147+ Words of Encouragement Before Surgery

Health is one of the important things that humans have. However there might be some time when someone around you gets sick, they might be your friend, family, loved ones, or someone who you know. 

The problem can accelerate and they require surgery. Although medical science advanced so much in recent years, the scary feeling that surgery causes are still there. 

To encourage the person and to make them feel comfortable, here are some of the best positive words that you can say to them. 

Encouraging Word Says To Before Surgery

– Life can be uncertain sometimes, but there is one thing that you need to be sure that the world is beautiful, filled with people who love you and wish you good health. Come back fast! 

– When you come out of the surgery, there you might get scary, which can be small, pain that can be minimal, and the nurse who cares and doctor who is friendly, and swift recovery. I hope you improve fast. 

– I hope the medicine can help you to be in less pain. I am here, so when you need me, you can text and call me. 

– Medical procedures might seem scary, they can cause anxiety, but they will provide relief. I hope you stay beyond your worries and relaxed state that can heal you. 

– It’s understandable that the surgery might make you feel scared, but there is nothing to worry about as you have the best medical facility and team. Stay positive. 

– Sending them positive and uplifting thoughts that make you pain-free, and filled with food healthy so you can recover fast from the surgery. 

– I will be there when you are in surgery, I will be here when you come out from the surgery room and I will be here when you wake up. Don’t be scared. 

– I hope you have more bright and sunny days instead of dreary days, that shadow the surgery and vanish the pain quickly. Sending you warm wishes and hugs. 

– You are doing so well, and after surgery, you will be okay too!

– Life would be so amazing if it’s similar to a video game, where you can drink potions and use powerful potions to receive ill health immediately? 

– Don’t worry my friend, you are in great hands and they will protect you. 

– Let’s plan something funny and interesting once you get better after your surgery. 

– I know this can be scary as hell but you will be fine.

– If I could find the elixir or hand you an extra heart, I would have given you to get past the post-surgery period. But right now, I am sending my best wishes. 

– It says that what doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger. I hope you have a healing journey.

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– I will see you soon, love you, dear. 

– I will be here, praying for you and the team. 

– Once you get the surgery, your health will be better and you can come back to us, to your old life once again. 

– I feel sorry, but I also know that you are stronger than anyone I know, you will overcome the surgery. 

– Being sick is telling your body that you are awesome, and it wants you to slow down so everyone who is left behind can catch up. 

– nstead of thinking about the scarring surgery, think about the happiness and healthy body, and the dreams you want to achieve. 

– I wish for you to recover once you get your surgery done, and then never have to pay for something like that again!

– I hope that you start feeling well soon, so you come back to us because things are boring with you! 

– Don’t worry about the rest of the world, focus on recovery and get your surgery done. 

– See? you are so amazing, that even germs start to like you. 

– I hope you get better soon, so we can make fun of you instead of feeling bad. 

– The bandages that cover the saps and cuts might be hot enough to close up the wound in that surrogacy case, but the estimates shared by people who love you might make it better. 

– Heal quickly once you come out of the recovery room! We have all the time in the world to explore things we like. 

– Surgery might break your skin, but your spirit stays intact and helps you in healing fast. 

– Your spirit is powerful and strong,  you will go through surgery without any strain. 

– As you move forward after getting surgery, you know that you have been cared for, though of, and supported. 

– Surgery can be exhausting, and draining emotionally but I hope that the wishes and words of love as information can help you in uplifting your mood. 

– We want you to see happy and smiling once again, get well soon. 

– The surgery can be harsh, but you have the wishes of people who want you to keep safe from anything bad. 

– Regardless of what form of surgery you have, small or big, it’s still unpleasant but I hope that the hardest part is behind you, and you can start the recovery, without any bumps or turns. 

– Just a quick reminder that I am thinking about you, wishing for better and sunny days, so you can be healthy and like yourself. 

– If you ever want me to visit you, call or text me. Don’t worry about anything else, I got everything covered.

– Focus on improving our health after surgery, we need a lot of things to do together, there are fun nights waiting for us!

– it makes my heart go heavy when I think of you getting surgery, but probably not as much as you, I hope it ends quickly, clean and you can start the recovery. 

– I hope that the lord lends his strength and shield, to keep you safe from anything bad, and make your courageous heart recover from the surgery pain and anxiety. 

– I hope you know how much we are thinking about you, and wishing you to get better.

