51+ Prayers for Children To Get Success and Achievement

Children’s prayers are an effective tool for fostering their spiritual growth and fostering their connection to a higher power.

These prayers, whether they are said at bedtime or in a formal religious environment, can provide kids a sense of security and comfort because they know that someone is looking out for them and guiding them through life’s ups and downs.

Children can better understand their chosen deity while learning to express their thanks, ask for forgiveness, and ask for guidance via prayer.

Prayers for Children: Growing in Faith

-Father, Good Morning. I start my day with you. I take out some time to sit by myself, think about you, and bow down in prayer to you. I express my gratitude to you, and then I give praise to your Mighty name because you have been compassionate to me.

-Blessed Lord, life is uncertain. It can surprise her with anything at every moment in our lives. But, I ray to you to keep me unaffected in all situations. Even if this day full of bright sunshine turns to a rainy one, it must not make me gloomy or unenergetic.

-Dear God, throughout the day, which can be so unpredictable, I may hurt myself or do/say something that causes me pain. But, I pray to you not to let me doubt myself or isolate myself because I am too ashamed to face the world. Be with me at all times.

-Dear Good Father, let me always know that you stay very near me. You will never leave me alone or unisolated, and I have no reason to fear anything or be anxious about what may come in the future. Lead the way that I must follow.

-Blessed Lord, help me to be a friendly and kind person. If I can be of any help to anyone in my life- be it a friend or a relative, I pray to you to give me the strength and mentality to do so. Let me work under your shadow.

-Beloved God, I want to learn new things and develop myself as a better person. So, I need your help. Please teach me everything that induces my inner growth. Make me spiritually wise so that the difficulties of life become easier for me to handle. Be the light that leads.

-O Gracious Father, I pray to you today not just for me but also for my family. Please hold my family in your mighty arms and look after all of us. They are very important to me, and I care for them so much. We need your protection and care.

-Good Lord, I pray to you this morning that no matter what I do or where I go throughout the day, I must always follow your instructions and take your advice before making a decision. I must never neglect your glorious presence and always try to stick closer to you.

-O Father, there are so many things to be grateful to you for. I thank you for blessing us with the bright light of this new morning of a new day and also for the comfortable rest that we had throughout the night. Nothing would have been possible without you.

-Dear Kind Lord, I also thank you for blessing us with good health, nutritious food, and freshwater, and for giving us lovely companions to share our happy and sad times with. You have been the best Father and given us all we need for a good and fulfilling life.

-O Almighty Father, more than anything, I am thankful to you for sending all the goodness and contentment in this world. Our life is so much better with your mercy and grace upon us. For everything you have done to keep us happy, we express our heartfelt thanks to you. 

-Dear Blessed Father, before I go out to school or the playground, always remind me to spare some time for praying to you. You keep me okay through the day and night, and it is only because of you that I can witness the bright daylight of this new morning.

-O Good Lord, bless me so that I can love you more. The more I spend time in your presence, I feel connected to you, and my respect and love for you increase. In all my activities, everywhere I go, be present around me and protect me at all times.

-O God, as I look out into this beautiful and perfectly created world, I feel like thanking you a million times. This is all your creation, and it embodies the spirit of beauty and vigor in itself. Thank you for every natural element that makes our hearts flutter with happiness.

-Father, every day when I rise, I want to pray to you for you are good and wise, and you hear out our prayers to you. When we praise your name and give glory to you, you bless us. I, my family, and my friends- everyone seeks your mercy today.

-O Lord, I pray to you to make me worthy enough so that I can witness the good things you send to me and nature shows me through itself. Let me be capable of hearing out someone who needs my help and do everything in my power to assist them.

-Gracious Father, bless my body so that it is strong and ready to follow your instructions and walk the way that you show ys. Bless my hands so that I only use them for good deeds. Make me kind and loving towards myself as well as everyone else around me.

-Almighty Lord, will you please work as my guide and protector? I need your guidance in every matter, all the time, and I want you to take control over every step I take in my life. Guard my words and actions and never let me do something incorrect or inappropriate.

-Father, I pray to you on behalf of every other child in the Universe who, just like me, wants to stay forever in your tender care. Stay close to us, be our shield and never let us be alone. Bless us, and let us stay sheltered in your graceful hands.

-Dear God, it often happens that amidst all the business and involvement in the activities of our daily life, we forget to remember and appreciate your presence around us. Forgive us. Please be with me so that I can spend the day knowing that you are also there with me.

-O Father, I pray to you to be present in my heart. Let me start a new day knowing that I am starting it with you by my side. I pray to you to bless me with your love and mercy. I love you more than anybody else, Dear God.

-Dear Good Lord, whenever I face a problem, instead of fretting and worrying unnecessarily, I turn to you and pray in solitude. I petition my problem to you, and my heart is relieved of all its fears. I pray to you that your presence in my life sets me free.

-O Father, you are my Guardian; you are the angel that protects me from all harm. I am so glad to know that I am always committed to your love, and you are always at my side to keep me in light and guide me through the darkness as well.

-Dear Lord, I thank you for blessing me with a brand new day so that I can do the things I want to. I pray to you to lead my way and clear any obstacles that you can see in my way. Always show me the right side of everything.

-Father, if I rested peacefully last night, I also consider it to be a blessing of yours. You have protected me, guided me through tough times, and all my successes and prosperity are a result of your grace and mercy. Please stay by my side, just like this forever.

-O Good Lord, I pray to you today that no matter what I say or think throughout the day, it must only bring glory to your name. Help me to understand for what purpose I was brought into the beautiful world of yours. Let me work to fulfill that purpose.

-Father, it gives my heart immense joy to realize that I am your blessed child. This means I was meant for the best things in life. I pray to you to guide me so that I can be the best version of myself, the one that you had dreamt of.

-Good Father, every day, I pray to you so that you can consider me worthy enough of seeing you in a clearer vision. Bless my little heart so that it can hold more love and respect for you and give me the obedience needed to follow your Word more rigorously.

-Almighty Lord, I pray to you to bless every person who takes care of and loves me on behalf of you. Protect them and give them wisdom and kindness so that they can continue to do their duty and keep us safe. Let us all be together in your peace.

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