100+ Encouraging Words For Mom

We all are here on Earth for our respective sole purposes. And the stories of our lives start where the stories of our mothers end.

We may never understand their perspectives in our childhood, but later on, growing up, when we learn to appreciate and see things from different angles, we then realize the sacrifices made by our mothers. Hence we must make our mothers realize their worth. Here are some ways how we can change the way they look at themselves:

Encouraging words for Mother

_You need not depend on anyone but you.

_This life is yours; you don’t deserve to explain anything to anyone.

_It is okay to fight for yourself sometimes. 

_When I look at you, I understand wherefrom the desire to stand on my own feet comes.

_You work so hard just to put smiles on our faces.

_Sometimes, I think about how you can be so calm and composed when life is falling apart!

_You are the best manager I have ever seen in my life.

_There will be times when you feel like you failed, but trust me that you are a super mom to your child.

_Please don’t be guilty of working so hard every single day; I do understand you, mom.

_All that I am today, it would not have been possible if you weren’t there by my side.

_You are an iron lady, and I am so proud of you.

_You have done the best you can. It is now to look after your dreams too.

_I understand what it takes to be a mother. Please don’t be harsh on yourself.

_Your love is pure Gold. I wouldn’t doubt it for once.

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_You cared for everyone even when no one cared for your dreams.

_You redefined the meaning of life to me.

_Behind every successful child stands a lovely angel called a mother.

_You are my only best friend I can trust my life on.

_You sacrificed everything to make me stand on my own feet. I want you to stand on your own feet too.

_Never underestimate your wants and needs for anyone.

_I know you might think if I hate you for not giving me enough time. But trust me, you always find out ways to reach out.

_You are a walking miracle in my life. All my pain washes away when I find you.

_I love the way you handle me like a warrior if anyone hurts me. I want you to be the same warrior for your life as well.

_I respect your every decision. You have made all the best decisions for me, and I know you always will. Please respect your choices the same way I do.

_Just because you are a mother doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your happiness and well-being for others.

_A mother can be an all-rounder. You can do the household chores while doing all the things you feel happy about.

_Mothers are also the same human beings like we are. There are no boundaries that a human being cannot make mistakes; after all, mistakes are from where we learn in our lives.

_Mom, sometimes I think that I can never match the standard you have set in my life for anyone.

_Do not be afraid to face the adversities; you have got your kid on your back.

_You are like a shield to our family. You never made us realize the daily efforts you make to make us feel safe around.

_Today, when I think about the sacrifices you made to raise me, I feel so proud of you for handling things alone with bravery.

_If I met a deity in this lifetime, it is you. You never stopped, and you never will.

_You understood my words even before I was able to say them. Who said you are not a good Analyst?! 

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_If there could be another explanation to the word “Patience,” it would imply to all the mothers. You taught me how to remain patient in every situation.

_Life is beautiful with you, mom. You create magic wherever you go. Please be this magician forever.

_Who said working women could not prove their motherhood? You always fought against these stereotypes, and I want you to know, I am proud of you for being your kid.

_There should not be a single day to celebrate motherhood. We should honor Mother every day, for she is the origin of life on Earth.

_Go after your dreams as you encouraged me to run after mine.

_Your voice resonates in my heart. I am nothing without you, mom. Please be kind to yourself.

_When you wear your costume of pride every day, I feel so proud to have you as my “Army mom.” It is indeed a luxury for me, dear mom.

_Never refrain from chasing anything that can make your heart happy.

_I love you, mom, for what you are, what you choose to do every day, and what you seek in your life.

_Home is not a home without your graceful presence, mother.

_Your smile brightens my day. Please try to retain this smile on your face permanently, Ma.

_I wandered the entire world holding your fingers. Please allow me to make you see the world by my side.

_There is a reason why people say they can achieve anything in life with their hard work, and when I see you, mom, I realized this truth for the first time.

_No one is perfect. But when I see you, perfection fails to justify its meaning. You are more than perfect for me.

_No gift is precious to me as you are to me, Ma. You are the best gift God has given me in this life.

_Even if a marriage connects us, you are still my mom. And I am so proud of you that you never gave up on your dreams, even if a situation seems to be failing. 

_Like the sun and the Earth, my life too revolves around you. Please be a wonderful mom like you are always.

_You are not only a mother to me; you are my best friend, my crime partner, my mentor, my guide, my idol, my therapist, my entire support system.

_ The whole world can be dark, but you always have been my guiding light. I am lost without you, mother.

_Life seems to be so beautiful holding your hands. Please don’t leave your kid alone.

_ I learned everything from you; now that you prepared me to be on my own, you must fulfill all your dreams too. Please do not give up, for I know how strong you are.

_You are the sweetest and kindest soul I have ever seen in my life.

_I cannot thank you enough for being so patient and inspiring me to go after my dreams always.

_I might not have made the best decisions of my life alone if there weren’t you by my side.

_God cannot be everywhere to take care of us, and that is why He made Mothers.

_You can take place of many others in my life, but there isn’t anyone you can be replaced for.

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