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Encouraging Words for Someone Having Surgery

  • 1 You can do it!
  • 2 Thinking good thoughts for you.
  • 3 I hope you feel better soon.
  • 4 I believe in your surgery going well.
  • 5 The doctors will take good care of you.
  • 6 I’m sending you thoughts to help you heal.
  • 7 Everything will turn out fine.
  • 8 Just go step by step.
  • 9 You’re really brave.
  • 10 Rest, get better, and rest again.
  • 11 This will be over soon.
  • 12 Be strong like you always are.
  • 13 Sending you good energy to heal.
  • 14 Can’t wait to see you better.
  • 15 Keep smiling and stay strong!

Words of Encouragement for Upcoming Surgery

– You are one of the most amazing people who stay active, so having to be still and rest can be hard. I hope you let the body relax and recover to its fullest. 

– I am sure you want to get out of the hospital as soon as possible, and the thought of surgery makes you feel anxious, but don’t worry you will be back healthy and fit!

– I am so proud when I  see you doing so well and the progress you made. It takes great strides but I hope you continue to be an amazing person. 

– Once you come back from surgery, I hope you can enjoy your time, heal yourself and give the care your body as well as your soul needs. 

– I hope to meet you soon, get well and don’t be scared of surgery. We are here for you. 

– May the people around you help you. I lift your spirits and spread the positive, and I hope to be the person for you. 

– May God increase your speed and give you the strength to get your surgical procedure done and recover. 

– Every day I think about the fun we had and hope to see you once more. 

– I hope you get over your surgery and start regaining strength. 

– It can be difficult to keep a positive mind in such a situation, but I am so proud that you are handling it so well. Keep it up. 

– Believe in the dedicated training of the medical team and their skillful hands, rest assured and focus on getting better recovery. 

– I hope you are keeping yourself positive, even though the surgery is scary, but have faith in God as he will do the best for you. 

– Get well soon, and come back to us, we have so much to do!

– Whatever you dream, you will get and your life of yours is waiting for you,  just get through the tough situation.

– Rest up, you will need strength and courage. God is with you and he will take care of everything for you. 

– You are the most precious friend of mine, I hope that you get over this surgery soon and get healthy. 

– Greetings and wishes are winging their way to reach you, I am sending the virtual hug, so you can encourage and stay brave. 

– You are in my thoughts, I hope you are aware that we all are wishing for you and will be here once you get your surgery. 

– No matter what happens, we are here, and waiting for you. 

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Encouraging Words for A Friend Before Surgery

  1. You can do this, my friend!
  2. Thinking good thoughts for you.
  3. Hope your surgery goes well and you get better fast.
  4. Trust the doctors, they’ll take care of you.
  5. Stay brave, you’ll make it through.
  6. I’m here with you all the way.
  7. You’re not alone in this.
  8. Imagine getting better; I know you can do it.
  9. We’ll celebrate your healing soon.
  10. Just take things step by step, progress will happen.
  11. You’re so strong and positive, it helps us too.
  12. This tough time will pass, and good times will come.
  13. Sending you good vibes and warm wishes.
  14. You’re really brave – you’ll beat this challenge.
  15. Keep smiling; you’ve overcome tough things before.


Before surgery, kind and hopeful words bring comfort and strength. They help reduce worry and make us feel better. These words remind us that we’re strong, people care for us, and things can go well. They help us feel peaceful and ready for the surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Words of Encouragement Before Surgery:

How can words of encouragement help in reducing pre-surgery anxiety?

Encouragement can help people change their perspective from one of dread and anxiety to one of confidence and hope. Hearing encouraging remarks serves as a reminder that one is not alone and that others have faith in one’s capacity to overcome obstacles. This encouraging feedback helps lessen pre-operative anxiety and foster calm.

Can words of encouragement really impact the surgical outcome?

good words of encouragement can have a good impact on a person’s mental and emotional state even though they cannot directly affect surgical operations. An optimistic outlook has been associated with better coping skills, decreased stress, and enhanced general well-being. These elements could unintentionally facilitate a quicker recovery.

Can humor be used as a form of encouragement before surgery?

Yes, using humor to lighten the mood and give support may be quite effective. Humorous stories or light-hearted jokes can help reduce stress and foster a more laid-back environment. Just be careful that the comedy respects the person’s sentiments and is suitable.

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