as a choice while someone has been forced to do it. 

-Nobody gets much busy. It’s just a matter of selecting the priorities. 

-Always keep your happiness as a priority. 

-Have the habit of forgetting others when they sin on you. It will let the heavenly father forgive you. 

-You need to get more robust now. Things will surely get better later. 


God’s Encouraging Words have lasting power. They teach us to be strong, kind, and never give up. When things are tough, they remind us to love and stay united. These words guide us to find our purpose, heal, and believe in ourselves. They are like a bright light showing us the way in life.

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